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Know Everything About Google Shopping Actions

Google Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions simply enable retailers to show their products on different Google platforms like Google Shopping, Google Shopping mobile app including Google Search, Google Assistant for mobile and Google Home devices. 

Under the Shopping Actions program, it offers the shoppers a universal cart with Google Shopping experience that they can use regardless of whether they’re shopping on mobile, desktop, or using voice search can instantly checkout with saved credentials, allowing customers to easily turn browsing into buying.

There’s a lot more to know, read the below-mentioned points : –

  • Changing Buyer Shopping Experience

‍Now buyers can easily make the transaction directly on Google platform. Google processes the transaction and sends order information to a merchant for fulfilment.

  • Shoppable Search Results

Now Google makes the search results shoppable for the user by showing the shopping cart icon. These Google search results will appear in Google Shopping ads, image searches and YouTube videos. By showing the shopping cart icon Google tells shoppers that products can be purchased using Google shopping platform.

  • Voice Shopping

Now the Voice shopping is quite trending as shoppers find they can complete purchases using Google Home, mobile devices with Google Assistant.

Google Shopping Actions Working

Shoppers can access the products from Google Shopping Actions in three ways:

Desktop: By visiting Google Shopping marketplace by going through

Mobile: By visiting Google Shopping Android App / Google Shopping iOS App

Google Assistant-enabled device: Just say, ‘OK Google, buy…”

Shoppers can make the purchase from these stores and their order will be shipped to them.

Google will track each sale, and at the end of the month, sends the retailer or ecommerce store owner (that’s you!) a commission invoice.

Note: While Google ads work on a module of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Action (CPA) model, Google Shopping Actions utilizes a Cost Per Sale (+-CPS) model instead.

If you didn’t get any sales via Google, you don’t have to pay them any amount.

How Often Are Retailers Paid?

Once an order is confirmed as shipped in Google Merchant Center, it’s a signal to Google’s systems that the order value is ready to be sent to the merchant’s bank account via ACH.

Once a day, Google made the transfer for all orders that have been marked as shipped.

Take a Look at some Google Shopping Actions Benefits

  • At Once Placed on Multiple Google Platforms

As a retailer, your objective is to maximize the visibility of your products and expose your brand to as many customers as possible.

With the help of Google shopping action, you can showcase your products on, Google Shopping and Google Assistant.

  • Enhanced Customers Experience while Shopping

People love shopping from Amazon. The reason behind this is that It’s easy to make an order on amazon — from there you can select items from multiple merchants in your cart, and check out everything at once.

Google Shopping Actions also give you the same experience as Amazon. 

The Google Shopping Actions program features:

  • A shareable list
  • A universal shopping cart
  • Instant checkout with saved payment credentials

  • Pursue Customer Experience

From Google Shopping Actions customers get personalized item recommendations, and with this, they can re-order products with just a single click.

If a person regularly purchases makeup remover on a monthly basis, Google will display her same brand of makeup remover, right when she has the highest intent to re-order the product.

  • Build an Email List

A retailer on Google Shopping Actions gets all their buyer data, and it will help them to build their email list. During checkout, Google prompts your shopper to sign in to your email list.

After getting customers’ email, you can re-engage with them and notify them about your currently running promotions and encourage them to purchase again…

By doing this you can increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and overall revenue will also increase. 

  • Commission Sale Model

We’ve mentioned this before that Retailers on Google Shopping Actions don’t have to pay per click or per action; rather they have to pay only when Google generates a sale.

It will be the best model for a new startup or a small ecommerce store who’s operating on a tight budget. 

Retailers who use Shopping Actions in addition to Google Shopping search ads see an increase in the total number of conversions at a lower cost as compared with shopping ads alone.

Take a glance at this post to ascertain the Google Shopping Actions commission rates.

Who’s eligible for Google Shopping Actions?

The objective of Google’s with Google Shopping Actions is that they want to make online shopping quick and easy for shoppers. 

Here’s are some points that make you eligible: 

  • Your transit time of products shipment must not exceed 10 days.
  • Maximum product handling time restricted to four days. If your product handling times are greater than four days then google will not show your product.

Note: Google reserves to automatically cancel orders that aren’t shipped within three days of your handling time.

  • Provide a legitimate tracking number to their shopper within one day of shipment.

How to Participate in Google Shopping Actions?

The first thing that you need to sign up for Google Shopping Actions, you should set up with Google Shopping.

You start with by going to Google Merchant Center. Where you have to verify and claim your URL and upload your products feed here.

Once you have done, head to Google’s Shopping Actions programme, and go to Google’s Shopping Actions page and fill in the opt-in form. After that, you have to wait for Google to approve your application. After approval, you’ll want to get the ball rolling on Google Shopping.

Our Thoughts

We’ve said this many times before and we’ll say it again: it’s a game-changer for retailers.

If you want to leave behind your competition, you have to get in Google shopping action as early as possible. Start selling before your competitors start to sell first.

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