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Boost ROI With The Help Of Buyer Personas In Your PPC Ads Campaign

Boost ROI With The Help Of Buyer Personas In Your PPC Campaign

A business success leader, Amanda Farley, once said, “your strategy only begins when you know who your players are.” In the marketing industry, these players are your customers. So when you are planning a marketing campaign for your business, we know that it revolves around the customers only. The question is, what do you, as a PPC marketer, consider while developing your campaign strategy? Is it still the “Keywords” only? That’s quite shocking. Being a renowned PPC company in India, you should compose a more intriguing plan of action.

We strongly recommend you shift your game plan from keywords to an audience-driven approach with the help of audience personas in PPC campaigns. Consumers do not know you or your brand, and they just don’t trust you. You need to understand that we are marketing to real people who live complex lives. Therefore, creating a PPC campaign that is powerful enough to stand out from all your contemporaries is crucial. For better interaction with your audiences, your PPC campaign has to be personalized using the buyer personas.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is an imaginary portrait of your ideal customers. It describes your ideal customers, their days, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions. A buyer persona helps marketers to be apprehensive of their client’s desires.

A company might have more than one buyer persona; that’s common. For example, if your end-user wants to have second opinions before making the buying decision, then every individual involved in that decision is a separate persona. Every individual has different criteria to evaluate your product, so you will need different strategies to address the needs of all individuals. 

Why Do Marketers Need Buyer Persona?

Buyer Personas help businesses to understand and relate to their clients, so they can do a better job of attracting and retaining them. They make sure that all your customer acquisition and retention efforts are altered to the targeted buyer’s needs. 

People generally gravitate towards the business they know and trust while buying a product or service. While most companies do not bother about their client’s wants and needs, they flaunt what they offer, resulting in losing the customer’s trust. Therefore, the finest way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and concern for your customers. Designing buyer personas, especially for your PPC campaigns, and using them as a constant reference point for your company will help you stay focused on your clients’ needs.

What Is A Buyer Persona

How Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns Help With Increased ROI?

Understanding different buyer personas, you can pinpoint what each audience cares about the most and what channels they’re most likely to engage in. These findings will obviously help you create a more consumer-focused PPC campaign, resulting in more lead generation, more sales, and, thus, higher revenue. We have four types of buyer personas that are categorized into the following:

  1. Economic Buyer: Economic buyers are ROI-focused and require social proof before making purchase decisions. Therefore, they prefer content with data visualizations, pictures, and charts. They also watch a lot of video content and favor financial models and case studies. 
  2. User Buyer: The user buyer is interested more in details than the high-level overview, which is more fascinating to economic buyers. They are the ones responsible for eliminating potential solutions and are aware of all the crucial elements that influence their choice. Factors influencing user buyers include charts, infographics, comparison charts for solutions, or category matrices.
  3. Technical Buyer: The fundamental duty of technical buyers is to act as interference for the economic buyer. Technical buyers use the user buyer’s expertise and are data-driven. The only concern this buyer keeps asking is if the solution being offered has what it takes to make the firm successful.
  4. Coach: A Coach can be any of the other buyers mentioned or any outside influencer. They are the ones who might get potential personal gain from your win. The secret to successful marketing efforts is having a key influencer in your target market who is also a coach.

You may wonder where you’re going wrong with the buyer personas and still stuck on your prior year’s revenue figure. The reason behind this is the incorrect implementation, and the problem is that marketers aren’t sure how to integrate buyer personas into the sales cycle.

Implementation is the key, but it can be difficult. You need to understand the correct chronology of the process. Buyer personas are easiest to use in PPC when they are included during campaign setup. In this way, persona targeting serves as your campaign’s default foundation. 

The next step of your PPC campaign is personalized, specific, and targeted advertising. Create effective ads, landing pages, and more user buyer personas. Put your buyer personas into practice by using the following suggestions.

Concentrate On Your Target

To target the right buyers, it’s crucial to put your buyer personas into your PPC platforms. If you’re using Google ads, you can upload customer personas demographics using the audience builder tool. It would help if you used tags to build your audience. The data from your Google Analytics website can then be linked with Google ads using Google Tag Manager. This will give you a comprehensive perspective of your current personas and the tools to sort through the many personas that will be visiting your site.

Plan Out Your Campaigns Well

An additional easy approach to leverage your buyer personas is the campaign settings and organization. Always remember that every consumer persona experiences a different path to purchase. Organize your campaigns to speak to the individual experience of every persona.

Start designing your campaign by adding one ad group per persona. You might want to create different campaigns for each persona. You can have greater control over your ad targeting and messaging by separating each persona from others, thereby improving the overall experience.

Don’t forget to add an ad group for buyers in each persona’s awareness, consideration, and decision stages. With this, you can easily customize your ads to meet the needs of each persona as they go from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

After all of this, you could get an accurate buyer persona, but if you start out by making a hard sell to a consumer (even if it’s personalized), they still won’t convert. This segmentation method makes it easier to personalize your ad groups and is fantastic for tracking and attribution.

Use Your Persona’s Lingo

You can directly address your personas if you understand how they communicate. Please make use of their natural way of talking. Add slangs that your targeted personas use. It will captivate their interest like nothing else.

Messaging & Keywords

Buyer personas help you identify your customer’s sore points. Once you get what your users need, you can modify your PPC campaign’s keywords, ad copies, and landing pages to match your client’s desires.

You should select keywords addressing the buyer’s sore points. For example, if your buyer is looking for some traveling accessories, say, a pillow, you might assume it is a regular pillow. Your buyer persona shows that the customer wants a neck pillow. So instead of targeting keywords like ‘pillows,’ you should use a more specific keyword like ‘neck pillow.’

Make sure your landing page reflects your keywords and ad copy. Create one landing page per persona for each funnel stage. Suppose you have three personas, meaning each persona has three ad groups (per funnel stage), creating a minimum of 9 landing pages. Designing these landing pages may take more time, but the result will be more clicks, engagements, and revenue in the long run.

Advantages Of Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns

What Are The Advantages Of Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns?

Buyer personas work excellent for PPC campaigns because they:

  • Assist you in attracting customers at the top of the funnel fast to move on to later phases.
  • Enhance the user experience as your team better understands the client’s perspective.
  • Targeting the most pertinent audiences helps you save your ad spend.
  • By focusing on a specific population, you may improve your PPC targeting.

Although you probably have an idea of who your target audiences are. Still, it is beneficial to ask your team to create buyer personas; after all, they provide a structure that can be shared and integrated into your workflow. If you need assistance constructing buyer personas for your business but don’t have enough resources, feel free to contact ROI Minds, a leading digital marketing industry. We are elated to help you create influential buyer personas for your PPC campaigns, which will help you understand your end users more effectively. You may contact us for more services, including eCommerce Marketing, Content Marketing, White Label PPC Services, SEO Marketing, etc.


Buyer persona guarantees that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain. If you want your customers to pay attention to your offerings, you must first listen to them as a responsible brand. You must consider your customer’s sore points first to improve the effectiveness of your online advertising. 

Create an advertising plan that stands out from others and gives the impression that you can actually read minds. Using PPC personas give your business a strong foundation for advertising and can also boost search engine marketing results in terms of ROI and profitability. It would be best to humanize the advertising campaign to build a bridge between brands and customers.

You don’t need to go on the journey all alone. Trust a team of experts and hire a performance marketing agency that knows all ins and outs of your business objectives and delivers what you quench for.

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