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Importance of SEO For Ecommerce Business

Nowadays SEO is one of the most essential marketing tactics. The main purpose of SEO is to improve the ranking of the website on the search engines. When you will appear on the first page of Google search results then you will be able to engage more people with your website. This further helps to drive more traffic on the website.

Here’s a proven fact, “Search engines bring 10 times more traffic on eCommerce websites as compared to social media”. According to a recent study, it is clear that the primary source of traffic for eCommerce websites is search.

How do SEO benefits an eCommerce business?

The following are the top benefits that eCommerce SEO company provides to  businesses:

1. Grow relevant web traffic 

If SEO tactics are properly implemented on the eCommerce website then there are high chances of getting relevant traffic on the website. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. 

If someone searches on Google for the product that you have and your site will appear at the top then the user will definitely click on the link. In case your webpage has the relevant information then there are high chances that the search can turn into a purchase. 

This is because when the user finds exactly what he/she is looking for then they will make the decision to buy it. With the help of SEO, your customers can find you easily and this will result in an increase in traffic on the website.

2. Increase ROI

The traffic on the website will increase when users visit your website. If your website has the relevant content then the user can buy the product from you. This will automatically increase the profits and revenue of your business. 

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SEO provides an opportunity to your users to find your store in the comfort of your home. Nearly 30% of people purchase the product after searching for the product on Google. 

3. Long-Lasting Benefit

The paid results do not last long because once the budget runs out, your website ceases to show on the search results.

Here, SEO has an advantage as it drives free traffic to your website which is also long-lasting. If your website is properly optimized with SEO then it will maintain its position in SERP ranking for a longer time. 

4. Improves the user-experience

As we all know, online shopping has been on the rise. Everyone prefers to buy the items online whether it is grocery, dresses, makeup, food, etc.

Another important fact is that the users will buy the products online from those stores that have a well-optimized web page by including all of the essential details, specifications, reviews, etc about the product. 

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Customers really like those websites that maintain transparency with them. So, always make sure that your policies are transparent to your customers.

Also, most of the people are doing online shopping through mobiles. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website, and make it mobile-friendly, work on the loading speed, content, engagement, etc. When visitors access your website easily then they are more likely to make purchases. 

5. Brand Building

While building a brand, focus on the blog section of your website. This is because people are drawn to stories. If you tell them the stories about your brand journey then this will build the trust of your audience and they will feel more connected with you.

If you will provide high-quality blogs to your audience then this will help you in retaining your brand authority in the market. Also in ecommerce SEO, blogs are a great way to drive traffic on the website. 

When your website appears at the top position in SERP, it’s a sign of assurance for your customers that your online store is better than other stores. This will build your brand authority. 

6. Global reach

If you can increase your shipping area then the reach to your potential customers will automatically increase. As everyone is online shopping, you can get more customers as compared to offline. 

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Once you start your eCommerce store, it is important to work on its marketing strategy and SEO is one of the best ways. It increases the visibility of your website on the SERP. This will help to increase traffic, ranking, and sales. 


Nowadays, there are nearly 44% of people who start their online shopping with a Google search. It is a proven fact that 40% of traffic on eCommerce sites comes from the search engine as people are showing more interest in online shopping.

According to the stats, it is also proved that 25% of eCommerce store orders come directly from organic traffic. From these stats, it is clear that your website must rank in SERP for more organic traffic. Therefore, it is essential to invest time & effort on the SEO strategy that can help you to bring your website at the top position in SERP. 


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