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How To Set Up A Facebook Messenger Ads Campaign?

People often ask if advertising on Facebook has any benefits? The answer is, without a doubt, A big yes!

How can you undermine the benefits of a platform with over a billion users?

Being a brand selling a product or service, you must understand the immense opportunity you have in this technological era to reach out to the audience in the best way possible.

When you can be a hot topic for people’s conversation, why won’t you grab this chance?

Facebook has a whole box full of tools for realizing your advertising strategies. You can always employ these tools to achieve your goals and become the brand you always want. 

Facebook ads can be a vast term and here is a quick categorization for this.

1. Click to messenger ads

You can start a conversation as quickly as this. This is similar to Facebook ads in appearance. It also has a CTA button that calls the customer to send a message or ask a question.

This way, you can directly chat with the potential customer and give him the status of the permanent customer. This way can be prompt in answering their queries.

2. Sponsored ads

These are the ads that appear as a messenger inbox ping to your subscribers. All those who have had a talk with you in the past, can re-target them and remind them of browsing your products.

This way you can entice them once again to shop at your website. It’s a quick way to remind your customers of the amazing experience they had by shopping with you.

3. Messenger home placement ads

So these are the paid advertisements that appear inside your messenger along with your other conversations. Messenger home ads appear on the Homes tab of the Messenger App.

When you place your ad on the homepage you get the opportunity to target the cold audience and increase the conversion rates.

The following are the steps to set up a messenger home ads campaign. This option is offered by Facebook on a global basis. So no matter where you live you can take the benefit of this amazingly useful option.

This is a relatively easy process as facebook messenger ads setup can be done in less than a few minutes. That’s true!

While your Facebook Business Manager account is active, don’t hesitate to jump into this world of unlimited opportunities.

4. Choose the campaign objective 

To begin with, you must open the Facebook ads manager where you will have to select the campaign objective.

You can either go for traffic or conversions objectives. If you want to run home screen ads, select the target audience.

Here you can create a new audience or choose a previously saved audience. You can also go for the lookalike audience which you have created previously. With this, you can also target the cold traffic and increase your customer base.

5. Choose ad placements 

Now you need to select where your ad will appear. Under the Edit placements option, you can choose the location of your ad. For the Homes option, you can check under the messenger tab and select it.

You can also go for an automatic placement that leaves all this hassle to Facebook’s lot.

6. Budget and format

Now is the time to choose your budget and schedule. You can now create the ad for the Facebook page through which the ad will be delivered.

You have to select an ad format here whether it’s a carousel, single image, a single video, or a slideshow.

7. Adding functionality for Messenger

Under the link section, you have to choose the destination of your ad. Then you can choose the URL of your website.

If you want to start a conversation inside the messenger, your objective here is to choose the Messenger option. You will have to fill up the details like the headline, text, News Feed, link descriptions, etc. 

8. Messenger content

Now you have the option to set up the Messenger content to create the message that will be shown when the customer starts a conversation.

To achieve this you can either create in the quick creation Tab on the Javascript Object Notation creation tab.

The javascript Object Notation creation requires you to do some coding here. Third-party automated chatbot programs are used here.

But if you want to skip the hassle of these codes, then you can jump to the quick creation tab where you can include a private message like a greeting and get the conversation started. You also have an option to choose a new image. 

If you want to choose the buttons, either quick replies as the CTA buttons or you can create your own.

You can preview in the Messenger App to see how everything is working. When you are done, you can just click done on the bottom right corner and place your ad.

Now that you have your ads live, you can always view their performance and analyze their return. For this, head on to the messenger manager and choose the “messenger engagement”.

Creating a successful ad campaign would add to your sales account. There is a simple thumb rule to make these consistently profitable campaigns “Keep analyzing and optimizing”.

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