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7 Facebook Video Marketing Hacks You Should Master

7 Facebook Video Hacks You Should Master

In the present times, Facebook has stood up and become one of the best brand promoting platforms. Along with it, many other such platforms have crowded up altogether to create a vast competitive zone in brand recognition and awareness. Talking about promotion and spreading brand awareness via videos is essential for all these platforms.

Here are 7 Facebook video hacks one is ought to master to achieve success:

#1. Frame the Video Strategically

According to a recent analysis, the average attention span of viewing an average-length video is about 8 seconds. Therefore, framing the initial seconds should be planned out strategically. What kind of audience to target, how quickly to display the message to the people and which angles to use to grab the attention – all these factors are crucial in planning a successful strategy.

Frame the Video Strategically

#2. Keep it Short and Meaningful.

Short videos tend to hold more attention from new and existing audiences. Facebook recommends using most videos of about 5-15 seconds. Since shorter videos have better completion rates, displaying the right message will be a success. 

#3. Display Your Brand Instantly

To see positive results for your video ads, it is important to showcase your brand in your video’s first 3-4 seconds. Your brand’s value or market appearance may drop in case proper branding isn’t done in the ads.

#4. Place CTAs in the Videos

As per a recent survey, people who’ve placed CTAs (Call to Actions) in the middle of the videos have observed better performance of their ads. This is because the engagement rate tends to increase as not many people plan to stick till the end of any video.

#5. Optimize for Mobile Placements

It is crucial to edit a video based on how people would watch it on their mobile phones. For a video, the mobile user experience is to be thought out first to showcase a message, create brand awareness, and attract as many people as possible. 

#6. Test Out Silent Videos

In 2016, Facebook revealed that videos with no sound encapsulated about 80% of the total video views. This is because most users prefer to watch video ads with the sound turned off. In addition to creating videos with no sound, one can place subtitles in the videos to keep the audience engaged for as long as possible.

#7. Make Square or Vertical Videos

The recommended aspect size of the videos is either 9:16 or 1:1. It means that vertical and square videos are preferred to obtain a better result. These videos take up more space in the feed, thereby receiving more attraction.

Make Square or Vertical Videos


To conclude, one can observe a better engagement rate and hence, a better performance if the above-mentioned factors are obliged to the fullest. Since the world of marketing on Facebook is ever-evolving, one can always test and try new strategies to avail success.

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