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The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

How much do you care about your customers? How much is your customer educated about your product?

Have you ever thought about it? Ever thought about “FACEBOOK SALES FUNNEL”?

There are over 2.37 active monthly users on Facebook today and nobody logs in to just buy anything. Most of them log in to see how their social network is behaving, what their friends are doing, share their own pictures and memories. They don’t really come to buy products on Facebook.

So, what makes them buy a product? What, as a marketer are we suppose to do to enhance their existing world?

Most of the advertisers ask the audience for sales over and over again, test out multiple CTAs, audiences, creatives, ad copies(sales-oriented) and pray that their audience buys their product.

But as a “smart marketer” you should be building awareness, providing value, and getting the “trust” of your audience before asking them for direct sale(if they need to).

And that’s where the sales funnel comes into act.

In this post, we’ll walk you through every single step of a funnel & will detail out what you need to do to set up a successful sales funnel in Facebook Ads.

Buckle up as this is going to be a long ride!

The funnel to our right is the basic view of what a funnel looks like.

We will take this funnel as the backbone of our Facebook funnel & will build our campaigns around it.

Each stage in this funnel corresponds to the following:

  • Awareness Stage – This stage corresponds to COLD/ToFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience is fairly new. They have never interacted with your website/brand ever before.


  • Engagement Stage – This stage corresponds to WARM/MoFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience is acquainted with your website but don’t have confidence/trust in your product to buy it.


  • Conversion Stage – This stage corresponds to HOT/BoFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience has enough trust in your product & now you can openly ask them to buy your product & the conversion rate is highest in this stage.

Let me walk you through every step one-by-one.

But before we start, it is very important that you’ve set up Facebook pixel accurately on your website as it holds 90% of the audience data & if it is set up in a wrong way, it can literally mess up with your audience & profits.

Top of the Funnel – ToFu/COLD Campaigns

In this section, the users who will interact with your ads will be the ones who have never heard of your brand before.

These people are the ones who have shown interest in your ads as your ad may be too interesting or it may have shown a solution to the problem that she/he might want to overcome. These are least likely to purchase or take any desired action on your website.


These are some of the examples of what your audience should consist of while setting up a cold campaign.

  • Interests
  • Lookalikes of Purchase, Initiate Checkout, Add to Cart, etc

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude Website Visitors, Facebook Engagers from this audience. This way you will ensure that the audience is purely cold and you are not targeting any previous visitor.


Since the objective of this campaign is to establish a connection between users and your brand, the ad copy & creative should be less of sale-oriented and more of a solution providing or feature-oriented, such as:

  • Blogpost
  • Videos
  • Lead Magnet Squeeze Pages
  • Guides
  • Single Images, etc.

At the end of this stage, people will be acquainted with your brand and now it’s just about warming them up & getting their trust in us to buy the product.

Middle of the Funnel – MoFu/WARM Campaigns

This audience consists of people who have engaged with your brand or website but not made any sale-oriented action like ATC, IC, etc. on your website recently.

But so far, they have indicated no interest in buying from you.

These people need to be educated about your product and brand to get their trust in your brand and convert this warm traffic into purchases.


Obviously, the warm audience consists of the people you have accumulated in the Cold campaigns. Here are some of them:

  • Video Views 95%
  • Video Views 75%
  • Facebook Engagers
  • Instagram Engagers, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude ATC, Purchase, IC from this audience. This way you will ensure that the audience is purely WARM and you are not targeting any bottom of the funnel audience.


Now your goal is to convert someone who already knows about your brand and product, the main objective here is to nurture them to get their trust and confidence in your brand. Ads and content in these campaigns will be:

  • Testimonial Ads
  • Product Feature Images
  • Product Feature Videos
  • Product Catalog
  • Carousel, etc.


At the end of this stage, a good number of users should already have converted/purchased from you or at least will have confidence in your brand.

Bottom of the Funnel – BoFu/HOT Campaigns

This is where your ROAS will jump exponentially and CPA will get lowered down.

This is the real cream!

These people have recently shown interest in your brand/website by taking some desired action like ATC, IC, subscribed to the newsletter, followed your Facebook page, etc. but didn’t actually purchase any item from the website.

They are well educated now about your brand/product and thus need a little push to make the final purchase.


This hot audience is actually a warm audience that is well educated & knows really well about your brand. Here are some of them:

  • View Content – 14D
  • Add to Cart – 14D
  • Initiate Checkout – 14D
  • Email Subscribers – 30D, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude the bottom level audience from the upper one to make sure your adsets are properly segregated. For example, exclude Initiate Checkout – 14D from Add to Cart – 14D adset.


Congratulations, you’ve done well so far. 

Users are now standing on the verge to become your lifetime customers. It just needs a little push now. Ad copies for this audience need some key elements like scarcity, offers, FOMO to really hook the users to buy the product.

Ads and content in these campaigns will be:

  • Testimonial Ads
  • Offers, and
  • Product Catalog

So, you have really made this far, wow. I have a gift for you if you really are so passionate about learning. 🙂

There is a secret!

The Fourth Step of the Funnel. Yes, you heard it right!


It isn’t enough to attract new users and give them reasons to use the product.

For steady business growth, you need to hold them for a long time by creating a long-term relationship.

For any e-commerce store, Customers’ Lifetime Value (CLV) plays an important role in making that store a brand. A study says that acquiring a new customer costs 4-5 times more than retaining him.

There’s not much content you can create to help facilitate a good post-purchase experience — apart from just creating a great product, having good customer support, and providing an exceptional post-purchase experience. If you have a great product that solves a problem, post-purchase behavior will take care of itself.

There are few strategies to follow for greater customer retention rate, like:

  • Cross-Selling,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Upselling, and more.


Not all marketers know about the concept of COLD, WARM & HOT traffic and how to best target them separately. You’re missing out on a lot of customers if you’re not properly targeting these audiences and providing them relatable content.

Remember, the traffic you are targeting consists of people with different needs and different knowledge levels of your brands and products, and you must warm your audience, make them educated, get trust in your brand & use the power of FOMO for better conversions.

I am currently working on a guide to give you a deeper insight into all 4 stages of sales funnel with an example of one of our live accounts. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with the latest tips, tricks & techniques for e-commerce marketing.

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4 Simple Rules to Optimize your Lead Generation Process

63% of the companies consider lead generation as their biggest challenge, in fact, the big fishes in the market even use lead nurturing specialists to acquire new customers. 

For any B2C or B2B organization a proven lead generation strategy must be required and if done right, it will become a fruitful tree for your business.

 Before we start with optimizing lead generation let’s understand the whole concept of lead generation and its obstacles you need to overcome.

“If you’re not taking care of your customer, your competitor will”

-Bob Hooey


What is Lead Generation?

The process of identifying people who have expressed interest in your product or service through a lead funnel and converting them into customers is called lead generation. A simple lead funnel works as :

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Any visitor enters the lead funnel when he expresses his interest in your Lead Magnet (gated content or E-book or a Tutorial) and ends up submitting his details to access the resource.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Various Marketing Outreach activities such as remarketing ads, Newsletters, follow-up emails are used to nurture the leads.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]Then the marketing team assesses each lead and checks the probability of converting customers. At this stage, the Marketing team determines whether the lead has to be nurtured more or to be extracted from the funnel and passed to the sales team.

What is the lead generation process?


How to Optimize Lead Generation Process?

The lead generation process is very simple yet complex, it can take from a week to several months before leads turn into paying customers.

 There are sales, marketing, and various other departments involved in the lead generation process, this makes it quite complex. 

However, when all the players pull together towards an aligned goal with a clear strategy can definitely lift up new revenue sources.

1. Be Definitive & Set Accountability

A full-fledged internal sales funnel is managed by the marketing and sales department, making sure to have clear distinctions and each team has accountability for their roles.

In this example, We have divided the sales funnel into two parts: lead management and Sales Management.

Optimize Lead Generation Process

There are 3 stages in Lead management:-

  1. MCL ( Marketing Captured Lead)
  2. MEL (Marketing Engaged Lead)
  3. MQL ( Marketing Qualified Lead)

The 3rd and last stage in lead management are Marketing Qualified Lead where the marketing team hands over the lead to the sales team. 

Once the marketing team analyzes that the lead is sufficiently ‘warm’ to be managed by a sales development representative it is transferred over to the sales team. 

After the lead is transferred to the sales team, the sales team first decides whether a lead is warm enough to accept. If it needs more nurturing than the sales team rejects then leads and sends it back to the marketing team.

If you properly define and illustrate the lead funnel to each player everyone understands where their responsibility begins.

2. Offer the Need

As we mentioned above, the whole lead generation process is divided into two teams, the marketing team and the sales team. 

The role of the marketing team is much similar to the fisherman. The marketing team is responsible for capturing leads and warming up the leads and moving them below to the sales funnel.


Mostly, this is achieved via content marketing offering e-books, cheatsheets, newsletters, and social media marketing.

It’s the job of the marketing team to craft content according to the user’s need to move them towards the golden MQL stage and beyond.

3. Learn from rejected leads

If your leads are rejected don’t feel bad because every rejected lead is inevitable – and even valuable. Whenever your lead gets rejected from sales it becomes an opportunity to analyze and optimize your campaigns.

Examine the leads with the sales team, this will give you an important insight to tweak your sales funnel. 

If you take the right decision at the right moment, you will be able to push your lead qualification rate to new heights.

4. Strike while the iron is hot

Every lead has tried to connect or interact at some point in time with your business. The interaction may be different in nature, they may have subscribed to your blog, liked your blog, shared your posts on social media. 

This means the leads are warm-up to some extent. You just need to follow up with them ASAP. 

According to, marketers who follow up with online leads within 5 minutes are 9 times more likely to win them. When it comes to the lead generation process, every minute counts – literally!


“Lead generation is a fair core activity to Marketing”

-Chris Brogan 

If you need a specialized lead funnel for your business don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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8 Best Productive Linkedin Tools That Boost Your Sales in 2020

Linkedin is a professional networking platform. It is all about networks & connections. It is used every day by people who need jobs, who want to grow their network, and also by the businesses who want to grow their business by generating genuine sales.

Linkedin is not only about who you know but also about who your connections know. That is the real power of Linkedin. This platform is not similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

In this post, you will get to know the top 8 LinkedIn tools that are safe to use and boost your sales. Let’s explore the tools to grow the businesses to the next level.

1.Linkedin Sales Navigator

This is an amazing tool that makes social selling easy. If you have the desire to boost sales through Linkedin then this tool is the right option for you. This tool provides customized lead recommendations to help you find the right people faster and easier. 


Linkedin is adding some more features in the tool so that it can provide you efficient results.

2. Linkedin Small Business

Linkedin helps small businesses to grow by providing this feature. As we all know Linkedin is a professional networking website, it helps small businesses to connect with the other professionals who help them to grow their business. 


This tool makes use of a 3 step approach to social selling that will help your small business to boost sales. The 3 step approach is:

  • Establish your brand presence
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Engage them with content marketing

3. Crystal

Crystal is known as the world’s largest personality platform. This platform reviews the profiles and provides insights into a person’s personality. This approach helps you to connect with the right person.


If you want to sell your services or products via Linkedin, then it is important to become a good communicator. This can be possible in an easy way by using this tool.


This Linkedin tool is best for generating bigger engagement. In Lempod, the word “Pod” refers to the group of people who are liking & commenting on each other’s posts. 


There are a couple of problems that we have to face like;

  • Not more than 5% of people will like posts.
  • Very few comments on the posts.
  • Less engagement

Lempod is the best solution for this! 

Basically, it helps you to increase engagement on your posts. This is a chrome extension that will help you to find different public pods where you can join and build your network.

This is a lead generation software. It allows you to download the lead lists from Linkedin to Excel. If you want to track the leads then it is the best tool.


There is another feature (Sequence) provided by Salestools software. This feature helps you to personalize outreach messages as a part of your marketing plan. Also, you can track your activities in order to push leads through your sales funnel.

This tool would be a stronger choice if you want to accelerate your LinkedIn sales.

6.Aero leads Linkedin Email Finder


This is the most popular Linkedin tool in 2020. It provides a feature to build a real-time email list for marketing and sales purposes. With this software, you can find out the email and phone number from Linkedin. You can install AeroLeads software through a chrome plugin and start using it for free.


When you check someone’s profile on Linkedin, you cannot check his/her activity on the other social media platforms. By using, you can see that information easily. 


It is a chrome extension and when you install it on your browser, you can gather all of the information about an individual while checking out his profile on Linkedin. 

Once you install this extension and open the Linkedin profile of a person, then you will see a green icon at the top that will provide you all the Facebook & Twitter data about the person.


Linkedin is a professional networking platform having more than 430 million members. If you want to proceed in the right direction on Linkedin, then it is necessary to take the help of a prospecting tool. 


LeadFuze is the right tool for you because it is affordable and allows you to quickly create a list of leads and target accounts through a simple search. It can also find out the email data, contact numbers, and social media profiles automatically.

This tool is really amazing as it helps you to automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups. It is considered as one of the top lead generation tools of Linkedin.


If you want to grow your business then you need to grab B2B opportunities. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the top-notch social media platforms but they are not the best platform for B2B opportunities. 

Linkedin is the best platform for networking with business professionals that will help you to grow your business to the next level.

By using the above-listed tools, you can take advantage of the Linkedin features and also speed up your sales process.

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Top 7 Free E-mail Marketing Tools For Businesses in 2020

Are you running a small or medium-sized business?

If yes, then email marketing is the best practice for you to grow your business and build your reputation. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your targeted audience. It is a very personal way to reach targeted customers. Before sending an email, just make sure it is personalized so that the customer can connect with you.

Email Marketing Benefits

Here are some major benefits of using email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy:

1. Effective than other platforms

As we already know that social media is a major component of the business’s marketing strategy. It is a way through which we can interact with our audience and strengthens our relationship with them. It is the initial step towards the ultimate goal which is “Conversions”.

Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing because it plays a major role in converting people into customers. According to research, “It is found that email marketing is the best way to connect customers with businesses for a long time”.


2. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is best for small and medium-sized businesses that have a low budget. It is easy, effective and less expensive as compared to the traditional marketing method where you have to spend on printing, labor, etc.


3. Build trust 

“Why will someone take services from you when you are not as recognizable as big brands?” Building trust is one of the biggest hurdles that small businesses have to face. “Customer Trust” is a big factor that can boost your business very rapidly. 

By using email marketing, you’re able to build trust by staying in contact with your customers and keeping them up to date about your business.

4. Efforts are measurable

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can measure each and every step. There is no guesswork in email marketing. You can check out the important metrics, make adjustments accordingly and improve your effectiveness.

7 Best Email Marketing Tools For Successful Campaigns

Finding a perfect email marketing tool that suits your needs & requirements is quite necessary. In this blog, you will get the list of best free email marketing tools that helps you to grow your business by connecting with your targeted audience.

(a) Mailchimp


This is the most widely used email marketing tool by bloggers and small businesses. The reason behind its wide usage is its completely free plan. 

You will get 10,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers in the free package. 

Advantages of this tool:

  • Drag & drop builder.
  • Beautiful templates.
  • A/B testing and segmentation that makes your emails more effective.
  • Can easily connect with Salesforce, Shopify & Eventbrite.
  • Mailchimp has tools for Facebook & Instagram ads and posts.

(b) Sendinblue


This is a powerful email marketing tool, available in both free and paid version. Its paid version is also very low that you can spend easily. It is best suited for small businesses and also for those who have a low budget. 

By using this tool, you can get the maximum features and benefits.

In its free plan, you will get an unlimited number of contacts, 300 emails per day and additionally, SMS text message service.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Robust drag & drop email builder.
  • Impressive automation email templates.
  • A/B testing and heat mapping to check how your emails are doing.
  • SMS service that can be linked to your email campaigns.
  • Chat feature to reach out to visitors in real-time.

(c) Benchmark Email

benchmark email

This is an automated email marketing tool that provides you the feature of creating automated replies and even preview the emails via smartphones or PC devices.

Its free plan includes 14,000 emails for 2,000 subscribers per month. 

Advantages of this tool:

  • Drag and drop email editor.
  • Google Analytics to check the stats.
  • Well designed email templates.
  • Automated messages include welcome emails, abandoned carts, and follow-ups.
  • Very easy & fast to use.

(d) OmniSend


This is the best email marketing tool for those who are running eCommerce stores. It has the feature to quickly pull product data from your store and generates beautiful email templates and opt-in forms to grow your email list.

Its free plan includes 15,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Includes creative signup forms like popups, landing pages, and a wheel-of-fortune game.
  • Send out automated emails for abandoned carts and order confirmations.
  • It also includes A/B testing tools and email tracking features.
  • Send out discount codes or scratch cards.

(e) Mailer Lite


This tool has gained a lot of popularity in the last two years. The biggest reason behind this is its an easy interface that helps users to improve interaction using pop-ups and surveys. This tool doesn’t include super-advanced automation or analytics features but still, it is the best tool.

Its free version includes 1,000 emails without having to spend a dime.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Able to create beautiful email newsletters, pop-ups, and surveys.
  • It can easily design a mobile-optimized email template free of cost.
  • You can take help from a dedicated support team in case you will find any difficulty.
  • This is an affordable solution for freelancers and small business owners.
  • With this tool, you would be able to take complete control of the backend by using an HTML editor.


(f) Fresh Email


This is another amazing email marketing tool that uses an AI-based system in its template. It provides several templates to their users in order to make their email marketing campaigns more effective. 

Its free plan includes 200 per month and supports up to 500 subscribers.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Used an AI-based system that makes it more efficient.
  • It helps users to set default mails that can be deployed to subscribers based on their replies.
  • It can provide a variety of email templates.
  • Drag & drop builder.
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Top 7 Click Funnel Add-ons to Boost your Sale Funnel

One major thing to know about the ClickFunnel is that it is an all-in-one marketing platform. A platform where one can quickly create their fantastic sales funnels that convert the visitors into leads, and then customers.

Get set to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages, sales funnels, membership areas (for online courses), do email marketing, create your own affiliate program and much more!

If you have not checked ClickFunnel before, now is the time to unlock this treasure.  The best thing about ClickFunnel is that it does not require to hire or rely on a tech team!

In this post, we will discuss how you can supercharge your sales funnel process by using the top 7 different ClickFunnel add-on.

1. Deadline Funnel

At the top of our list is Deadline Funnel because it will allow you to create an authentic sense of urgency with real timers in your funnels that will lock leads out of offers if they don’t purchase within your set time frame.

This means it will give a reason to your visitor why they will buy in urgency.

2. CF Pro Tool 

CF Pro Tool comes with truly awesome scripts that you can use to add in your  Sale Funnels to make them do even more things: like highlight best-selling items, turn your regular order form into a shopping cart, do specialized Facebook pixel tracking and much more!

3. Drift

With Drift, you are able to reach and communicate with your visitor in real-time. Means with drift you add a chat widget on your sale funnel pages which allows users to send you messages if they have any query regarding your product or service and you can answer in real-time from your email or the Drift mobile app on your phone.

4. Stunning

Clickfunnel allows the user to receive the payments from customers through credit cards and they make the purchase of a product through a subscription (e.g. “pay 3 monthly payments of $97), instead of a one-time payment. It’s common for customers’ credit cards to expire at this time or they close credit cards altogether.

This stunning provides the scope for customers to update their card information and hold responsible for their missed payments and much more for the customers.

If your service relies upon recurring customer payments for your income then you need not be worried, Stunning seriously helps make that happen.

5. Proof

Proof is a simple ClickFunnel addon that you can add to your sales funnels page to add the social proof widget to your opt-in pages. ProofThe proof will show the name and location of other people who have opted in for that item recently.

6. Funnelish Paypal App

You can also Integrate Paypal account with ClickFunnels by using a Paypal button but it’s a bit bulky process for you and the consumer.

One major flaw of ClickFunnels is that you can’t have both a credit card and Paypal payment method on the same order form. You have to choose one because it limits the payment options for your customer.

Funnelish ClickFunnels+Paypal app helps you to remove this flaw and allows customers to choose either they wish to use.

7. MembersPRO

With MembersPRO ClickFunnels addon, you can track students’ progress and perform other actions related to your ClickFunnels membership areas, like sending students emails after they complete certain sections of content, restricting how many IP addresses can access the membership area at once, and more…

These click funnel add-ons will help you to keep your visitors engaged. There are several other ways to entice your audience like giving them coupons, discounts on first purchase, sending highly targeted messages to your customers, etc.  Nevertheless, if you take these Click funnel add-ons in consideration, it would be a win-win!