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Introducing New Features for Responsive Search Ads

new feature for responsive search ads

Responsive search ads are the type of ads which allows you to present more information about the product/service by allowing you to write in multiple headlines and descriptions. It is quite different from the traditional type of ads where the information had to be so brief in order to write within 1 ad text. 

In responsive ads you can write upto 15 headlines and upto 4 different descriptions. The process in responsive ads is quite simple, while creating responsive search ads, entering numbers of headlines and descriptions overtime, Google will automatically test different combinations and learn which one works the best.

If you make your ad content quite relevant or close to the potential customers’ search terms responsive ads tend to improve your campaign’s performance.

Responsive search ads are very beneficial because one can deliver more pieces of information to the customers and also saves time by allowing them to provide multiple headlines and descriptions, which you can make more better by customising them according to the customers location and interest. 

Responsive search ads

Recently, Google has  added new features to responsive search ads which one cannot definitely ignore! Read them as follows:

  • Location insertion:

This feature is geographically and relevancy based. The goal is to deliver more relevant responsive ads, therefore this feature will help in creating relevant responsive search ads on the grounds of its new feature ‘location insertion.’ 

Location insertion helps in adding where your product or service is offered. This it is setup your ad will include information about city, state or country names based on the location of the potential customers or it can also be the areas of their interest.

Anonymized and aggregated reports helps you to have a look on the number of times your ad is shown using the location insertion feature. 

In addition to the same, “countdown customizers” helps you to promote sales and events in your responsive search ads. For instance, you own a bakery shop and you’ve put in some offers but do not have time to promote them.

Here, based on this feature your ad will automatically show how much time is left on the deal making sure your potential customers don’t miss out on your special offer. 

  • Communication is the key:

It is said communication is the key to spread the word! It is important that when you’re creating an ad, the potential customers should get to know the ways how they can shop with you. This feature has introduced something that everyone needs, Suggestions!

In order to create the best informative ads, Google has improved the suggestions you see when writing headlines and descriptions. Under his feature, when you’ll create a responsive search ad, you’ll see new categories that recommend commonly used phrases which highlight online availability as well as shipping and return options for your business. 

The best part is when you’ve added the final URL to your ad, you can have a look at the updated headline and description suggestions that have been modified in context to your business based on your site and existing ads. 

Google search advertising
  • Manage ads at scale and unlock more insights:

Indeed it is very true what Google quoted while introducing these new features, “over 80% of the digital marketers time is spent on manual tasks like reporting, while only 20% is spent on strategy.”  As a solution especially to save more time, Google has introduced “Cross-campaign asset reporting.”

Based on this feature now a person will be able to review numbers of assets at once, which will help you to understand what is related more with your customers, without wasting much time. Also, as a part of this update Google also mentioned that asset performance reporting is now available for description lines. 

Talking about cross-campaign asset reporting, it also helps you to have insights on the campaign level. With this feature one will be able figure out which assets to replace and which assets are more effective to make your ads perform better. 

In addition to this feature, “Recommendation” feature has also been introduced. This feature is introduced in order to make the responsive search ads better, when their Ad strength is below good.

This feature will help in better optimization, therefore, when checking your accounts optimization score make sure to look for this recommendation, in order to help you identify opportunities that can improve your responsive search ads. 

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