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Introduction To Google Ads’ Asset Groups

Google Ads' Asset Groups

An asset group is a set of assets used to create advertisements depending on the channel it’s being presented on. It is best if you organize asset groups the way you organize your ad groups, by a common theme. You may, for instance, attempt to divide asset groups based on different goods or services you provide. Additionally, depending upon the Google ad channel (YouTube, Gmail, Search, etc.) on which your ad is being displayed, Google ads automatically mix and match these assets. For your advertising aim, an asset group is utilized to compile all of your ads and create an inventory for all applicable ad types.

Different campaigns cannot share the same asset group. One campaign can have a maximum of 100 asset groups, and each campaign requires a minimum of one asset group. 

When building your campaign, you can create one asset group and add more asset groups to the existing campaigns. Google will display the most pertinent creative for your campaign once it automatically assembles the assets in an asset group into all appropriate ad formats for your goal. The system can build more ad formats and add your ad to more inventory the more assets you submit.

To generate ads that appear on Google Search, Google Maps, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Discover feed, and Google partner websites, one asset from an asset group, can be mixed with any other asset from the same group.

Final URL In The Asset Groups

There must be at least one final URL in the asset group, though there could be one or more final URLs. Use the most relevant URL to the campaign objectives and the provided asset group’s conversion path. The asset group’s final URL cannot be excluded from the webpage campaign requirements.

Suppose the assets are not generic enough to be utilized across URLs in the domain, and you are using URL expansion. In that case, you can create unique asset groups for different final URLs.

If you want to customize your assets according to the audience, you can create multiple assets for the same final URL. You can also make several asset groups for each theme.

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