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PPC Marketing is a cost-effective way for eCommerce paid search agency to increase their visibility and reach new customers. By using eCommerce PPC, businesses can also increase brand awareness and build trust with potential customers by appearing at the top of search engine results.

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We Have Generated Millions of Dollars in Revenues with Paid Marketing for eCommerce Brands

Generated RM 332K+ in Revenue in 5 Months for a Furniture Store

Generated $226K in Revenue in 5 Months for an online eScooter Store

Generated $64.3K in Revenue in 1 Month for an Underwater Equipment Store

Generated $109K+ in Revenue in 3 Months for a Jewellery & Accessories Store

Generated $248K in Revenue in 2 Months for an Apparel & Drinkware Store

Generated $371K in Revenue in 6 Months for a Women's Fashion Store

Turn Clicks into Conversions with the Best eCommerce PPC Campaigns Management

eCommerce PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns are managed by our team of experts who have a deep understanding of the online advertising landscape, including search engines, social media platforms, and other channels. We use a variety of eCommerce PPC services, tools, and techniques to create effective ads that attract the right audience and convert them into paying customers. This includes keyword research, ad copywriting, targeting, and optimization. We ensure that our eCommerce PPC strategies are tailored to the specific needs and goals of brands, maximizing their return on investment.

Google Shopping Ads

PPC for eCommerce includes Google Shopping Ads, a type of paid advertising on Google that allows brands to display products with images, prices, and other information directly in search results. We bid on keywords related to the products and pay per click when a user clicks on our ad. These ads are often displayed at the top of the search results, making them highly visible to users. They are a great way to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Google Search Ads for eCommerce Stores

Google Search Ads are a form of paid advertising on Google's search engine results pages. Our eCommerce PPC agency smartly creates and targets ads to specific keywords and demographics. When users search for those keywords, the ads will appear at the top of the search results. This drives more traffic and sales to an eCommerce store.

Google Remarketing Ads for eCom Brands

We display Google Remarketing Ads on various Google properties, such as search results pages and other websites within the Google Display Network. By targeting users who have already shown interest in the brand, these ads can be more effective at driving conversions and sales. Ecommerce Google Ads Agency can set up remarketing through Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

eCommerce Google Display Ads

eCommerce Google Display Ads are a type of advertising that allows eCommerce businesses to display their products on various websites across the internet that are part of the Google Display Network. Ecommerce PPC management contains ads that include images, videos, and text and are targeted to specific audiences based on factors such as demographics, interests, and browsing behavior.

eCommerce Hyper-Targeted Ads

eCommerce hyper-targeted ads are targeted at specific individuals or groups based on their behavior and characteristics. These ads use data such as browsing history, purchase history, and demographics to create highly personalized ads. With this targeting, our PPC agency for eCommerce can increase the relevance and effectiveness of our ads and ultimately drive more sales.

eCommerce Local PPC Ads

eCommerce Local PPC ads are online advertisements that target specific geographic locations. We, as an eCommerce PPC agency, create and manage these ads through platforms such as Google Ads, and they typically appear on search engine results pages or on maps when someone searches for a related product or service.

Youtube Ads for Ecom stores

Youtube Ads for eCommerce stores allow businesses to advertise their products on YouTube. We target the ads to specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Ad formats include skippable and non-skippable video ads, as well as display ads and sponsored cards as an effective PPC for eCommerce. We run Youtube Ads to help drive traffic to a store's website and increase sales.

Boost Your ROI & Grow Your Business with Our Expert eCommerce PPC Strategy

You’ve finally made a decision and realized we’re a fantastic fit after researching the competition and assessing your options. Relax and take a deep breath. Now start the hard work.

The onboarding procedure enables us to complete your project correctly the first time and is essential to getting it off the ground. It’s where we establish the eCommerce PPC management guidelines, define the parameters, and lay the groundwork for your profitable marketing initiatives.

  1. Discovery Call

    The initial encounter and conversation an agency has with a client who has expressed interest in a good or service are known as a discovery call. The agency will learn about the client’s particular problems, ideal objectives, and service expectations at this time. An agency will attempt to finalize the deal at this point.

  1. Onboarding

    Have you successfully closed a deal with a new client and completed the sales process? It’s time to make the arrangement official. The agreement’s terms are clearly defined in the contract, which prevents misunderstandings and guarantees that both parties are happy with the arrangement. In your welcome email, please include the contract. Give the client a warm greeting and any essential background information.

  1. Strategy

    Where the fun really starts is with strategy! The entire eCommerce paid search agency team gathers here to plan and coordinate actions toward your Specific Tailored and Researched Success Strategy. We analyze the data from your current PPC ads, match our technical know-how with your advertising goals, coordinate your main USPs, and include your corporate messaging into campaigns. You can rely on us to manage campaigns with a results-focused approach. Your PPC campaigns will continually be measured, analyzed, and optimized to achieve their objectives. We won’t ever relax and take our foot off the gas!

  2. Execution

    We’ll formally introduce you and assign the most qualified account manager to your company. We’ll gather all the data and resources required and present a request to you. If you are unable to supply them, we will start the process of making them. We’ll create a complete flowchart from beginning to end incorporating the best eCommerce PPC services and input it into our project management tool. Your advertisements went live! We open a bottle of something bubbly as we wait for the results.

What We Can Do for Your eCommerce Store with Google Ads?

By setting up targeted campaigns using keywords and demographics, Team ROI Minds, one of the best eCommerce PPC Agencies, ensures that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time. We optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI and track your results to make data-driven decisions. With our expertise in Google Ads, we can help take your eCommerce store to the next level.

Keywords based advertising

This is particularly useful for intent-based traffic acquisition because it allows brands to showcase their products or services to people who are already searching for them online. It targets the right type of keywords based on the buyer persona and buyer journey. Keywords-based advertising is an excellent way for brands to increase their visibility and drive more sales.

Bid Management

Our effective bid management can help businesses maximize the return on investment for their PPC advertising campaigns by targeting the most relevant and profitable keywords and placements.


Geo-targeting for eCommerce paid search agency is a customized eCommerce PPC service that allows brands to target specific geographic locations with their online advertising. By using geo-targeting, we ensure that our ads are seen by the people most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Performance Analysis

We analyze data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and AdWords, to understand how ads are performing, what keywords are driving the most conversions, and which ad groups are delivering the best ROI. With this, you can make informed decisions such as which keywords to bid on, which ad groups to optimize, or which campaigns to pause or discontinue.

Multi-Channel Targeting

Multi-channel targeting is our one of the best customized eCommerce PPC service that allows businesses to reach their target audience across multiple platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. This approach helps to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience, leading to more conversions and sales.

Competitive Analysis

E-commerce Google ads agency involves researching and analyzing the strategies of your competitors and includes analyzing their ad copy, keywords, and targeting strategies, as well as monitoring their performance. Competitive analysis can also help you to identify potential partners, influencers, and other potential collaborators to boost your eCommerce business.

Landing Page Creation

Our best eCommerce PPC services include the creation of a landing page that is tailored to the specific needs of your business and designed to convert visitors into customers. We take into account key elements such as the layout, messaging, and call-to-action to ensure that your landing page is optimized for conversions.

Landing Page Optimization

A well-optimized landing page can increase conversions and lower the cost-per-acquisition. We improve the user experience by tailoring the landing page to the specific needs and interests of the target audience. This includes things like product recommendations, testimonials, and trust badges.

Campaign Monitoring

Ecommerce PPC management campaign monitoring service provides detailed analytics and real-time data on the performance of the ads, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your ROI. With campaign monitoring, we track key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and revenue and make adjustments to your campaigns as needed.

PPC Testing

PPC testing allows for the optimization of ad campaigns to improve performance and achieve better ROI. This includes testing different ad copy, targeting options, and landing pages. By regularly testing and making data-driven decisions, we continually improve a PPC campaign to increase conversions and drive more sales for the eCommerce business.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a technique to compare two versions of a webpage or ad campaign to see which one performs better. We use this as a part of our eCommerce PPC (pay-per-click) services to optimize the performance of online ads. Our team uses A/B testing to test different ad copy, landing pages, and targeting strategies to improve the ROI of PPC campaigns.

Negative Matching

Negative matching improves campaign performance by preventing ads from showing for irrelevant search terms. For example, if your eCommerce store sells shoes, we can use negative matching to exclude keywords like "free" or "download" to avoid showing their ads for irrelevant searches such as "free shoe downloads."

Shopping Feed Optimisation

An eCommerce PPC agency helps online retailers improve their visibility and performance on shopping platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon, and Bing through shopping feed optimisation. By optimizing product data feeds and targeting specific keywords, we can increase your product visibility, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately increase sales.

Ads Optimisation

With ads optimization, we improve the performance of your online advertising campaigns by making adjustments to various elements such as targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and bid prices. We channel data-driven strategies and advanced analytics tools to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to help you get the most out of your ad budget.

Merchant Center Optimization

Merchant Center Optimization involves optimizing product listings, analyzing data, and making strategic changes to increase visibility and drive more sales. This can include optimizing product titles and descriptions, creating high-quality images, and setting up remarketing campaigns to target specific audiences.

Why Choose ROI Minds as your eCommerce PPC Agency?

ROI Minds, as an eCommerce PPC & paid search agency, can help you increase your online sales and ROI through targeted and effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the latest industry trends and techniques and can help you develop and execute a customized strategy that meets the unique needs of your business. Also, we, as an eCommerce Google Ads Agency, provide you with ongoing monitoring, optimization, and reporting to ensure that the campaigns are performing at their best.

We specialize in eCommerce PPC, ensuring a tailored approach to your online store's advertising

We use data-driven insights to optimize and improve your PPC for eCommerce, along with pay per click campaigns for maximum ROI.

Our campaigns are designed to increase your online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site

As an eCommerce PPC agency, we provide detailed reporting and transparent communication to keep you informed of campaign progress.

We use advanced targeting and remarketing strategies to reach the right audience at the right time

Our focus on ROI ensures that every dollar spent on PPC advertising is working towards a positive return

We have experience working with many eCommerce PPC services and eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and Magento.

Our team can help you to select the right eCommerce platform for your business needs

We have a proven track record of success in increasing eCommerce sales through PPC advertising

We are dedicated to delivering measurable results for our clients every time

Some Case Studies

Fashion & Apparel Store


$30K/month Revenue


500% Growth in 1 Month


Revenue Generated

Print on Demand Store


$134K/month Revenue


700% Growth in 1 Month


Revenue Generated

Health Supplement Store


$76K/month Revenue


400% Growth in 1 Month


Revenue Generated

Online Liquor Store


$209K/month Revenue


800% Growth in 1 Month


Revenue Generated

Specialized in All eCommerce Platforms' PPC!

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Frequently Asked Question

The process of developing, implementing, and optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for eCommerce enterprises is known as eCommerce PPC management. These initiatives aim to increase sales by directing targeted traffic to the website.

PPC marketing enables eCommerce companies to contact a specific audience at the ideal time and location. In order to optimize their ad spending and raise their return on investment, firms can also track and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns (ROI).

Your eCommerce site can profit from a skillfully designed PPC campaign for a variety of reasons. PPC is a great technique to launch a marketing campaign and position your business because it essentially produces results right away. Additionally, PPC is the ideal technique to begin growing a following while managing a concurrent and effective SEO strategy. The time it takes to position your brand organically is significantly decreased as a result. Pay-per-click is also the method of choice for companies that need to target very particular audiences in order to ensure that they acquire clicks from customers who are already interested.

There are many PPC tactics that will increase your CTRs and conversion rates. To ensure that every dollar you spend generates a reliable return on your investment, they must all operate in unison. One of the most widely used tactics is to develop advertising for various buyer persona profiles and run A/B tests. Our marketers will refine the best-performing ad once it has been identified and then start a campaign that is targeted at that ad or group of advertisements. If your website, product descriptions, and checkout process are not optimized for maximum performance and provide a seamless user experience for visitors, no campaign will, however, result in adequate results.

Cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), and quality score are common indicators of the performance of an eCommerce PPC campaign.

The length of time it takes to see results from an eCommerce PPC campaign can change based on the level of industry competition and the campaign’s particular objectives. Results can often be seen anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

Our staff will continuously tweak your eCommerce PPC campaign to optimize your ad spending and enhance results. Regular information on the performance of your campaign will be provided, typically weekly.

Your company may produce the leads it needs to take off in a variety of ways with the aid of a flawlessly executed PPC campaign. You want your audience to see your items and services up front and center. PPC is the quickest way to do this because it increases your chances of conversion by directing traffic and leads to your landing pages. PPC is still one of the fastest and most affordable ways to get the most out of your marketing money.