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Know About Performance Max Reporting In Google Analytics

Performance Max Reporting In Google Analytics

Performance Max is the latest goal-based campaign type designed to complement the former keyword-based search campaigns that allow you to access all Google ads inventory from a single campaign. Performance Max helps you find more converting channels like Youtube, display, search, discover, Gmail, and maps.

Google ads streamline reporting for performance-based reasons. However, there are a few things with Performance Max campaigns that should be taken into account when using Google Analytics products.

Things To Consider:

  • All Google Analytics and Ads considerations are also applied to Performance Max; after all, it is still a Google ad campaign.
  • Performance Max campaign reports work as intended within the campaign’s tab. When combined with the Campaign, Campaign ID, or Campaign ID dimensions, Performance Max campaign data may be spread across numerous rows. It is suggested to use the ‘campaigns’ tab in such situations.
  • Stats may appear erroneously when using filters (reports, views, or a mix of both) incompatible with Performance Max campaigns, such as Ad group, Campaign terms, and Campaign content. Before reading the Performance Max campaign’s report, it is best to remove those filters.
  • Contrary to Google Analytics’ normal behavior, Performance Max tracks conversions that result from Engaged-view conversions. 

What Are Engaged-View Conversions?

It specializes in video advertising ( on Youtube & the google display network) and the specific user behavior that arises from watching videos as opposed to other kinds of advertisements. People rarely take action right after watching an ad on YouTube; instead, they frequently act after finishing their entire viewing session. That is where the Engaged-view conversions concept comes into play.

What Are Engaged-View Conversions

When you watch at least 10 seconds of a skippable in-stream ad (or the entire ad if it is less than 10 seconds) and convert within the engaged-view conversion window, the conversion is then considered an engaged view.

Benefits Of Engages-View Conversion:

  • A more precise technique to gauge the effectiveness of direct response video commercials.
  • A stronger signal of user engagement.

What Types Of Campaigns Track Engaged-View Conversions?

  • App Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns

Engaged-View Conversions For Display Ads:

With millions of websites and applications featuring your visual ads thanks to display campaigns, these advertisements are a robust sales and marketing tool.

What Are Engaged-View Conversions

Since engaged-view conversions are a more reliable non-click conversion metric, you can use them in your display campaigns with video assets.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a potent and essential platform for digital marketing. It is the most widely used website analytics service worldwide, with over 40 million users. Even with all of the power of Google’s analytics engine, it can be a little challenging to comprehend exactly how it can be used to improve the visibility and effectiveness of your business. The analytics are used for tracking but don’t provide a comprehensive picture of everything. Therefore, we are switching to GA4 to understand the reporting objective better. GA 4 has more things in depth, according to Universal Analytics.

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