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Native Advertising: Do Native Ads Perform Well?

Marketing Industry Leaders know that one of the biggest challenges in the industry is to foretell the marketing aspect. With the rise of Native ads from the last few years, big players in the industry have already started crafting effective content and engaging stories to promote in social feeds and media journals.

A recent study shows that 47% of adults in the USA were unable to differentiate between sponsored stories and promoted content. 

So, the question is, are Native Ads conundrum for readers? No, definitely not there are various hints that differentiate natives from editorial content like “Sponsored Feed” or “Sponsored content”.

We are running a Native Advertising campaign for an e-commerce store for over a month and the results are good so far. 

Making constant efforts adding new content, experimenting with bids, adjusting targets and analyzing data is worth it.

Do Native Ads Perform Well?

There are diverse benefits of Native Advertising over traditional ads, like Sponsored posts are more trustworthy.

Everyone gets bothered by traditional ads appearing in-between content or in the sticky sidebars on the page, whereas native ads are less intrusive in terms of action and visibility.

80% of adults in North America use various ad blocking methods to filter out annoying ads. So, as an advertiser, how can you resolve this issue and ascertain the reach of your campaigns to the audience? Native Ads have a favorable side with ad blockers. Sponsored posts are not truly blocked by Adblockers. If a publisher is distributing the content from his own CMS adblockers can’t filter out native Ads. Ad Blockers are able to block ads only when the ad script is integrated directly from an ad exchange.

Our Experience So Far with Native Advertising

We have been running native ads for a while and we were able to get 100 conversions (Sales) from Taboola Native Ads for our  E-commerce client.

do native ads perform well

With a $2197 budget spent, we were able to get 18,292 Clicks with a vCTR of 0.28% and a CPA of $21.97

What we have learned so far? 

  • Articles in the form of lists drive more traffic & conversions than a typical blog post.
  • Human Presence in thumbnails gets more CTR than going specific with product pictures.
  • Instead of Color Pictures, Black & White Thumbnails are more eye catching.
  • Words Like ‘He’,’ She’,’Photos’,’Looks’,’Family’,’Inside’, and ‘Who’ in the Title has a great impact on CTR.
  • Images of Women in Thumbnails get low CTR as compared to Men in pictures.
  • Outdoor Images Drive more traffic as compared to indoor clicked pictures.
  • Closeup Images have much higher CTR than normal pictures.
  • Most of the traffic comes from mobile than desktop. 

Native Ads are not new to the market its more than a $5 billion market. Big brands are already utilizing the potential of native ads. 

Creating catchy headlines and thumbnails will definitely boost up your CTR. If you are going to run your first test campaign go with the specific audience and then broaden your reach. 

We have experienced the power of native advertising and trust native are worth the hype. 

If you want to try out your hand on native advertising and seeking advice, just get in touch with us.

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