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10 Obligatory Features of an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce businesses are growing faster than ever. The success of an eCommerce website depends upon its functionality, features, and design. It is important that your website is marketed well and also you should offer the best features to your customers. 

Being an eCommerce website owner, you must be aware of the following essential features stated as follow:

1.User-Friendly Website

Studies show that 76% of the consumers say the most important feature that an eCommerce website should have is “ease of use”. Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

Suppose you have the products with lesser costs as compared to your competitor, but the design of your website is a little bit complex. Due to a complex website design, the user finds it difficult to navigate through the website. This will give rise to the chances that the user will bounce back from the website.

The consumer will always prefer to purchase the products online from those websites that have simple & elegant design, no matter how many good deals you have set on products.

The following are the few points that you can consider to make your website more user-friendly:

a) Improve the search functionality on your website with an autocomplete option.

Improve the search functionality on your website

b) Understand what your customers want from you (means understand the customer behavior in detail).

c) Work on creating effective and easy navigation for users.

d) Make sure to provide a trustworthy payment platform to your customers so that they can make the transaction easily.

e) Always activate the chat option for your customers as this is the favorite way of your users to contact you.

2. High-Quality Product Images & videos

High-resolution product images are helpful for the consumers to check the product details and make the decision to buy it. 

Nowadays people are becoming more aware and they keep an eye on both product images & videos before making any decision. 

Statistics show that there is a 40% drop-off rate in those products that don’t have videos.  So, it is essential that when you are showing the product images to your customers, make sure that they are of high-resolution. Also, make a 20 to 30-sec video to show the product to the customers. 

3.Mobile-Friendly Website

According to the statistics, 60% of people buy products online through their mobile phones. With these stats, it is clear that if you want to increase your sales & traffic, then your website should be mobile-friendly.

The term “Mobile Friendly” means that your eCommerce website should be easy to use on mobile phones as easy as to use on computers. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have millions of products. But if you are successful in creating a mobile-friendly experience for your shoppers then you will get huge traffic & sales. 

4.Well-Designed Product Pages

The design of the product pages should be clean, engaging, and easy to use. The product images on the web pages should be of high-resolution. 

The product pages on your website must have a filtering option so that the user can easily find out the products & their prices. This option makes the buying process simpler for the customers.

5.Customer reviews 

About 95% of people read reviews before buying the product. Customer reviews play a major role in increasing sales. 

It builds trust & credibility and gets sales to boost. Online customer reviews play an important role in improving the ranking of eCommerce websites on the search engine.

6.Special Offers

Nowadays, online users are savvier than ever. One of the best marketing strategies for an eCommerce website is to give special offers to your customers. It is one of the best ways of doing the promotion of your brand & products. You can increase your sales by offering great discounts, offers & deals.

best marketing strategies for an eCommerce

7. Social Proof

By providing the social media icons at the bottom & top of your website helps your audience to connect with you. This is the best & easiest way to bond with your audience. Therefore, it is important to include all of your social media icons on your website. 

8. Security Features

One of the most important features that an eCommerce website must have is “Security”. The eCommerce security features include SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, use of a firewall, and a privacy policy link in the footer. 

9. FAQ Section

The main purpose of the FAQ page is to answer customer queries. It is a simple yet powerful way to add additional benefits to your business like it saves time, builds strong relationships with your customers, and turns negatives into positives.

10. Return Policy

This is one of the most important features that an eCommerce store must-have. The return policy of your store must be well-written on your website. This is a customer trust-building feature that your eCommerce store must carry. 

This is essential for the customers because it makes sure they can return or change the product in case they don’t like it.


Getting more traffic and sales should be at the top of your mind if you are running an eCommerce store. These are must-have eCommerce site features that will help to boost your traffic and sales to a great extent.

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