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How To Improve Paid Ads CTR?

Improve paid ads CTR

When you run paid ads, CTR is considered as the most valuable element in terms of overall paid results. CTR stands for click-through rate and it is calculated based on the received clicks divided by the number impression. 

For example, if you have received 10 clicks and 200 impressions then your CTR will be 5%. If you want to increase the number clicks then you must consider CTR. Each ad copy and keywords have their own CTR.  

Want to get clicks on your paid ads, if yes read continue 4 minutes. You will start ramping your paid traffic, save money, and improve the overall paid ads performance by increasing the CTR. 

You need to work on ad copy to raise CTR and get a high number of clicks. 

Below mentioned are the proven tips that will help to attain higher CTR than your competitors:

1. Use a countdown timer in your ads: 

To improve the CTR you need to generate urgency in your ad copy. A countdown timer is one of the best options to attract more users. We have tested downtown timer ads and expanded text ads. Results? We found a 22% high CTR generated by countdown ad copy. 

Countdown timer

2. Use Ads Extension: 

So many ad extensions are available in Google ads but some are extremely important to increase the CTR like site link, callout, promotion, etc. 

Ad extensions grab the users’ attention that helps to increase the CTR. Experts say if you use ad extension precisely, it will increase 10% of the CTR.

Ads Extension

3. Proper Use Of Primary keywords: 

If you utilize primary keywords properly in your ad copy, it will help to increase the CTR. Make sure you use primary keywords in the main headline and display the URL. This technique helps to build the trust of users that they click on the right ads.    

Use of primary keywords in ads

4. Use Strong CTA: 

Do not ignore CTA in your ad copy. It’s a good way to increase CTR. CTA stands for call-to-action and you can use it with different angles like “Free Quote”, “10% off order now” and etc. 

5. Write a Compelling Ad Copy: 

Always try to write a compelling ad copy that can stand out from your competitors. If you will write ad copy with the same label of your competitors then CTR will suffer for sure. 

In your ad copy use unique selling points, explain to the user why you’re better than your competitors, what additional advantages you provide comparatively from others, etc. 


We have tested all these points in order to raise the CTR and if you will do good practice with these valuable points then it will help you too to get a big push in your ad copy CTR.

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