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How to Create Lookalike Audiences From Ad Set/Campaign IDs

Creating Lookalikes From Ad Set Campaign IDs

Lookalike audiences are the tailored audiences similar to those created or populated on Facebook. Tapping the users worldwide via these audiences is one of the best ways to promote your products/services. 

There are multiple ways to create Lookalike audiences. One such way is creating LLAs from ad sets or campaign IDs. This only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t even require any knowledge about the API or coding. For this to work, all that is to be done is to follow the provided steps:

1. Create a Facebook Developer Account

After creating it, you’ll acquire the ‘Add a New App’ option. All you have to do is, type your name and email id. After you click continue, you’ll see a new page with a bunch of tiles or icons of ‘products.’ Find the tile that says ‘Marketing API’ and further click on ‘Set Up.’ This is how your app will have access to the Marketing API.

2. Visit the ‘Graph API Explorer Tool.

In the upper left of the screen, you’ll be able to look at a dropdown that says ‘GET.’ Simply update it to ‘POST.’ You’ll currently see the parameters segment spring up beneath it. Additionally, in the input section to the right of the API version (“v6.0”), replace the given sequence ‘00000000000’ with your ad account ID like this – ‘act_00000000000/custom audiences. Copy and paste the given line. 

Next, Click ‘Add Parameter’ under Params present on the left side of the screen. Add the following parameters:

  • Key: subtype
  • Value: LOOKALIKE

Add the following parameters as well by clicking on ‘Add Another Parameter’:

  • Lookalike_spec

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