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Native Advertising 2020: Moving from Good to Great

As a marketer, what do you want to achieve or what are your goals before running a campaign? Obviously, you want to sell products to your visitors. Does it make them think and go in detail about your product? But, If we say you can sell products to your potential customers without feeling them sold.

Yes, you can promote products or drive leads without an annoying experience. Your answer to the intricacy is “sponsored posts” or “promoted content”. Telling a story about the wonderful experience of a product not only boosts the CTR, but it also allows the reader to think about the usability of the product.

Native Advertising has gained gigantic success over a few years for both advertisers and publishers. Yet there is a dark side to it as well like native ads are still not trustworthy in terms of action. We are sharing best practices that we have applied in our so far experience with Native Advertising for 2020 that will help you to drive more leads and conversions.

Change Native Ad Creatives & Copies Once in a Week 

Changing ad creatives and copies once a week help you to stay away from ad fatigue. As a native advertiser, you have to be proactive about users’ actions.

Try A/B testing with multiple ad creatives and analyze the results. Update your ad creatives once a week so the readers don’t get bored of seeing the same post.

Get Clicks that Relates to Your Niche

Native ads are displayed across different publisher sites it’s up to you where you want to display your ad or which publisher you want to block. 

For example: If you are promoting content related to a smartwatch and your content is being promoted on food and recipe site…Somehow, the user clicks from that site will not be relevant for you, isn’t it? So, in this case, you must consider posting your ad on a tech niche site.

It is upon you how you filter out the publishers. Promoting related content on similar sites have more chances of converting your prospects into loyal customers. 

Time to Focus on Video Content

For the last 2 years, Native ads are much focused on producing high-quality content /stories that drive the attention of the visitors.

The year 2019 has been incredible for the video content, we have seen 4X more CTR on video than legitimate Thumbnails. 

So 2020 is the year you need to focus on creating quality video content to drive a high CTR rate and certainly more leads and conversions.

Step Up your Testing Approach

In our last article on Native Advertising, We have shared our experience so far with native advertising. Experimenting with Thumbnails, Titles, and Colors can drive better results. You can also go through our previous post to see which kind of thumbnails or titles performs well and implement the same for your native campaigns.

For the year 2020, The core marketing philosophy is not going to change. You should step up testing and start to experiment with new creatives and ideas.


In 2020, you need to focus on crafting high-quality video/content that can drive high CTR and engagement rates.

Readers are getting smarter and they have started to recognize the clickbait articles, so as an advertiser it’s upon you to keep the experience as native as possible.

Native advertising seems to be simple, but yet it will take years to master. Still, the simple approach to success with native ads is experimenting. Therefore,  keep testing using new ad creatives and start adapting the trends.

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