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9 Reasons to Start Google Shopping Ads Now!

Google Shopping Ads can work like magic for the advertising of your products.  You can use google shopping ads to promote your products online, not by text but by showing the user, the photo of the actual product with its price & features. 

The user gets a direct insight into the product from its image as well as price and can take direct action. Below stated are the reasons why you should start using shopping ads to increase your sales & return on investment (ROI) in 2020.

Reason 1

Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)


For most business niches the average CPC here is very low, surprisingly below than $1 which sounds quite beneficial for your pocket. You can get high sales with lower costs, generally, a $10 budget per day for a campaign can help you in getting sales. 

Reason 2

You Are Always On The Top

Google shopping ads appear on top of the search results, so the user engages initially with the shopping ads showing more visual information as compared to the text ads.  People do have a psychology that the thing which seems to be on the top is the best one, indeed it is! This can increase the chances of a sale.

Reason 3

Quality Leads

People searching for the products always do some research regarding the quality, design or price of the product either online or offline; when they do so it means they have a  high intent of buying the product. Therefore, when they see a product ad meeting their requirements or expectations they do buy the product.

In turn, this gives the advertiser a quality lead which has a possibility of coming back again to buy some other product. 

Reason 4

Easy to Manage

In Google Search Ads we have to do keyword research and create Ad-copies but in Google shopping Ads we have to create data feed which is quite easy to manage. 

As there are no keywords used in Google shopping ads instead,  Google uses data feed to match the search query from the titles, descriptions & product category. So a good data feed helps to get more impressions and CTR  an get more chances to convert the product into a sale. 

Reason 5

Showcase Your Product Range

With Showcase Shopping ads you can target broader searches by showing the user your product line in a showcase format, from which the user can see a wide range of the searched products in one place. Below you can see how Showcase ads appear on a broad search for “shoes for men”.

Showcasing the product range would help the customers to have an idea about the product range. 

Reason 6

Higher Conversion Rates

Google Shopping ads have higher conversion rates as compared to the text ads because user here has a higher buying intent.  high conversion rates give you relevant traffic & lower Cost Per Conversions, which will further help you in increasing your return on investment ROI.

Reason 7

Get Traffic Direct to Your Store

Google Local Inventory ads can help you get live traffic in your store. hen a user searches for some products with local intent like “near me” or the location, the ad is displayed via Google Hosted local storefront. It also displays the store’s location with distance & product details this can help connect the user & advertiser.

Reason 8

Custom Labels

You can always segregate the products up to 5 custom labels to monitor the performance of products more closely. We can label the products by different parameters such as High & Low price, Old & New Stock, Discounted & Non-Discounted Items, Age group, Season, etc.

Reason 9

Get to Know The Average CPC & CTR of Your Business Niche

Google will provide you with the Benchmark CTR and CPC metrics on your competitors so that you can have a rough idea of how to set the bids. This is the most cost-effective way to utilize your bids.

Start Using Google Shopping Ads Now!

Get better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Conversion (CPA) & higher sales by setting up a shopping campaign for your business.

We can help you set as well as manage the Google shopping ads campaigns, as we have delivered proven results in most of the industries.

Don’t wait to start earning profits.  Get In Touch With Us Now.

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