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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Performing Well

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms having 2 billion people as its users.  So this may be a great opportunity for marketers to take forward marketing on this platform so as to reach a large audience.

Billions of posts, interests, check-ins are uploading on Facebook daily, which collects huge databases. Here we can target a precise audience according to our business model.

Don’t panic when your Facebook ads are not performing well. There are many reasons why your ads are not performing well. Some of them are as follows: 

1. Selecting the wrong Campaign objective

First, we have to choose the campaign objective according to our business model. You should be very careful as by choosing the wrong facebook campaign objective, the ads will travel on the wrong path. 

Campaign objective

For example,  if your objective is to generate the sales and you have chosen the “Lead Generation” as an objective, then it will not allow you to show the “Shop Now” button in the lead generation campaign. This may decrease the chances of sales. Therefore,  selecting the right campaign objective is the first priority. 

2. Targeting the wrong audience

It is right that Facebook has a huge number of data to target the audience. But we can’t say that it is 100% accurate to give the best result. But if we target in a strategic manner it may give good results.

Now the question arises on how Facebook knows the interest of the audience. When users like any pages, upload check-in, and perform any activity, it will collect as an interest. So right audience selection is good for producing a result. This can be done with audience research through the Facebook audience insight tool.

3. The audience is too Broad

Targeting the broad audience may result in more clicks and less CPC, but you can’t identify which people are really interested in your ads/products. Broad targeting is fruitful when you are doing brand awareness for promoting your brand or product. But when you want to generate leads, you should precisely have a target audience to get the best results/leads.

Facebook Audience

4. Ad Copies and Creatives are poor

When people see your ads then there is a reason why people engage with it. It’s all about the ad copy and creativity of the ad. The ad copy and creative majorly affect the Cost Per Acquisition(CPA) and Cost Per Click. Write your best offer/s in the ad copies to convert the user into a customer. 

If your creative and ad copies are not eye-catchy then you may lose the lead. Your creatives should describe the meaning of what the user wants.

Write simple language that must be easy to read and should be understandable. Don’t use difficult synonyms to write the copies. The easier the ad copy, the more chances to generate conversion.

You can use Buffer Media Plan to simplify the work:

Pre-Launch Plan: Before launching any campaign on Facebook, you should have a buffer(stock) of ad copies & creatives ready. At least you should make 50 ad copies & 30 creatives to test the different angles.

Launch Plan: Launch the campaign by selecting the right object with your ad copies and creatives you have made. 

Post-Launch Plan: Here, you can test new ad copies and creatives which earlier failed to perform well. 

5. Choosing the wrong or no CTA(Call To Action) Button

CTA also plays an important role in the ads. If you are not using the CTA button then users don’t know where to click in ads. 

Suppose you are running ads to sell beautiful charm bracelets and you didn’t add any CTA button. Now if a user likes your product where he click? So, the CTA button convinces the user to click on the ad to buy the product. By this, you may generate sales.


It depends on you – how good you are in strategy making, creatives, and writing ad copies for Facebook ads. Once you find the right strategy to target, Facebook will start giving you the best customers. Make sure you keep an eye on analyzing the results daily and weekly basis and fetch significant data to duplicate into other campaigns.

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