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Which Is a Best Practice for Optimizing a Landing Page for Targeting Google Ads?

Best Practice for Optimizing a Landing Page for Google Ads

Today, we will try to cover all the tiny adjustments that actually matter when you want to lower your CPC and want to convert more customers.

As we know, whenever someone clicks on your ads on Google, you are charged with some amount that is called Cost per click, and after clicking a user lands on your web page/landing page but if your landing page isn’t clear enough to speak itself what you want your users to do on it than that’s a lost opportunity and MONEY(the amount you paid for the click).

Before going forwards let’s take a look at few scenarios:

  • Your CPC is higher than your competitor and wants to know how you can lower it?
  • You are getting clicks but not many prospects are converting
  • The bounce rate on your landing page is high
  • Your prospects are clicking on add to cart but are not completing the purchase
  • You’re not generating much profits from your PPC campaigns

If you can relate to any or more than two of the above-given scenarios, then you are in serious need of Optimization for your landing page.

Don’t Worry! We have got you covered! We will walk you through all the tiny details or modifications you need to boost your conversion rate.

First, let’s make one thing very clear, if you are letting prospects figure out what they are doing or they want to do on your landing page then you are doing it wrong. 

Your landing page should be the guiding light for your users and try to justify the path you want your users to start on when designing your landing page.

We won’t go into the technical part of designing a landing page but we will fixate our focus on what an ideal landing page should contain that converts from clicks.

Here are the few factors that you should always keep in mind when optimizing landing pages(fixing your landing page or making it better) or even designing a new landing page from scratch.

Best Practice for Optimizing a Landing Page for Google Ads?

  1. Clean and Concise Information

Try to Make your landing page as clean and keep the information as short as possible. Only display the information which either is related to the features of products or handles are objections to help users complete their purchase.

If your products or service is technical or requires a lengthy message or instructions then try making an advertorial page for that. Add one more step before the final landing page with CTA. 

  1. Objection handling

If you are facing the 4th scenario which we mention in the list that is “Your prospects are clicking on add to cart but are not completing the purchase” then your landing page is not handling the objections of your prospects and they are unable to fully make up their mind to complete the purchase.

Use images, GIFs, or Videos to justify the use of the product or how people are having a better life by using your products or services.

  1. Proper Heading and Subheading 

Your landing page needs to look professional with proper formatting. One of the main reasons is that most people will just bounce if they don’t get what they are looking for. 

By doing proper formatting, your prospects will have a look at the heading and will follow up the description to consume the information they are looking for.

  1. Add multiple CTA with different Messages

Make sure you are adding multiple CTAs on your landing page, Above the fold, and on other places too when scrolling down, Ideally you should have your CTA message visible on at least one part of your landing page despite user scrolling.

Try to Use different messages on different parts of your landing page’s CTAs. It helps users with making the decision, you can also include a good offer like “Get free assessment/Sample now” if you are providing any.

  1. Keep your landing page relevant to your AD

One of the major mistakes people make with their landing page is that they don’t make their landing page promising to their ads. When users click on the ad and they don’t find what they came looking for, they just bounce immediately.

Not only you are losing money but your quality score is also going down, which means you are going to pay higher for the clicks than your opponents if their quality score is better.

Bottom Line

Don’t try to force sell your products but instead talk about how your products can help and change their lives for good. The purpose of a landing is to convey the information, handling objections, and converting prospects, but that will only be possible when you take care of the little things which we have highlighted in this topic.

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