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How To Increase Mobile App Installs Using Facebook Ads

Increase mobile app installs using Facebook ads

Facebook is a tremendous way to connect to people. It has made it possible to go beyond the geographic boundaries and connect with people from around the world.

With facebook there is no restriction of boundaries , caste, culture , gender etc. facebook has made it possible to not just connect with new people but also follow their likes and dislikes, know their habits and places they visit.

There are other advantages  of facebook that have enabled businesses to build their customer base.

This can be of immense advantage to a business who is always thriving to expand its customer base. A company would want its products to reach people who are actually interested and who are likely to buy them.

Driving the right traffic to your website and taking them down the sales funnel is the ultimate goal.

Whether its a physical product or a web application or intangible products, facebook is making marketing very easy and strategic. There are hundreds of aps which have taken this route to maximise their number of downloads.

Web applications provide some service. This needs to be explained to the users. The advantages of a web application include the user interface, easy to use functionality, and importance of its operations in everyday life.

App install using Facebook ads

All this can easily be conveyed through posts on a dedicated page or banner ads that are shown across the platform.

Given the narrow targeting for around a billion individuals on facebook, promoting apps on facebook is no less than a smooth journey. There are numerous opportunities to leverage this big asset.

Steps to create Mobile App Install Campaign

 The facebook ads provide excellent tools to analyse the statistics. There are tools which help businesses to set up an environment that attracts customers and promote their products. These enable to create a brand image through a platform where one person is connected to other hundred or more people.

Here are some ways to get started with the process.

  1. Create your page

Create a page on facebook that you will use to convey all information regarding your mobile app. Enter in all the required information. Choose the right category to which your business is closely related.

The category brand or product suits the best in this case. Now fill in the name of your app, upload photos etc. now you have successfully created a page.

  1. Create advert account

Once you have created your page on facebook, the next step is to create an advert account. This will help you begin with the advertising part. The advert account is easy to create. Just click the create advert account option in the top right menu. Choose the objective of advertising. Get more app installs in this case.

  1. Making advert set

Now it’s the time to create an advert set for your ads campaign. This is the wider term that would include multiple ads. To start this, choose the platform on which your app works. Also, define the minimum operating system requirement to use your mobile app.

Next, the page asks you to choose the network type of user. If your app size is larger near to 100 MB and broadly for iOS users then you would want to choose Wi-Fi. 

  1. Define your target audience and using lookalike algorithm

Narrowing down the audience that is most desirable to be shown the ad, will help you use the ad budget in the most efficient manner. The audience is defined in terms of age group, residing in certain geographical areas, speak certain languages etc. this would be a character sketch of a customer who would be interested to download your app.

Lookalike algorithm uses this data to show ads to the people who are close to your definition. The people are identified by this algorithm to make the ad even more effective and improve the chances of mobile app install.

  1. Set up a budget and goals

It’s always important to set a budget for your facebook ad campaign. This would help you determine the performance of the ad and define accurately the cost spent for each download. You can choose a daily budget for the ads or a lifetime budget.

The daily budget allows Facebook to run ads on a daily basis until the daily cap is reached. If you go for the second option, then Facebook will keep running your ad throughout the period that you have defined.

To make your ads even more effective, you can schedule your ads. This means that facebook shows the ads only in those hours when it experiences high traffic. Advertising in low traffic hours would result in less installs.

  1. Optimizations

Optimizing your ad campaigns can have a great impact. You can optimize your ads for the link clicks or for the app installs. If you have an attractive landing page and enticing description then you can invest in the link clicks.

This will show the apps to the people who would most likely click your ad. App installs generally cost more but have a higher probability guaranteed installs. You can choose between manual or auto bidding that helps decide the charge for each ad on facebook. 

Relevance score is the parameter that tells you how well your ad is doing and what percentage of people are actually liking it. The positive feedback amounts to a higher relevance score.

Comply by the guidelines to show ads and text used in it. You can show different ads in an alternative manner. This would help you avoid the burden of ad fatigue.

  1. Make your ad creative

Making your ad more interactive and appealing would help the shoppers grasp it at the first glance. a lot of information and a chaotic ad is big no. your ad must be fascinating. It should have an attractive design.

Videos, graphics and much more can be leveraged to take your ads to a new level. This kind of appealing ads tend to reach millions in a matter of a few hours.

Facebook’s carousel option is something that you would like to use. It helps you show all the app operations. Adding a CTA button can prompt a user to try your app once. These compel the user to click and experience the unmatched with your mobile app install.

This process helps businesses to start off an ad campaign on a digital platform. Facebook with its nearly 12 billion users brings businesses to fore front and promote their products, apps, websites and services.

This never before opportunity is the best strategy to grab a global image for your mobile app and become the master.

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