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We are one of the fastest growing full-service Internet Marketing Company focused on implementing cutting-edge, targeted resolutions to customise the excellent mix of digital marketing services. By understanding your most lucrative business lines, and operational provocations, we provide a more sophisticated, data-driven passageway to digital marketing strategies.
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Meet Our Skilled and Creative Minds for ROI-Driven Internet Marketing Solutions.

As a leader in Internet Marketing Services, our firm helps you attract the right patrons, generate qualified sales leads and grow your business. Whatever your goals look like, we’ll put our experience to work to exceed your prerequisites.
You can call us at +91-9992819636 or write to us at info@roiminds.com.

Our Awesome Team

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Co-founder, Director & CEO

    Sandeep is on a mission to help entrepreneurs be successful in their marketing campaigns. He believes in his client’s success more than his own. His love for mountains makes him travel to a hill station almost every month.

  • Megha Sharma

    HR Manager

    Known for being a clear communicator and a good listener. Megha is one who can control a situation rather than having a situation control her. She consistently set firm goals for herself and work towards excellence in every aspects of her life.

  • Sukhjeet Singh

    Team Lead, Google Ads

    Sukhjeet is brains and brawns of Digital Marketing at ROI Minds. His unique sense of humor and jolly nature enlightens the office. Always ready to help, makes for a good compadre.

  • Naveen

    Team Lead

    Naveen is a traveler by heart and a PPC expert at ROI Minds. There are hardly any roads or trecks that he hasn’t traced, and yet there are many more in his bucket list.

  • Sunny Thakur

    Media Buyer

    A tech-savvy PPC lover and conversion rate fighter! He loves spending most of his time in his trenches. What is he up to? He likes to be the one who is always on top of the latest industry trends and always ready to apply his knowledge to increase your profitability.

  • Parvesh Goyal

    Media Buyer

    With his warm smile, dark sense of humor and all-around lovability, Parvesh is a huge asset to our team. He knows how to reach the hearts of the users in a uniquely humanistic way.

  • Rashmeet

    Team Lead, SEO

    A vigorous SEO expert, Rashmeet doesn’t rest until she finds the right solution to a problem. She’s even more keen to learn something new, and her enthusiasm is simply limitless.

  • Raman

    Media Buyer

    Working as Media Buyer, Raman is a pro at delivering quality work, within the stipulated timeframe. Though he possesses a simple and elegant persona, his hand writing is surprisingly a challenge to read. PS. Don’t even try!

  • Aman

    Chief Chef

    Aman had joined us as an office boy but is now a chef for all of us. He is a master in cooking. Come and try his tea/coffee. We bet you’ll like it.

  • Anupama Yadav

    Intern, Media Buyer

    Meet the Go-to-Gal of ROI MINDS. A shy one yet an all-rounder. She has wonderful ideas and she is always there meeting her deadlines on time- it’s so rare to find such a reliable person around!

  • Divya Singh

    Content Writer

    Not this, this one, oh no this one and yes, she won’t be leaving “This one” behind when it comes to food and make-up. But when she not hungry, she loves to write. Not to forget she can be found hanging around the pets as well. Divya is someone who brings a unique perspective to write enthralling content by using her creative strategy.

  • Prabhdeep Kaur Samra

    Sr. Media Buyer

    Prabhdeep is the energy and strategy behind the jaw-dropping results of our campaigns. When she isn’t scaling the results of clients, she is busy demystifying healthy food recipes and exploring books!

  • Rishab Singhal

    Sr. Media Buyer

    Rishab is a Facebook & Google ads expert that can sell hotdogs to vegan, and also have a successful track record of expanding the business for the clients through various online channels. He love travelling because he don’t take trips, trips takes him, and so do the parties because he is quite during the days and quite LOUD at nights!

  • Naunihal Singh

    Media Buyer

    Born and raised in Chandigarh. Working as a ppc specialist. He is a quick learner & little shy due to introvert personality. He loves trekking and listen to music.

  • Rahul Saini

    Business Development Manager

    Responsible for developing the business side of ROI Minds. Identifying rising business opportunities & building long-term relationships with prospective clients making an initial bridge to reach ROI Minds team with full support.

  • Sandeep Kaur

    Media Buyer

    She is an amazing Digital Marketing Enthusiast. She has implemented unique strategies for a number of clients and deliver the best results. She loves to listen music and travelling.

Our Values

Helping businesses to grow. Providing profitable marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. Taking care of the marketing part while businesses take care of the customers.


Not an another SEO or PPC company which is behind your money or budget. We believe and innovate affordable customer acquisition models though Sales funnel.


We are committed to take off your marketing stress and helping you to achieve your business goals. Being a marketing agency, we understand the importance of our role and committed to it.


Consistency is the key to excellence and we’re consistence with our remarkable results and service to our clients.

What We Do Best



Don't waste money running Google Adwords campaigns without understanding the Adrank, Auction Insights, Impression Share, and most importantly the profitable bidding strategies. We have improved hundreds of Google Adwords accounts was setup incorrectly and had negative ROI. Contact us to get a free audit report of your Google Adwords account.

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Reaching & influencing people to take appropriate actions on your Facebook adverts requires the real psychology and targeting skills. We have worked on hundreds of Facebook advertising accounts across the industries to generate leads, sale physical products, e-commerce sales, branding, & local stores. Get in touch to get a free audit report of your business.

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Sales funnel is the new thing in marketing. We setup a sales funnel process to cover every touch point of your buyer's journey including awareness, consideration, and decision making stage. We utilise Clickfunnels to build the attractive and effective sales funnel for the quickest response. Get in touch to get free consultation on the sales funnel for your business.

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We optimise websites to make search engines friendly. We provide On Page, Off Page, Content marketing, Organic Backlinks, Technical Analysis, and competition analysis services. Organic traffic convert better than paid and social traffic. Increase your organic traffic through ethical SEO. Contact us to get a free SEO audit report of your website.

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Content is the fuel of the marketing engine. We craft and deliver unique, informative, and persuasive content to your audience. We make very focused content specific to your targeting group. Our content marketing services include ebooks, blog posts, webpage content, email sequence, social media content, and guides.

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Single tool that can fulfil all of your marketing needs. We create profitable sales funnel, marketing strategies, and web pages through Clickfunnels. We help our clients in designing front-end and back-end sales process for their businesses to grow. Contact us for free consultation of using Clickfunnels for your business.

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We help you improve user experience on the landing pages to improve the conversion rate. We do analytics health check, user research and insights gathering, qualitative and quantitative research, creating and priortzing hypothesis, and A/B test. Contact us to get a free report of your landing page.

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Marketing automation is the dream of agencies and businesses. Our marketing automation services include building a list and nurturing leads to customers. We make a sequence of follow ups and deliverables based upon the touch points and users activity. We have worked on mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, and more.

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If you can sell, we can deliver. We have partnership program to help digital agencies with their clients PPC and Marketing campaigns. You can use our expertise for the execution and implementation process or can handover the whole process to our team. Hire us on hourly, monthly, or retainer basis.

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Scale your store to seven, eight figures. We have expertise handling e-commerce dropshipping advertising campaigns. We have helped entrepreneurs to scale their drop shipping business through Facebook ads, Products Research, Product Tests, and Sales funnel. Get in touch to discuss.

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We generate high quality leads for local businesses and online companies like IT, SAAS, etc. We make highly convertible campaigns on Facebook and Google to get the best leads. We utilise the power of social media and search engines to generate leads at low price yet quality ones. We ensure of sending you leads instantly.

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Amazon is no longer optional for merchants if they want to scale their business. We can help you become the best seller on Amazon. We use contextual and interest-based advertising strategies with the blend of sales funnel to generate sales and reviews on the Amazon store. Get in touch to have a free consultation.

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Local search engine optimisation is the most important tool to grow a local business. It allow the local customers to reach your business point, explore your services, leave a feedback, and using Google maps to visit you. We do local seo for the store to increase their local reach and awareness.

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More than billion people are active on social media and the latest updates of social networking sites make the job of Social Media Strategist even more responsible to deliver better and valued content to reach to the audience. Brand management is very important to keep your loyal customers.

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We provide Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation services. We make sure of tracking every macro and micro conversions with events and goals. Get in touch to get a free report of your Google analytics setup. If you fail track users behavior on your website then it's hard to make campaigns successful.

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We run successful affiliate marketing offers for the SOI, Health and Fitness Niche, Weight loss, Diets, Finance, Lead Generation, CBD, and Dating. We have expertise of running Native, Google, and Facebook traffic sources for the affiliate offers. Let us know if you are looking for experts to work with you in this category.

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Success Stories

  • Marni Rosen

    Account Manager, League Outfitters


    Our company had an outstanding experience working with ROI Minds. ROI Minds assisted us set up and optimize campaigns for two separate companies: one an eCommerce entity with an emphasis on Adwords Shopping campaigns and the other a sports camps entity where the emphasis was on optimized Adwords Search campaigns. They also handled our FB presence, steering the development of custom audiences and multiple campaign types. He has a complete understanding of Analytics and CMS Adwords and Analytics integrations. They bring true expertise to their work. Highly recommend.

  • Steven Todd

    CEO, Cellista Wellness


    ROI Minds is a great pleasure to work with! They deliver expertise in complicated digital marketing campaigns and assist us a great deal with delivering an excellent service to our clients. I highly recommend working with them.

  • Vlad

    CEO, RankandGrow


    It’s a great pleasure to work with ROI Minds! They have expertise in complicated digital marketing campaigns and sales funnel. They assisted us in a great way to deliver an excellent service to our clients. I highly recommend them to digital agencies want to scale!!!


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