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Top 7 Click Funnel Add-ons to Boost your Sale Funnel

One major thing to know about the ClickFunnel is that it is an all-in-one marketing platform. A platform where one can quickly create their fantastic sales funnels that convert the visitors into leads, and then customers.

Get set to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages, sales funnels, membership areas (for online courses), do email marketing, create your own affiliate program and much more!

If you have not checked ClickFunnel before, now is the time to unlock this treasure.  The best thing about ClickFunnel is that it does not require to hire or rely on a tech team!

In this post, we will discuss how you can supercharge your sales funnel process by using the top 7 different ClickFunnel add-on.

1. Deadline Funnel

At the top of our list is Deadline Funnel because it will allow you to create an authentic sense of urgency with real timers in your funnels that will lock leads out of offers if they don’t purchase within your set time frame.

This means it will give a reason to your visitor why they will buy in urgency.

2. CF Pro Tool 

CF Pro Tool comes with truly awesome scripts that you can use to add in your  Sale Funnels to make them do even more things: like highlight best-selling items, turn your regular order form into a shopping cart, do specialized Facebook pixel tracking and much more!

3. Drift

With Drift, you are able to reach and communicate with your visitor in real-time. Means with drift you add a chat widget on your sale funnel pages which allows users to send you messages if they have any query regarding your product or service and you can answer in real-time from your email or the Drift mobile app on your phone.

4. Stunning

Clickfunnel allows the user to receive the payments from customers through credit cards and they make the purchase of a product through a subscription (e.g. “pay 3 monthly payments of $97), instead of a one-time payment. It’s common for customers’ credit cards to expire at this time or they close credit cards altogether.

This stunning provides the scope for customers to update their card information and hold responsible for their missed payments and much more for the customers.

If your service relies upon recurring customer payments for your income then you need not be worried, Stunning seriously helps make that happen.

5. Proof

Proof is a simple ClickFunnel addon that you can add to your sales funnels page to add the social proof widget to your opt-in pages. ProofThe proof will show the name and location of other people who have opted in for that item recently.

6. Funnelish Paypal App

You can also Integrate Paypal account with ClickFunnels by using a Paypal button but it’s a bit bulky process for you and the consumer.

One major flaw of ClickFunnels is that you can’t have both a credit card and Paypal payment method on the same order form. You have to choose one because it limits the payment options for your customer.

Funnelish ClickFunnels+Paypal app helps you to remove this flaw and allows customers to choose either they wish to use.

7. MembersPRO

With MembersPRO ClickFunnels addon, you can track students’ progress and perform other actions related to your ClickFunnels membership areas, like sending students emails after they complete certain sections of content, restricting how many IP addresses can access the membership area at once, and more…

These click funnel add-ons will help you to keep your visitors engaged. There are several other ways to entice your audience like giving them coupons, discounts on first purchase, sending highly targeted messages to your customers, etc.  Nevertheless, if you take these Click funnel add-ons in consideration, it would be a win-win!

personal branding

What Is Personal Branding – All you Need to Know!

In the era of ‘Digital Times’, Personal Branding has become an In-Thing within no time with the launch of bio’s on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. If in case you were wondering that Facebook & other such synonymous social media forums aimed at connecting you to your long lost friends and family members separated by miles of distance, here, break that thread of thoughts right now!

Enter the Parallel Universe that runs with yours & sees what goal oriented working professionals in the other part of the world are up to via these platforms.

Personal Branding!!! Yeah, this powerful weapon to conquer the virtual digital war in the current times amongst the leading big shots has not only boosted up the growth opportunities for them but also has carved a niche for itself in the minds of those who are eager to learn, adapt and grow in the fast-changing ever-evolving world.

So, what exactly Personal Branding is all about?

To deal with this dilemma, let us take for example “Warren Edward Buffet.” The American Business Tycoon who took the world by storm by becoming the most successful investor in the world at all times. Currently serving as a Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, this Captain of Industry has nailed the art of not only promoting his company but the ideas behind the same that led him to become this ‘Big’ in the sands of time.

This promotion of ideas, the struggles and failures that led to becoming what he is at present amalgamated with a strong persona that reflects in his aura, this is exactly what is ‘Personal Branding’ in the true sense.
Now, people might not actually know about the name of his present company or the number of shares he owns at present, but definitely, “Who Warren Buffet is?” now turns out to be a black eye in the name of a question!

That’s the power of branding that a person and his persona which is perceived in the world claims to possess !!!

It is very important to have your digital marks in the sands of time to have an ever-lasting impression of your selfhood in the professional world. In personal branding, people market themselves via various means to reach out to a wider base of a targeted segment of the society by portraying their ‘Careers’ not as meager jobs or business but as ‘Brands.’ Brands are an outward projection which reaches out to the minds of the consumer even though they know nothing about it.

For instance, a formal white shirt could either be bought from a local vendor or from a ‘Lacoste’ Store, what hits our minds instantly when we think about Lacoste is good fabric, better fit and of course ‘The Green Crocodile.’
Put yourself in their shoes and realize how valuable it could become if your business is your brand and not any celebrity but you are its ‘brand ambassador.’ Once, you realize this aspect deeply, there is no looking back from pursuing what we call as “Personal Branding.”

Therefore, deep self-introspection followed by passion towards achieving your desired goals in the right direction closely fused with “Personal Branding” is the present day ‘digial mantra’ of success for every ‘would be the future tycoon.’ Rest all is a passe.