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Benefits of Using Facebook’s Value-Based Lookalikes

Facebook Lookalikes Audience

Facebook Lookalike Audience helps you reach new with similarities resembling our current customer pool.

Facebook is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and working with the existing ones.

The advertising manager allows us to customize advertising flexibly and get maximum results from it.

Popular platform tools are custom audiences. Let’s focus on Lookalike Audiences in more detail.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

These are the audience that has databases of similar users based on ours. We can use several sources for this, which makes the tool flexible and effective.

Lookalike Audiences delivers significant results given that this type of user is initially more likely to be interested in businesses like yours, and you as an advertiser do not need to run ads without careful consideration.

Benefits of Lookalike Audience: 

1)Getting Double Value

Knowing that a certain type of Ad appeals to that kind of audience, you can make it work harder by using it to create another target audience, one with a similar likelihood of converting.

2)Size Flexibility of audience

When creating a lookalike audience, we can determine how closely the lookalike audience matches the original custom audience.

In other words, if we want the new audience to share 80% of the source audience’s traits, you are going to end up with a far narrower audience that is much more accurately targeted.

3)Monitors Performance

This audience tracking allows us to optimize your campaigns and understand which ads and affinity options are doing good. We can respond timely in the process of conducting advertising campaigns because the budget becomes more flexible.

4)Improves Return On Investment(ROI)

When ads perform well within the target audience, it shows that it is the most relevant to that particular audience and hence improves the ROI.

It will give a good quality score which in turn costs less.

And here, we have the top reasons for using Facebook lookalike audiences for the Facebook ads campaigns and skyrocket your sales.

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