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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns To Performance Max

Upgrade Smart Shopping And Local campaigns

Consumers today are very selective about their shopping habits. Businesses leave no stone unturned to provide their customers with the best shopping experience. They are always eager to step up their marketing game to attract more and more customers. Performance Max ads are the best way to attain the customer’s heed, as they find the right mix of inventory and formats across all Google ads channels to assist you with high in-store and online sales. Your classic smart shopping and local campaigns have now been upgraded to Performance Max Campaigns.

All smart shopping campaigns created in the merchant center have been automatically upgraded to Performance Max. Your campaign will now, by default, use Performance Max when you create a new campaign in the merchant center. With this upgrade, you get additional access to new inventory and automation insights, along with all the basic features you had with your smart shopping and local campaigns. 

Performance Max campaigns, the latest generation of smart shopping campaigns, assist you in reaching more customers through all Google Ads channels, including YouTube, search, and discover. This post will let you know important details and changes concerning the upgrade and advantages of Performance Max.

Upgrade Details

The upgrade details include the following:

  • Goals, budget, bid strategy, creative assets, and product targeting are a few campaign settings that have been automatically migrated to Performance Max. You can also include audience signals into the campaign to hasten machine learning optimization. To enable serving on more inventory after the upgrade, we suggest including more creative assets in your Performance Max campaigns, such as text, photos, and videos.
  • Now that you have upgraded your smart shopping and local campaigns to Performance Max, you can no longer reactivate them. However, you can always have a look at historical data for your smart shopping and local campaigns in your Google ads accounts.

Advantages Of Performance Max Campaigns

What Are The Advantages Of Performance Max Campaigns?

  • Performance Max, a goal-based campaign type, helps you achieve your marketing goals throughout the entire Google ads inventory. You can include your company’s goals as the primary target for Performance Max and let Google ads automation locate your clients across all Google sites.
  • Performance Max campaigns serve on additional Google inventory. The ads can run on YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.
  • Performance Max improves the campaign’ Performance by using the most advanced attribution and machine learning tools available in Google ads.
  • The automation system in this campaign saves you more time so that you can focus on more strategic and impactful optimizations.
  • Retail advertisers who switch to Performance Max campaigns get an average 12% increase in the conversion value at the same or better ROAS (return on ad spend).

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