How to Find Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn?

How to Find Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn

On Linkedin, are you compiling a list of eCommerce owners or Marketplace seller decision-makers? Here’s how to use this platform to make a list.

There are two steps to discover and connect with thousands of Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn.

Finding many accurate Amazon sellers and eCommerce leads is one of the most valuable processes in any business.

Over the years, it has been discovered that over 35,000 product brands are selling on Amazon or their websites. After gathering information on over 50,000 sellers, we took the next step this month by compiling a list of Amazon Sellers from Linkedin.

Using their profile URLs, emails, and even their contact phone number, it is easy to reach out and have conversations with every Amazon seller who hangs out on LinkedIn (which is 14,500 sellers just in the US, by the way).

Every step of the process, as well as all of the software that is used internally, is detailed here. Take your time with the steps, and you’ll be able to generate more leads for your company than you’ve ever had before.

This process will work for you if you own an agency that focuses on Amazon sellers or eCommerce brands. If you work in a different industry, similar steps with different keywords may work for you.

It is clear that to reach where you want to, you will have to spend some money and put in a lot of effort. 

So, this is what is necessary:

  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account ($80/month)
  • A Enterprise Account ($200/month)
  • A Dropcontact Gold Account ($200/month)
  • A good coffee machine

Pro tip: An extra virtual assistant to look over the final list can only do good.

Total cost: $480 + a few Nespresso capsules

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller List in Sales Navigator

First, we’ll use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to compile a list of Amazon Sellers.

Create an Amazon Seller List in Sales Navigator

You must first sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a paid feature on LinkedIn that provides a plethora of filters to help you find exactly who you are looking for.

This tool can help you find Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn in three ways.

  • People who have joined specific Amazon Seller Groups can be targeted (like FBA Seller Central, Vendor Central, Tips for FBA Sellers, etc.).
  • You can conduct keyword searches using industry terms such as Amazon Seller.
  • You have the option of changing the Job Title to “Amazon Seller.”

If you don’t use BOOLEAN search terms to exclude some people, you’ll waste your time with leads that aren’t a good fit. For example, work titles such as “Sales” or “Business Development” should be avoided.

Even though they work in the Amazon world, they are likely to sell a service that removes them from the ideal lead pool.

A couple of other things to consider as you compile your list: Job titles with decision-making authority, such as Owner, CEO, President, eCommerce Manager, or Marketplace Manager, should be targeted.

This group focuses on people interested in your service and can make investment decisions.

Second, LinkedIn’s search will only return the first 2500 results, and you won’t be able to get all of the leads if your results are larger than that. Instead, segment your search by company size to capture every available lead.

As you go through this process, you may develop unique ideas for your product or service. You can refine your search to find exactly who you’re looking for, and you can also look in specific locations.

Finally, and most importantly, save your LinkedIn search. You won’t be able to proceed unless you take this step.

Step 2: Take Action

Discover Amazon Seller Groups
  • Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Discover Amazon Seller Groups
  • To find sellers, use search terms and job titles. (Don’t forget to save your search.)

Step 3: Save the Search Results Phantombuster is being used.

LinkedIn currently allows the export of search results via their API. This enables authorized developers, software services, and web apps to provide you with spreadsheets containing contact lists derived from your saved search results.

Save the Search Results Phantombuster is being used

We tested various options and discovered that a Phantombuster Enterprise account is the best solution for this process. Social media automation software integrates with LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium tasks.

Once you’ve obtained your Phantombuster Enterprise account, use the Sales Navigator Search Export Phantom feature to extract all profile URLs from your searches. This will be known as Phantom 1.

You will enter your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search URL as the input option.

It may take up to 24 hours to process once you submit it. When it is finished, use the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Phantom to export all of the information you require about your lead. Phantom 2 is what we’ll call it.

Use your Phantom 1.csv file as your input (the Sales Navigator Search Export Phantom above). You will also require Phantom 2’s emails (the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Phantom).

You must first create a or Gold account to extract them. Obtain a Gold Account and enter your email finder API key into Phantombusters to follow our exact steps.

Warning: This step can take several days/weeks! However, once completed, you will have a runway of accurate leads to drive new revenue into your agency.

Action Items:

  • Purchase a Phantombuster Enterprise account.
  • Get access to your LinkedIn saved search URLs.
  • Phantom 1 is created, the Sales Navigator search is performed, and Phantom is exported.
  • Phantom 2, the Sales Navigator Profile, should be created. Phantom of the Opera
  • Make a account. Account in gold
  • In Phantombusters, enter your new email finder API key.

You now have an excel file containing the LinkedIn profiles of all Amazon Sellers.

You have their company URL, phone number, and email, as well as a generic company email, company location, company size, website, and so on.

This single file opens up a world of possibilities for you. Prospecting can be automated, or proven working email sequences can be sent.

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