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9 hacks to Increase eCommerce Website Conversion Rate

Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Nowadays, almost everyone is searching online whether they need a service or product. Just sending traffic to your website is not the only task to improve your conversion rate, and you need to optimize that traffic for a better conversion rate. Either you have huge traffic or just send traffic to your website. If you are not making your customer journey easier, it’s harder for you to increase your conversion rate. This article provides 9 Techniques to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates in this article. If you implement these techniques, your eCommerce website conversion rate will increase.

#1. Integrating Payment Options

One of the easiest ways to increase the conversion rate is to add multiple payment methods on the checkout page. Just adding one payment method is not enough. Every user is comfortable with their payment method and trust as well. If another payment method is a little longer or different, then there are higher chances that they can move on. That’s why you need to add multiple payment methods so that your user makes payments online easily.

Benefits of using multiple payment methods:-

  • It makes customers feel more secure
  • It makes your company look more trustworthy and legitimate.
  • Increase conversion rate

#2. Increase Relevant Website Traffic

One of the reasons your online store eCommerce conversion rate is low is that you are not sending the right traffic to your website. Just sending high traffic to your website is not enough. Make sure you are targeting the right customer. You just need to show your product to the right customer. Who is looking for it or interested in buying it? Make sure your audience is correct because your bounce rate is high if not. This means users are not interested in your product. Before sending any traffic, make sure you can understand your customer completely. 

#3. Make Simple & Easy navigation.

Make Simple and Easy navigation

You are sending all traffic to your website, but browsing your website is tough for your users/customers. Try to make user-friendly navigation so that users can navigate your website easily and take action accordingly.

#4. Showcase Your Product Social Proof

One of the authentication factors on the website is social proof. Nobody wants to be the first buyer of the website due lack of confidence. Suppose you add social proof to your product pages & home page. Authentication is automatically created in the user’s mind because Already many people buy from your site and give feedback on it. This feature also helps you to increase your conversion rate.

#5. Optimize Your Website Speed

Optimize Your Website Speed

So many people land on your website and browse accordingly. But if your website speed is not good enough, your conversion rate is low because users can not browse those websites, which takes time to load. The less time your website takes to load, the more visitors visit your product pages for a longer time, and here are the higher chances that your website sales will be increased.

#6. Provide Discounted/Save Options

One of the easiest ways to engage your customers is to provide discounted prices because users are often interested in your product. Still, suppose they don’t know about the discount price. In that case, they don’t know much about price, but if you show them the discount price, they feel they are saving a lot of money instead of buying from its original price value. Also, if your coupon code, your chances of getting a sale will be higher than before.

#7. Product Guarantee

This is another way to create authentication for your customer, like buying your product without any 2nd thought. You just need to add a few words on your website/product page like- 30 days money-back guarantee etc. Almost every online platform provides this feature. If this feature is not provided, you need to try it for a better conversion rate. 

#8. Add High-Quality Images and Videos

After a user lands on your website, they see the product. If they see the product clearly with high-quality images, they know about it in detail. One of the important factors for users is to see the product clearly how it looks. You can either add high-quality product images or videos for detailed information about the product. If users are more convinced by viewing your product’s high-quality images and detailed video, they might buy that product at a time or near future from your website.

#9. Reduce the Number of Steps in the Checkout Process

Most user actions take place on the website. If you are driving huge relevant traffic, but the conversion rate is not high as you expected, you need to work on your website check-out process. Maybe your check-out process is lengthy. Instead of a lengthy check-out process, try to make it shorter. For example, where users need to add their credit card and address details, you just need to add another payment gateway like PayPal. Their information is already stored in this payment gateway, so there is no need to add so much information. Also, payment gateways are user-friendly. If you optimize your checkout process, your conversion rate will be high.

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