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Find Or Create Placement Reports For Your Performance Max Ad Campaigns

Create Placement Reports For Your Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max was first introduced in late 2020 and marketed as “a new method of purchasing Google ads.” After a year of beta testing, Performance Max was made available to everyone in 2021 after months of anticipation.

Now that Performance Max has been used, we can examine how it performs. Does it deliver as promised greater automation, richer analytics, and improved campaign effectiveness for Google Ads?

While some praise Performance Max campaigns’ ability to use machine learning to achieve outstanding outcomes, critics point out some of its drawbacks, including the loss of control that comes with automated bidding and the restricted access to campaign and ad information.

What Exactly Is Performance Max?

As the name suggests, Performance Max is a brand-new goal-based campaign type dedicated to maximizing Performance. It focuses on improving the effectiveness of Google ads campaigns to boost conversions.

Consider Performance Max your all-access commercial card to the Google Network, which covers well-known services like Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Shopping.

What Exactly Is Performance Max

Performance Max promises to deliver deeper insights for data geeks with machine learning and improved reporting capabilities in addition to a new, automated approach to buying advertisements across all of Google’s channels from a single campaign.

Even if it all sounds fantastic, Performance Max isn’t flawless. You need to test it for a while because it may take 6 to 8 weeks before users notice reliable performance.

When to Apply Campaigns for Google Performance Max?

Use Performance Max, advises Google, when:

  • You have specific advertising and conversion objectives; we advise defining smart goals to get the most out of them.
  • Your advertisements aren’t constrained to one channel; Performance Max shouldn’t be used if your advertising has limitations or constraints or was created for a specific channel. It works well for campaigns that permit real-time adaptation flexibility.
  • You wish to run a single campaign across all of Google’s media advertising; as previously said, everything is included.
  • You wish to expand the scope of your keyword-based search campaigns. You may reach an even more audience with Performance Max, which will increase conversions.

How to Find and Create Placement Reports?

To locate a pre-existing placement report, follow the instructions below. 

  • Log in to your Google ads account.
  • Select ‘report’ from the dashboard option on the page menu.
  • Select ‘predefined reports’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘other.’
  • Click ‘Performance Max Campaign placement.’
  • You can add filters to your report by selecting the filter icon and filter types.
  • To Download a report, choose a file type and click “Download.”

Create Placement Reports

To create a customized placement report, follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Google ads account.
  • Select ‘Report’ from the dashboard’s drop-down menu on the page, and then click ‘Report.’
  • Click ‘Table’ after selecting the +sign next to ‘Custom.’
  • Select ‘Performance Max placement’ from the “Attributes” section, or type “Performance Max placement” into the search field (“Performance Max placement” may be found under “Row.”).
  • Choose ‘Impr.’ under the “Performance” section or type “Impr.” into the search box (The word “Impr.” can be seen in the word “Column.”
  • By choosing the ‘filter icon’ and the filter types, you can add filters to your report.
  • To download the report, choose a file type and click ‘Download.’

Important Characteristics of Performance Max Campaigns

1. Getting New Clients

Performance Max customer acquisition now offers a new conversion setting type. This was a well-liked element in smart shopping campaigns, and its inclusion only expanded its functionalities.

By increasing your bids for them or tailoring your campaigns to target them, this aim enables you to concentrate on attracting new clients while also making it simpler to recognize them thanks to Customer Match lists, conversion tags, and auto-detection.

This setting prevents your current customers from seeing the adverts, even if it may decrease traffic and raise the cost per lead (or reduces if you selected the lower bid option). Check a box and confirm your audience list of clients to complete the quick setup process.

2. Audience Responses

You can recommend audiences to Google’s machine learning algorithms to boost conversions using a new audience signals tool exclusive to the Performance Max Campaign.

We cannot overstate how crucial audience signals are for directing the machine learning algorithms toward audiences most likely to convert. Even though using them in your Performance Max campaigns is optional.

Performance Max will display your adverts to a sizable, irrelevant audience if the audience lists are poor or overly broad.

Google Performance Max Campaigns’ Advantages

  • Access to the entire Google Network will help your keyword search campaigns advance since deep learning will show the right adverts to the right people at the right time.
  • Performance Max will create advertising based on the creative materials you supply. Smart bidding automates every step of the bidding and ad-buying process.
  • To increase efficiency and cut down on time, use audience cues to direct machine learning algorithms in the right direction.
  • Contains fresh elements, including asset Audience Insights and diagnostic insights.
  • Such Campaigns are goal-focused and assist you in reaching your marketing objectives effortlessly.
  • In other words, Google Performance Max Campaigns are designed to make Google ad campaigns simpler to set up, expose ads to a larger audience, and optimize performance in real-time.

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