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AnUltimate Google Merchant Center Guide to Setup Profitable Shopping Campaign in 2020

A Shopping campaign is usually great for an e-commerce store. 80% success in shopping campaigns depends upon the Google Merchant Center. Today we’ll be sharing the most valuable information about the Google Merchant Center that helps to grow your e-commerce store with high ROI.

Understand What is Google Merchant Center Exactly:

Google Merchant Center is a platform where your product data feeds are uploaded in different ways. A product data feed is a list of all the products that you sell online. This list contains a special format and tons of attributes. Below are some key attributes of your product data feed:

  • Product Title: The title is contained with the name of your products and the title text shows your ads serve.
  • Product Description: This text describes your products and shows when your ads are clicked by users.
  • Product Category: This category defines your product type.
  • Product ID: Product ID is the unique identity  of your products
  • Product Type: It is defined by the product owner
  • Product Image: Google defines image size based on product category
  • Destination URL: Your destination URL should be working, so the user can see products after clicking on the ads. 
  • Availability Status: (In stock or out of stock)
  • Price: Each product should have an original price
  • GTIN: The GTIN is a globally unique 14-digit number for each product.

In the shopping campaign, you need not write ads as you do in a search campaign because shopping ads automatically are generated using Google data feed.

How to Maintain Your Product Feed?

You’ll be unable to set up a Shopping Campaign in Google until you get your product data feed defined and have a process in place to update product info, availability, and price change. It is extremely important because if Google’s product feed doesn’t match your website, Google will not serve product ads in the shopping ads list.

You can create product feeds with various methods. Google spreadsheet is the best option for the low number of products and it’s easy to manage but if more than one thousand products then it might not be realistic to manage.

A good data feed is a big factor in the success of your Shopping Campaigns. 

Here are the super-important things to keep in mind:

  • Product titles and descriptions play a vital role in high CTR and high conversion rates, so, make sure your product titles and descriptions have rich keywords and are appealing to a potential buyer who is viewing your ads. Google shows your ad if your products are relevant to a search query.
    Pro Tip: In Google shopping campaigns, you have the option to add negative keywords to cut unwanted and irrelevant traffic, but always be careful in doing so, you don’t want to accidentally cut all of your traffic.
  • Make sure prices are 100% accurate, especially if dealing in international currencies – Google will not display your product ads if this info does not match.
  • If you are advertising to more than one country, you will need a product data feed for each country. Shopping Campaigns in Google ads are country-specific, so, you will have to set up a new campaign in each country according to Google ads policy.
  • Product images are most important because they can make or break your ads – make sure your images are of high quality. Display Images should be of only the product you are selling. Family-friendly images are best and least likely to get suspended.
  • Make sure all destination URLs are to live pages and not 404s/dead pages – Google will disapprove ads for dead links.

Use of Merchant Promotions:

Google merchant promotion helps to increase the CTR and ultimately conversion rate, revenue, and return on investment (ROI). Google Merchant Promotions allows showing your special discount offer to the audience, so, don’t miss this optimization while running shopping ads.

Use Product Rating, Seller Rating:

Product reviews help the consumer to make online purchasing decisions. 90% of customers say reviews influence their buying decisions and 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

On Google Shopping, there are two types of rating, product rating which applies to individual products, and seller rating which applies to the vendor. Both types of ratings are important to win the trust of buyers. In Google merchant, you can enable it and start to show along with ads.

After understanding the value of Google merchant center, you are now prepared to start your profitable Shopping Campaign.

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