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How To Get Facebook Blueprint Certification Easily?

Facebook blueprint certification

Before we dive into the steps on how to get Facebook blueprint certification, let’s first understand what exactly facebook blueprint certification is. 

In simple words, the Facebook blueprint is an e-learning platform often defined as a free online training program for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It usually consists of 90 courses which can be taken in 15-50 minutes, all you need to do is Facebook login to start learning.       


Facebook blueprint is quite helpful for digital marketers, in terms of keeping oneself updated with facebook’s portfolio of tools and ad formats. If you’re looking forward to polishing your skills in particular aspects like from generating leads to promoting an app facebook blueprint certification is the right platform for you. 

What are the requirements for Facebook ad marketing?

First of all, the candidate has an option given for the mode of examination to choose from. He/she can choose to take the test in person or online but it is important to choose a date for booking the same.

Choose a suitable location as per your convenience and then pay for the exam. In a case, where you are taking the exam online, it is very important to schedule an exam time. 

Facebook exam whether online or in-person goes for a duration of 75 minutes. If you have decided to take the test online then make sure you download a secure browser.

The proctor will inspect your testing environment through webcam and monitor you, while you’re taking the exam. Whereas, in-person exams are conducted at the local Pearson VUE professional testing center. The locations are available globally. 

Talking about the prices, the exam fees are the same for the online and in-person exams. It is important that you have a valid identification proof.  The examination is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and traditional and simplified Chinese.

Here is more information about the cancellation policy, if you want to cancel your exam and you do it 24 hours before your exam, you’ll get a full money refund, if you fail to do so it’ll be the opposite. Moreover, you also have an option to reschedule. 

How to select the right certification?

If you’re thinking it just like any other exam you have to appear for, you’re wrong. Facebook blueprint certification offers exams based on different levels varying on the type of skills you have. 

Facebook blueprint
  • Exam 400-101 is for Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional:

This exam is conducted to evaluate how you design Facebook marketing strategies. Test takers are expected to design a Facebook advertising campaign, including a budget and bidding strategy, choosing proper placements and objectives, and monitoring the results of the campaign. 

  • Exam 410-101 is for Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional:

This exam tests facebook ad-buying knowledge of the marketers including policies, tools, and best practices. 

  • Exam 500-101 is for Facebook Certified Marketing Developer:

This test is conducted to check the developer’s ability to form a business manager account, integration of the Facebook Pixel, and troubleshoot pixel and catalog integration. 

No, this is not the end yet. Below mentioned are the two advanced level exams you can take after completing the Certified Marketing Developer Exam. They are stated as follows: 

  • Exam 510-101 is for Facebook Certified Advance Marketing Developer:

Installation of Facebook SDK for Android and IOS to troubleshooting issues with SDK is examined in this test.

  • Exam 520-101 is for Facebook Certified Advertising API developer:

This test is conducted to check the developer’s knowledge of configuring and troubleshooting Facebook API integrations. 

When you’ve finalized the exam you want to go for, it is important that you keep time aside for the preparation of the same. 

Take the practice exam

Here comes the best part! If you’re worried that you have zero clues about the exam, how it’ll be, have no idea how and in what way to prepare for the exam, go for the practice exam tests. 

Each exam has a free 30 minutes question practice test for you. These tests will give you an idea about the structure and scope of the test. You can find these on the main page for each exam. Why wait now? Start preparing!

Facebook ads

Get your badge and publish the result

Since you’ve finally passed the Facebook Blueprint Certification exam, it is now time to tell the world about your achievement! 

When it’s all about your achievement, you should do it loud and clear! Publish the digital badge on professional platforms like LinkedIn. This way people can see your hard work and also have an idea about Certification.

To conclude, this certification shall add more sparkles to your profile in professional terms. Hard work and dedication not just gets you certificates but also adds more weight to your professional profile appearance. 

We wish you good luck with your test! 


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