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How Do You Scale Google Shopping Campaigns With 5x ROAS?

Scale Google Shopping Campaigns With 5x ROAS

Google Shopping Ads or product listings Ads is one of the most valuable ways to generate sales for any product catalogue.

Studies show that it can produce up to 25% higher conversion rates and have a very low CPC.

When you are not listing your product catalogs through shopping ads, you are missing around 40% of your total revenue.

Implementing the shopping ads with the right strategies can lead to good results but if you want to scale up your conversions, you need to work on advanced strategies.

To help you get the best out of Shopping campaigns, here are the top 5 strategies that can drive you 5× ROAS.

Google shopping

1) Adding Negative Search Queries

Shopping ads do not allow to addition of keywords and all the searches are carried from the data feed.

To avoid irrelevant queries, we should add negative keywords so that it does not burn our budget without giving us any conversions.

2) Amplify Top Performing Products

We can have an eye on each and every product in our campaigns and can see which one is driving us good results.

We should create a separate campaign for that particular product and can bid higher on that.

This way we are giving that particular product more exposure to performing better.

3) Day-Parting Trend

It is one of the most effective optimization techniques and is really easy to implement.

We can identify the timings of the day to see which time of the day has a large sales volume.

In addition to the same, we can see this report under the Dimension tab and can adjust the ad schedule accordingly.

4) Bid Modifiers

Google Ads provide us with a great way to optimize the bids for a number of things including location targeting and device bid adjustment.

In bid adjustments, we can increase or decrease our bids on various locations, demographics and devices in order to get the best out of them.

For example, if mobile devices are generating good results then we can increase the bid on that and if we don’t want to show our ads on desktop devices, we can simply decrease the bid on desktops to 100%.

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5) Re-Target with Similar Audience & RLSA

Just like in Facebook ads, we have the option of a similar audience for shopping ads. Similar audiences are the ones who have very similar behaviour to our existing audience.

By targeting a similar audience, we are likely to get potential audiences in our marketing funnel.

Adding RLSA tin shopping campaigns helps to re-target the customers who previously visited the website but did not make any purchase.

By adding RLSA, we are pulling our warm audience down to the sales funnel.

To conclude, Google ads are all about testing different strategies. Setting up the campaigns will not let you drive anything for the long term.

Make sure to try implementing different scaling strategies to boost sales.

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