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Best Shopify Product Feed App For Running Google Shopping Ads

Best Shopify Product Feed App for Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads demand is increasing rapidly due to this app’s search volume also increasing in time. Everyone is looking for the best google shopping app which is covered with all required features and offers an affordable price plan.

When business owners or advertisers search for the best google shopping apps then thousand’s shopping apps come with good features and ratings but at that time it’s quite complicated to select the best app that can make your job easy.

In this post we are sharing the best google shopping app that is covered with all required features and helps optimize your shopping campaign in a better way.

Why You Need Google Shopping Feed App?

First you need to understand why you need google shopping feed app. When you plan to run shopping ads you require google shopping feed.

Google shopping feed cover with all data like Product title, description, image link, product page link, price, gtin and etc. With help of this data google displays your ads in shopping paid ads listings. 

Mainly two ways to create google product feed, Manually and By App. Manually you have to prepare google sheets and have to put all required data that’s too much time consuming work if you have a lot of products including variants.

But by shopping apps you can create feeds within a few minutes. Majority of people use shopping apps to save their precious time and increase their productivity.  

Best Shopping Product Feed App

Majority of the people using Feed For Google Shopping app that created by Simprosys infomedia, I’ve also have long term experience with it and it’s an awesome app. 

This app for every Shopify ecommerce store to improve the performance of the Google Shopping Ad by providing most valuable and essential features.

With Google Shopping Feed, you easily connect your Shopify store with (GMC) Merchant Center without submitting any Feed URL or any other settings. You can create Google products feed in Google Merchant Center by this application within just a few minutes. 

Moreover, you can add Custom Labels, Product Condition, Google Product Categories, Gender, Age, and even customize the products’ values in bulk or one by one.

On top of that, Google Shopping Feed allows you to filter the products by vendor, by product type, by categories, by age, gender, by promotions, and even more. Now you are able to submit all variants of any items with its SKU and GTIN. 

Highlight Features

  • Help users connect Shopify store with merchant center
  • Allow users to add additional values in bulk or product by product
  • Help filter the product with advanced filtering options
  • Improve the number of product’s impressions by including all variants
  • Enable customers to use second image as product image


Hope this post helps you to know the best app for your google shopping ads and why you need to use Feed For Google Shopping app.

It’s extremely helpful to optimize your products with a better way and increase the overall performance of your shopping campaigns. 

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