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How To Advertise Face Masks Online

How to advertise facemasks online

COVID-19 has itself set a benchmark in the history not of a particular country but of the world. It has been seen that this disease is fatal and is a highly communicable disease that’s why the governments and doctors have asked to take some important measures to keep yourself safe from the fatal disease.

Facemask has become one of the top-selling products not in some particular country but throughout the world. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization have appealed to people to wear facemasks in order to stop this disease from spreading furthermore.

But, advertising Facemasks is a big challenge for the online retailers because major traffic channels like Google, Facebook, or Native ads don’t allow advertising of Face Masks.

Sales of Facemasks are ranking in one of the top-selling products across the globe. It is not just a protection measure anymore, it has become a way of selling it widely to earn extra profits. 

Here are some online advertising techniques that you can follow to promote Face mask and other COVID-19 related merchandise online: 

(A) Facebook Marketing

Since COVID-19 has happened, Facebook has already been working to support Global health officials and also spreading the word through its a vast platform to keep people posted about the latest updates and measures.

At a point, numbers of people, especially marketers had started to exploit the purpose of selling masks. They started doing to earn profits by introducing and pretending how their masks are better and selling them at high rates.

Facebook had put a ban on advertisements or anything that promotes selling these protective measures as a part of the business. 

facemasks advertisement on facebook

But later it had removed the ban but also updated their advertisement policies and some grounds to advertise “non-medical masks.”

Non-medical masks are the ones that do not fit under the medical terms or are handmade, custom made, or are made for fashion purposes. Let’s know the eligibility to advertise non-medical face masks:

  1. Advertisers must have a history of 4 months and accounts must be eligible to advertise on Facebook. 
  2. Limited targeting for the tenured advertisers, that too in specific countries. The advertisers who are into advertising for more than 4 months on located in Cameroon, China, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam may not be allowed to target people outside the country 
  3. It is important to take note of the prohibited content for ads:
  • Content which has misleading claims
  • Covid-19 Test kits
  • “Ads for non-medical masks cannot allude to claim medical or health functionality including disease prevention, respiratory protection, filtration capability, etc”.

(B) Influencers

As Instagram has removed accounts COVID-19 accounts for recommendations unless posted by a “credible organization”, influencers somehow still have a way to promote face masks.

Undoubtedly, influencers have played a significant role in creating awareness and spreading the message amongst numbers of people since the COVID-19 outbreak especially. People have been looking up to them for ideas to pass time during quarantines, lockdown, and even when they’re stepping out. 

facemasks advertisment via influencer marketing

Influencers sharing their ideas to cook, dance, music, workout, etc., has been really influencing people in a good way. People are becoming very anxious these days due to COVID-19 news and there is lots of unemployment and other issues to be dealt with.

People look up to them and consider what they say or do. Therefore, when they are told to stay inside homes and maintain distance etc. people also follow it. Spreading the word about how important these things really help people to be cautious and stay in contact with the updates. 

Instagram has exclusively shared a story to help those practicing social distancing, feel quite connected. 


Did you know? Coronavirus has been one of the biggest search topics Google has ever seen! While staying at home during the pandemic people have been focusing on buying things related to protection from CoronaVirus like masks, gloves, etc. 

SEO plays a very significant role in delivering messages and impacting people. Through its articles based on how to deal with the pandemic to staying home and helping out people to understand this in a more clear and understandable way.

People are now searching for more informational and healthcare based content, this is where SEO nails it. Getting to know how facemasks are being used by people and why is it important to buy one helps people to have a thought of buying it due to its importance. 

facemasks advertisment via SEO

Introducing and delivering health-related content in the public is the best way to make use of SEO in the best and right way possible. 

(D) Social Media

Preferences and utilization of things have changed so much since the Coronavirus pandemic has happened. Skype, Facebook messenger, etc. are being used by people to stay connected. Zoom calls are being used for corporate meetings and conferences. Zoom calls are now how we send our kids to school nowadays!

Social media has been one of the major sources of information and misinformation as well. It has been influencing the public’s response to the outbreak. It has proven to become a powerful and significant way to bring out the positivity amongst people in this terrifying time.

Fundraisers organized and distributed on social media have been a real helping hand to help people. Many NGOs have been delivering facemasks for free to people.

Facemask is one of the most essential things to be purchased these days. The message to use facemask reaches out to millions of people during a time when people are avoiding contact, it is only possible via social media platforms!

COVID-19 has affected many people, worse to the ones who are disabled, ones who have lost their job, and the ones who are facing financial problems, especially during the treatments. 

Social media gives information to the people in abundance to create awareness. Many social media platforms have been wrongly used by people to gain profits by selling products at a high price, therefore, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. have handled this misinformation thing in a very positive way. Whereas, Whatsapp has launched COVID-19 information hub. 

facemasks advertisment

(E) Blackhat PPC

Sometimes to complete a thing we may have to cross a line! In simple words, Blackhat PPC means advertising on Google without Google permission.

Showing your products to users who are looking for Face masks online. Yes, Google doesn’t allow the advertising of Face masks but there are a ton of practices and techniques to avoid Google radar and advertise the products.

These techniques are called Black Hat PPC. Here is the process of advertising with blackhat methods: 

  1. Create a Google ad account and send traffic to normal relevant websites without using anything related to Face masks or Covid-19. 
  2. Buying a traffic cloaker. Traffic cloakers will manipulate the Google bots and will not send them to the online store so they will never detect that you’re selling Face masks. 

(F) Native Ads

Mainstream native advertising channels like RevContent, Taboola doesn’t allow the advertising of Face masks and covid-19 related stuff but there are many other Native traffic channels which are allowing the promotion of Face Masks like MGID.

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