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3 Best Steps To Find Negative Keywords For e-Commerce

Suffering from finding negative keywords from the campaign? So, here in this guide, you will Completely know about “how to find 100% right negative keywords?. 

As we know, search ads campaign and shopping ads campaign 90% success depend upon how many keywords we will put in negative keywords? 

Have you asked yourself why we find negative keywords? If not, that is very important to know about this question before doing finding negative keywords. 

What are the negative keywords? Why do we find negative keywords? 

Search terms that are not relevant to our ads, landing page and service that we are offering. These search terms we can call negative keywords. 

It is important to find negative keywords because by finding negative keywords, we closed the door for the irrelevant search term. So, due to this more and more relevant search terms will come that increases a chance for conversion. 

So, hope you understand why we find negative keywords? 

Best Ways To Finding Negative Keywords

Now, the next question has arisen “ How can we find the right negative keywords?

Here, we sharing our 3 best steps to find negative keywords that help us in boosting the performance of the client’s project. 

Step – 1 First Step ( Understand your product properly)

Firstly understand your product properly; as it is important to understand your productivity to find the right negative keywords. 

The main question is “ what things you should consider while understanding the product, find as below:

  1. Product category 
  2. Product qualities 
  3. Product usage
  4. Who can buy that product? 

Below you can see the product image, detail, specification etc. 

The point that has to note:- 

a.) Product used to move heavy furniture

b.) furniture lifter and roller 

c.) Pad slider 

d.) Made of plastic and have PVC handle 

e.) Price $49.9

f.)  Discount 50% off

negative keywords

negative keywords

Step-2 (Understand keyword search terms)

After proper understanding of the product then you have to understand search terms. 

Put the search term into a negative keyword list that is not relevant to the above-noted points of the product. 

Understand keyword search terms

Above image is showing negative keywords:- 

lifting dolly

safe mover dolly

machinery dolly

Lifting heavy aquarium 

Find this type of negative keywords from the search term and then put them into a negative keyword list. 

Step – 3 (competitive analysis) 

There are many search terms that are relevant but unable to convert into leads.

 So, this type of search term is also important to put in a negative keyword list. 

For example:-   One search term we found “ heavy furniture lifter “ that takes $36 cost with zero conversion. Then we searched that term on Google and found that the same product is dealing with low prices here and also some companies offer free shipping here.  So, on this search term, we will not get any conversion until we set the lowest price and give any other offer. So, put this search term into a negative keyword. 

competitive analysis

By conducting these three steps you will find 100% negative keywords. That will automatically boost your campaign performance by coming from the relevant customer. 

Hope, you will know about “ how to find negative keywords ? “ inefficient manner. 

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