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How to Fix Google Ads Performance Max Campaign not Running or Low Traffic

How To Solve Poor Traffic Or A Non-Running Google Ads Performance Max campaign

Google Ad Performance Max Campaigns are designed to help you control your ad spending and get more qualified traffic to your site. It’s important to understand when the ads are running correctly and when they’re not. If they’re not running, turn them off immediately.

Google AdWords is not just a tool for placing ads. Advertisers want to find out how their ads and campaigns are performing, as we live in an era where hundreds of ads appear daily on multiple apps and websites. Using Google Analytics is your best option to track the campaigns’ performance. Another problem that might arise with the Performance Max Campaign is low-traffic.

The Google ad Performance Max Campaign tool helps you learn which keywords contribute to most of the traffic to your site and improve your organic rankings based on those keywords. The tool guides how to manage the campaign effectively and which keywords impact your earnings the most. This, in turn, will help you optimize your ad text, budgets, and placement criteria to achieve the highest possible quality score from Google.

Google ad Performance Max Campaign tool

Is your Google ad campaign showing error messages like “Your Ad Group is missing transitions” or “Your ads are not being seen because performance max prevents them from appearing in your placements?” If yes! You can solve the issue by increasing your campaign’s daily budget.

The effectiveness of Google ad campaigns is optimized using the Google advertising performance manager (APM). Many collections can be adjusted within the APM, but one of the most crucial ones you should be familiar with is “cost per click,” which shows your daily budget for individual paid search ad spends. If your Google ads Performance Max Campaign is running slow and not performing as expected. There could be any reason for this; you are not targeting the right keywords, not creating powerful ads, or scheduling ads at the wrong time.

When your Google ads Performance Max Campaign is not running as expected, it could mean that either the ad group or an individual ad within a group is set to exclude visits from certain countries. To resolve this issue, review your list of excluded countries and adjust accordingly, or run a campaign against the excluded ones. If you want to exclude all of them, remove them from the list before setting up your test.

Google Ads Performance Max is a campaign feature available in Google AdWords, Google display network, and the DoubleClick bid manager that targets keywords above your pay-per-click bid. This allows you to be more selective about keywords across paid search, display campaigns and remarketing.

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