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9 Reasons Why Your Performance Is Fluctuating In Performance Max Campaigns

9 Reasons Why Your Performance Is Fluctuating In Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max is the newest goal-focused campaign type that allows advertisers to access all the Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. Using Smart Bidding to optimize performance in real-time and across channels, Performance Max enables you to drive performance based on your defined conversion goals, resulting in more conversions and value.

However, many factors lead to low performance of your campaign, resulting in more down conversion and poor results. In this article, we’ll outline different reasons why your Performance Max campaign fluctuates and changes over time and how you can utilize your Google Ads account’s features to figure out what’s causing these changes.

Evaluate Campaign Performance Based On Your Bidding Strategy

Before drawing any conclusions about the campaign’s performance, assessing whether the parameters you use match the metrics your campaign is optimizing for is crucial. When examining campaign performance to determine what caused swings, updating your campaign’s bid strategy or optimizing target settings to match your company and advertising goals will help guarantee that you are focusing on the pertinent data.

Campaign Performance Based On Your Bidding Strategy

Common Reasons Why Your Performance Is Inconsistent

1. Current Changes To Campaign Setting Or Account

Your performance can be altered by changing any account or campaign options, including bid strategy, budget, conversion goals, audiences, geography, language, and ad timing.

2. Conversion Delay & Conversion Tracking Setup

As Google Ads optimizes toward your chosen conversion action, serving and spending may decrease if there is a rapid decline or rise in global pings or tag fires for a conversion action your campaign is employing for Auto bidding.

3. Bids & Bid Targets

If you set your bids, bid limits, or bid objectives without considering the past data Google Ads will use to display your ads; your performance can fluctuate.

4. Budget Settings

Performance fluctuations may occur more frequently when your campaign’s funding is constrained.

5. Creative Coverage & Diversity

Make sure you have a varied selection of creatives for your Performance Max campaign that can be automatically merged into several ad formats that can serve across all surfaces.

6. Targeting Settings & Overlaps (Location, Language)

Your campaign may be more susceptible to performance fluctuations if directed at a smaller group of consumers with highly particular geography or language preferences. Due to comparable keywords or other targeting, your account may have many campaigns, or ad groups qualified to participate in overlapping auctions.

7. Policy & Ad Review Status

Your assets or asset group will be re-submitted for policy review each time you add or modify them. All Google Ads guidelines must be followed by Performance Max campaigns.

8. Other Account Issues

The performance of your account and, consequently, the performance of your campaigns can be affected by problems with payments, billing transfers, or other account-level problems.

9. Auction Dynamics

The decisions made by other marketers who are taking part in the same auctions as you can have an impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

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