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How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Precise Ad Targeting

Facebook Audience Insights

While doing Facebook ads it is good to target people who are interested in a particular niche. By targeting irrelevant interests or choosing a broad audience on Facebook may be a waste of money. 

Now the question arises on how we can do this or how we can find the relevant audience to target. Follow the steps below to understand this approach:

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

Facebook gives a tool called “Audience Insights”. This tool is useful to find the relevant audience according to their behavior, demographics, and interest.

Let’s learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights?

1. Go to your Facebook ad manager.

2. Click on “Ad manager”

3. Find the “Audience Insights” and click on it.

Facebook Ads Manager

4. Choose an audience to start

Here there are two options of which you can select one:

  1. Everyone on Facebook: It describes learning the nature, behavior, and interest of the new people who are connected on Facebook.
  1. People connected to your page: It describes to learn the nature, behavior, and interest of the audience who is already connected with your page.

In this guide, we are going to choose “Everyone on Facebook” to find the nature of the cold audience.

5.  Select the country where you want to advertise and enter the interest according to the niche.

I am working in the bodybuilding niche and targeting the USA so I have entered the “All United States” as a country and bodybuilding as an interest.

Audience Insights

6. Let us check what FAI (Facebook Audience Insight) stats show for building interest in the United States

6.1 Demographics 

  1. Gender: 56% of women and 44% are interested.
  2. Age group: 25-34 age bar of people is highly interested.
  3. Relationship status: 36% of people are single.
  4. Education Level: 66% of people are in college.
Facebook Audience

6.2 Job Title

The job title describes what kind of job title people have who have shown interest in bodybuilding who are in the US. The following picture describes those who have a job title of sales, Food and Restaurants, Healthcare, and Medical Services are more interested in bodybuilding. 

Facebook Audience Insights

6.3 What kind of page the filtered audience liked:

a.FAI shows the top ten categories of the page which they liked.

Facebook Audience

b. Here are the top ten pages liked by the audience of bodybuilding interest in the US.

Tip: The higher is the affinity, the higher is the relevance of the audience corresponding to the interest.

7. Check the location and language details in the “Language” tab.

You’ll check the details for top Cites, top Countries, and top Languages that are speaking for the target audience.

7.1 Top cities

You can see in this example that people from New York and Los Angeles are more interested in bodybuilding rather than other cities. So we can focus on these top cities for precise targeting.

Facebook Audience

7.2  Top countries

Here it is using the US because I’m only advertising in the US. If you are advertising in many other countries then you can take the idea of people of which country is more interested.

People on Facebook

7.3 Top Language

Here is the list of top languages spoken by people who are interested in bodybuilding. You can see English(US) is top-rated.

Facebook Audience

8. Check the Activity and Device details

Audience Insights

8.1 Frequency of Activities

Here you can check the activities performed by the selected audience from 30 Days. 

You can see in the above image 36 people click on the ads.

8.2 Device users:

Here you can check which device mainly the audience is using. Like iPhone, android phone, windows phone, desktop, etc.

In the above image, most people are using the iPhone/iPod.


The more precise/ narrow the audience you can choose, the size of the audience will decrease, and you will get a more refined audience that will work better.

If we talk about this in simple language, our motive should be to advertise the product to refine/filter the audience, not to be broader. If we choose the broad audience the conversion rate may get low and we would not be able to figure out which people are giving us the conversion. 

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