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The Ultimate Guide to White Label SEO

Guide to White Label SEO

White labeling digital marketing products is one of today’s most popular trends. It’s a solid way to generate big wins for your digital marketing agency while also making a big impression on your customers. And one of the most popular products to offer through a white-label lens is SEO. It’s also popular because it works. SEO is required regardless of the business, industry, or website. It’s the nature of our digital world and how we get information nowadays.

This toolkit is designed to help you understand why white label marketing and becoming a white label SEO reseller benefit your business. We’ll give you all the information you need about the challenges and benefits of white-label SEO services and much more.

What is White Label Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics and answer the big question. What exactly is white-label social media marketing? It entails giving another company a marketing product, such as SEO, to resell to its customers. It’s a scalable and cost-effective way to add a new product without hiring new employees or purchasing new software to meet your customers’ needs. However, there are numerous additional advantages.

Typically, a white-labeled product is created with no recognition from the original company. The work is done for the end client on behalf of the reseller, in the case of white-label SEO. Products, services, and touchpoints are branded with the reseller’s logo. Essentially, the first company does all the work, while the second receives all the credit for a well-done job.

White-label services are commonplace. The model applies to both B2B and B2C products and services. From digital services such as SEO and social media marketing to food and clothing. The product is manufactured by one company and then sold under another brand, and it is mutually beneficial to both companies and promotes their growth.

Because it benefits the end-user, white label marketing is extremely effective. You gain the expertise, knowledge, and experience of a white-label provider specializing in one area and doing it exceptionally well. This benefits the reseller partner because they appear to be the expert, strengthening their brand and authority. And the customers benefit because they get that expertise to help their website or the product is made by experts in that field.

This type of collaboration is known by several names that all essentially mean the same thing. It is known as private labeling, white-label reselling, and outsourcing marketing services.

What is White Label SEO?

In the business world, white labeling is common—everything from SEO services to clothing companies to generic-named food at the grocery store. White-labeled products can be found everywhere. So, white-label SEO combines these elements: a white-label product and SEO services from a reputable company. A reputable company’s white-label product and SEO services. In addition to their primary service or product offering, white-label SEO providers collaborate with SEO resellers to generate new leads or cross-sell and up-sell the SEO service to their existing clients. This is also known as private label SEO. They all mean the same thing.

What is White Label SEO

How Is This Different From Reselling SEO?

As previously stated, there are several names for this type of collaboration. But what exactly are the distinctions? White label SEO and SEO reseller services are nearly synonymous, but it more accurately describes a partnership. Becoming a reseller entails selling organic search engine optimization solutions to your clients without hiring in-house employees.

White Label SEO

As previously stated, a white-label SEO agency manages the strategy, fulfillment, and deliverables for a company partnered with them as a reseller. As a member of its partner’s company, the agency does not share its branding and information, and it is delivered under the branding of its partner.

SEO Reseller

The other partner in this relationship is the white label reseller, who will serve as a sales representative and account manager for the SEO campaign. Most resellers have their businesses and usually work in an industry that would complement or benefit from SEO. These include paid media and social advertising agencies, website designers and developers, and reputation management firms.

SEO would be an add-on service to their primary service or product, which they could cross-sell or up-sell to existing clients for added value, or they could attract a new audience. This provides several benefits to businesses. For starters, it allows you to reach more clients who want to expand their online presence beyond what you currently offer, such as PPC, social media management, or SEO.

It also offers you a new product for your existing customers. It means you’ll benefit from the expertise of an SEO agency. They have the research, strategy, foundation, and technology to serve your clients cheaply. Overall, it contributes to the development of your brand. Furthermore, it makes you appear to your clients like a rock star for adding this in-demand product that truly helps them grow their business.

White-label SEO allows your company or agency to scale. Scalability is essential for any company’s growth and growth that does not exceed the costs of introducing a new product or service. Our white-label SEO program will help you grow your business.

Our program includes comprehensive SEO campaigns and packages. They have a dedicated partner manager who tracks all of your client campaigns and works with our client services team to coordinate the strategy. We have a white-labeled dashboard where you can track and analyze the progress of all campaigns to see who is succeeding and who requires more attention. Because there is a greater level of dedication to the success of the relationship, this type of partnership tends to yield a higher profit margin.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services?

Search engine optimization lays a solid foundation for your business to grow over time. Outsourcing SEO services can be a huge help in growing your business’s digital marketing strategy in a time when having a digital presence is more important than ever. Learning the benefits of outsourcing SEO allows you to provide unified and trustworthy services to your clients without jeopardizing their satisfaction.

1. SEO Expertise

For a company embarking on its first SEO journey, the road ahead may appear difficult to navigate, if not impossible. You are not required to travel alone. One of the most significant advantages of white-label SEO services is the availability of professional assistance and guidance along the way. This means you don’t have to figure out your strategy on your own in the dark.

White-label SEO providers add value to your company by making it stronger and more recognizable than it was previously. Outsourcing allows you to balance your business’s responsibilities and strengths. Discuss and bring up your business’s goals, knowledge, vision, and insights. You are skilled at providing insight. The provider can then use that knowledge to assist you in developing an effective online presence for your company and clients. Who doesn’t appreciate the assistance of knowledgeable professionals? Getting professional assistance from a white-label SEO company could significantly benefit your company’s success.

2. Saves You Money

Over time, one of the most significant advantages is that outsourcing allows your company to save money. When you implement a brand new strategy into your business plan, you want to maximize your return on investment. Consider the value and ways you could save money when deciding if this is the right approach for you. One advantage of saving money by outsourcing is having productive professionals on your side. If you’re considering hiring for an in-house SEO position, keep in mind that you’ll only get one point of view and one main source of assistance. When you use a white-label SEO program, you can be sure that you’re hiring multiple resources who are up to date and constantly improving their skills. In this way, you’re saving money.

Another advantage of this partnership is that it eliminates the need to purchase the tools and software required for a data-driven SEO campaign. When your company is new to SEO, you could invest in tools to help your team members learn the basics. However, doing so may result in a waste of time and money on other assigned tasks. Most white-label companies are up to date and have the tools you need to succeed. Choosing this type of partnership can benefit your business by saving money on tools or training you would not have to purchase if your partner already has it.

3. Staying Up-to-Date

SEO is constantly evolving. Some features include core web vitals, search engine crawling, and constantly updated algorithms, for example. While running your own business is difficult, keeping up with features you’re not completely familiar with can be difficult. When your company needs SEO assistance, you can count on your white-label SEO providers to be up to date and knowledgeable about these changes. They will understand how to prepare, manage, and position your company in the best possible light. This benefit can help your company’s quality, efficiency, and overall value. 

What are the Challenges of Outsourcing Your SEO?

While there are many benefits to outsourcing your SEO, we recognize there might be some challenges along the way because not every process is perfect.

1. Communication

Interaction between the white-label SEO service providers and resellers should be prioritized. Gaining trust and understanding from one another can be difficult without it. Because you are not in the same office as the SEO agency, you must maintain constant communication with them. Conflicts may occur more frequently if there is no constant communication about what needs to be done for your business.

One of the first steps your company could take to improve this challenge is to develop a good communication strategy. One way to improve this is to establish clear and consistent expectations. This way, you’ll have expectations to refer to in the future. Another way to improve your communication strategy is to set up regular meetings with your partner. This establishes a practice of ensuring that both parties are committed to a regular meeting. Even if everything is going well and there are no obvious problems, keep communicating to ensure that success is on track. This benefits both partners’ relationships.

Communication is one of our top priorities at ROI Minds. Through our free consultation, your company can speak with real people, not computers, about setting goals and expectations for your company’s SEO strategy. We ensure that you are kept informed and aware of what is happening. The client comes first in our Boost method, and we prioritize assisting you to succeed online.

2. Workflow Management

While determining whether or not a white-label SEO program is right for you, look into the different types of programs available to you. This means each provider has a way of operating and managing its strategies. SEO is a detailed and organized process that must be properly recorded and coordinated. Make sure to find a provider who meets your organization’s process and results from requirements. There is onsite and offsite work to consider regarding SEO, and it’s critical to find a company that knows what they’re doing. If you find an agency that falls short by one step, it could jeopardize your business.

3. Set Expectations

As we discussed in communication, some businesses fail to set business expectations. Looking for and agreeing to a white-label partnership should not be a hasty decision for your company. Understanding what’s being discussed for your business will help you get a clear picture of what you’re getting into. While a white-label SEO provider will set its terms, you must do the same as a reseller. If clear expectations are not established, it may lead to problems down the road. These issues could include how the strategy is implemented, the pricing of what you agreed upon, or how the relationship is maintained. Setting expectations for and about your company is critical to understanding what you’re getting.

ROI Minds invests in the best people to power your SEO campaigns and guides you through the process. We offer affordable on-site and off-site SEO services that fit any budget. We have excellent follow-ups and take the time to listen to your needs to meet them.

What Should You Look For in a White Label SEO Provider?

While every white-label SEO program has specialized services and ways of doing things, the process is fairly similar across the board. But there are different things you need to look for in a partnership to maximize its success.

1. Long-Term Strategy

Make certain that your SEO service provider handles client campaigns on an individual and strategic level. You want to know that they have a well-defined strategy that they have been working on for a long time and will produce results for your clients. You must be confident that they have the experience, not just great marketing, to sell their product. Experienced SEO firms have teams of experts who monitor algorithm news and changes that may affect your clients. You want to ensure they can handle search algorithm updates and know-how to pivot strategy to avoid being negatively impacted. 

2. Reliable Metrics and Reporting

You want to ensure that everything is done correctly on every type of service you ever receive in your life. And how do you go about doing that? With supporting documentation. You want to see the work done, how much each item costs, and the final results. In the world of SEO, this is accomplished through a dashboard and tools that track the SEO tasks completed. You should also use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to ensure that your website grows due to your SEO efforts. Make certain that any white-label SEO provider includes a transparent reporting dashboard for all of your client campaigns.

3. History of Success With Your Types of Clients

Case studies are an essential component of any SEO partnership. You want to know that your provider has successfully gotten other clients in the same industry and niche as your client to rank on Google’s first page. You should ensure that they have a tried and true method of doing SEO in general. Then, request information and case studies on how their process applies to your specific clientele.

4. Sales Support

You want to ensure that your provider assists you at every step. Finding people ready to implement SEO on their website is one of the most difficult challenges many faces. And how do you ensure you close the sale once you’ve found a qualified lead? Your partner should be able to explain the sales process to you and then provide sales support to help you close the deal. Sales support functions as a supplement to your sales team. If you need assistance explaining the SEO process or want an arm of your sales team to continue working under your brand, simply connect a potential client with the sales support team, who will then walk your contact through the process.

5. Dedicated growth manager

When deciding which provider to partner with, one of the most important factors is having a dedicated partner growth manager and someone to contact regularly to discuss your clients and their campaigns. These are your primary contact points, so make sure they know your company, your clients, and your industry inside and out. Also, before signing the contract, get to know your growth manager to ensure a good personality fit!

Dedicated growth manager

What Exactly is Included in White Label SEO Program?

The answer varies because it is different for each program, but it is fundamentally the same. The reseller receives a solid SEO campaign from professionals who do this type of work daily for hundreds, if not thousands, of campaigns. Among these SEO tasks are:

  • SEO audits
  • On-site optimizations
  • Content optimizations
  • Blog writing
  • Link Building
  • White label local SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata improvements
  • Analytical tools
  • Reporting

Your customers will have the full support of our team if you partner with us. This means that a dedicated partner manager will assist in tracking your client campaigns and coordinating the strategy with our client services team, all of which will work under your brand. Data, dashboards, and information on how each client campaign works will be available to you, not ours, under your branding.

We will also provide marketing assistance to our partners to help them sell SEO services. Whether you have a potential customer who is unsure about committing to an SEO campaign or you need assistance explaining the SEO process, our Sales Support team will be there to assist you.


In conclusion, white-label SEO is the process of using the expert SEO product as your own. And we’ve refined the product for our partners who want to add a valuable product with a high revenue return to help their small business customers succeed with their online presence and business strategy.

We understand the importance of SEO for small businesses. As do all of our collaborators, and that is why they choose us. They understand that SEO is an extremely valuable product for their customers and small businesses worldwide. In an age where we no longer walk down the street to find what we need, SEO helps them get found. We connect to the internet.

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