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How To Access Google Shopping Account?

Discover how to access Google shopping ads accounts that drive more sales and profits.

First of all, I have to set up a merchant center and need to link it with a Google account. 

Here is a step by step instruction to set up a merchant center and then to link it with google account and then how to set up google shopping campaigns. 

Step – 1 Sign in to your Merchant Center account

google merchant center

Step-2 Click the tools icon, then select Account access

google merchant center

Step-3 Select the account access option.

how to get merchant center access

Step-4 Enter the email address of the person you want to invite after a click on ( + ) plus sign 

google merchant center

Click Save 

Step – 5 Select option Account access in the tools menu bar

account access

Step-6  Type Google ads ID shown in the top of Google ads account

google account access

google account access

Step – 7  Click Save 

Now, your merchant center is linked to your Google ads account 

Here are step by step instruction to set up Google shopping ads account:- 

Step – 1 Login into your Google Ads account.

Google Ads account.

Step -2  In the page menu along the left, click Campaigns.


Step- 3 Click the plus button, then click the new campaign.

new campaign

Step- 4 For “Campaign type,” select Shopping and click Next.

google shopping

Step – 5 Choose your advertising preferences-

a.)  Merchant –  Select the Merchant Center account that has the products you want to advertise. If you don’t see any accounts here, you’ll need to link your Merchant Center and Google Ads account first. You can’t change the merchant after you’ve created the campaign. 

Here you can learn how to Link Merchant Center and Google Ads.

merchant access

b.)Campaign name – Enter a name for the campaign. You’ll use this name to find the campaign later. 

You can change the name after the campaign has been created.

campaign name

c.) Country of sale –  Select the country where your products will be sold and shipped to. Ads will only be shown to people from the country you select.

google merchant center sale

d.) Bidding –  Select which type of bidding to use in your campaign. You can change this setting after the campaign has been created.

e.) Campaign priority – If you have multiple campaigns with one product, use campaign priority to decide which campaign’s bid will be used. If campaigns have the same priority, the campaign with the higher bid will serve.

campaign priority

If you are advertising one product then there is no need to set a campaign priority. 

Networks: If you want to show your ads on Google search network when people search for terms that are relevant to your service, then select Google search network 

If you want to show your ads on Google partner platforms like youtube, Gmail & discover, etc. Then select youtube, Gmail, and discover as shown in the below image.

google search partners

Click Save and continue.


1.Choose what kind of ad group you want to create:

A.) Product Shopping ad (recommended if you’re new to Shopping). This type is basically for individual product ads. These are created automatically using the information from your Merchant Center account.

google shopping adgroups

B.)Showcase Shopping ad –  This type is basically for Multi-product ads. Suppose customer search “couches” on this broad keyword, this type of ad group shows multi couches instead of a single.  The process for creating these requires some additional steps also.

Google showcase ads

2.) Ad group name –

  Enter a name for the ad group. You’ll use this name to find the ad group later. 

Click Save at last.

Conclusion- By following these steps you can create your merchant account and also can link your merchant with google ads. After completion, you can run your google shopping ads, boost your profit, and eCommerce store growth.

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