ROI Minds Portfolio


Project – CookieTab Dropshipping UK

Budget:  £10000/month
Methods: Facebook Ads for the Dropshipping Store in the UK.
Results: Scaled store profits from £1000/month to £40000/month using optimized Facebook Ads and Smart Product testings.
Challenges – Doing product testing at Low CPM.

Project – Cellista Wellness (CBD Oil)


Budget: $3000/month

Challenges: Facebook and Google Adwords don’t allow the CBD Ads.

Methods: We used Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing through MailChimp, and Clickfunnels to sell the products.

Results: We have started getting sales for the CBD oil products despite having the strict restrictions from both Facebook and Adwords.

Challenge – Everytime sales started happening Payment Gateway merchant got suspended.

First Campaign Results

Lead Generation for CBD Products

Email Workflow

Second Campaign Results

Google Ads for the CBD Leads

Project – Wilson Equipments Lead Generation

Campaigns: Google Ads
Budget: $2000/month
Targeted: CPA $50
Results: Got the conversion at $15 than the expected CPA.

Callrail Reporting

ARC – AC, and Refrigerator (Government)

Business Type: Government Organization
Google Adwords Campaign Type: Search Network, Display Network
Objective: Lead Generation
Budget: $15,000/Month
Results: Below are the improvements of account of 30 days after account possession.
Conversions Improved by 355%
Cost/Conv. Reduced by 33.79%
Con. Rate improved by 140.52%

Facebook Account

Facebook Ad Type: Standard Image Ads, Lead Ads
Objective: Lead Generation and Brand Awareness
Budget: $7,000/Month
Results: Generated over 600 leads with an approx. $8.50 per lead of 25 days after possession.