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5 Reasons To Use Google Shopping Ads For An Ecommerce Store

Google shopping ads for an ecommerce store

Google Shopping Ads, since its launch in 2012 became the toast of the Digital Marketing world.

It is now the go-to advertisement channel for big and little businesses alike. The rationale for such a meteoric rise of Google Shopping Ads is its format and ease.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are the combination of visual and text ads on the Google SERP. These also are referred to as Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

The Cost per Click (CPC) format of Google Shopping Ads is one of its most appealing features which allows eCommerce businesses such as yours to own a powerful grip over the Ad Budget and Return on Investment.

Apart from the merchandise image, Google Shopping Ads displays the merchandise price, your website name, a headline, availability of stock, and discount rate.

Another feature that differentiates Google Shopping Ads from other text-based ads run through Google AdWords is that you simply don’t have to provide Keywords for them.

You can tailor your ads to products and merchandise categories that support the merchandise data submitted to the Google Merchant Center by creating a Product Feed.

The Feed includes data about the ID of the product, Description of the product, the value of the product, Stock Availability of the products, Product Category, etc.

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You might have heard the above saying before, Google Shopping Ads just proves how true these words are.

For example, If you’re trying to find a pleasant white T-shirt to shop for and a couple of ads are displayed ahead of you.

One may be a text Ad stating “White Cotton T-Shirts” and therefore the other is a picture of a cool White T-shirt with design, price, and discount displayed alongside it.

Which one would you click?

Obviously, the Ad with the image.

Google Shopping Ads gives the buyer an immediate visual of the merchandise they’re checking out and to some extent, this meets the essential need of the buyer to see the merchandise before buying it.

Fulfillment of this need makes Google Shopping simpler as compared to text-based ads.

2. Higher Return on Investment

Google Shopping Ads provide you with the simplest value for your investment which ultimately means a better return on your investment.

The main features of Google Shopping Ads are simple management, no keywords are used, bids are placed as per product categories, wider reach with shopping ads, etc which are mentioned below intimately, play a task in getting the simplest out of your investments.

The purpose is further illustrated by the subsequent numbers:

As per our Q2 2016 Google Shopping Ads report, the CTR for Google Shopping Ads was 2 times above other ad formats, that too at 50% lower CPC (Cost per click).

Fast-forward to 2018 and therefore the trend remains growing steadily, Merkle’s Q1 2018 report states that Google Shopping Ads currently account for 60% of total clicks on Google.

You have the facts ahead of you, now the selection is yours to form.

3. Quality Traffic That Drives Sales

In Google Shopping Ads, a shopper’s intent is qualified when he clicks on your ad, as he has already seen a visible representation of your product.

At an equivalent time also compares your price with competitor products and prices which were displayed alongside your shopping ads.

Only a significant consumer who wishes to shop for the merchandise will make an attempt to click on your ad after receiving all that information.

Also, the Google Shopping Ads algorithm functions in such a fashion that a billboard is displayed only when customers are trying to find merchandise that matches the merchandise data provided by you to the Google Merchant Center.

What this suggests is that if you’re selling shoes, then your ads would show the people that have an interest in buying Shoes only and not the other product.

This relevance-based approach of Google Shopping Ads increases the standard of the traffic coming to your website, in-turn driving more sales.

4. Wider Reach

Google handles quite 3.5 billion search queries a day. Yes, that’s the reach potential of Google Shopping Ads.

In addition to the present, Google has made changes to the algorithm in order that the ads appear in search results for broader and more generic terms, e.g. an inquiry for blue shoes could show your blue colored shoe product within the Ads.

These shoppings ads appear on the Google SERP i.e. the reach of your ad is going to be directly proportional to the amount of search term queries associated with your product.

The wider reach including the high-quality audience as mentioned earlier may be a win-win marketing strategy to extend the sales of your products.

5. Ease of Managing the Ads

Creating and managing Google Shopping Ads is simpler than the other ad format.

The main reason for this? you are not going to insert any Keywords while fixing the Ad. For setting Google Shopping Ads, you’d just need to create a product feed with all the knowledge stated by Google and you’re ready.

Once done, Google will itself extract the merchandise information from the submitted product feed and accordingly display the ad on the results page of search queries that match the merchandise information.

You just got to efficiently bid on the merchandise categories for best results.


Google Ads shopping has many advantages for businesses and online stores. You’ll be ready to advertise your product within the first line.

With very useful information that reinforces the acquisition intention, it’s easy and straightforward and, additionally, you’ll reach a bigger audience than if you do not execute this sort of campaign. It’s all advantages!

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