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Boost ROI With The Help Of Buyer Personas In Your PPC Campaign

A business success leader, Amanda Farley, once said, “your strategy only begins when you know who your players are.” In the marketing industry, these players are your customers. So when you are planning a marketing campaign for your business, we know that it revolves around the customers only. The question is, what do you, as a PPC marketer, consider while developing your campaign strategy? Is it still the “Keywords” only? That’s quite shocking. Being a renowned PPC company in India, you should compose a more intriguing plan of action.

We strongly recommend you shift your game plan from keywords to an audience-driven approach with the help of audience personas in PPC campaigns. Consumers do not know you or your brand, and they just don’t trust you. You need to understand that we are marketing to real people who live complex lives. Therefore, creating a PPC campaign that is powerful enough to stand out from all your contemporaries is crucial. For better interaction with your audiences, your PPC campaign has to be personalized using the buyer personas.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is an imaginary portrait of your ideal customers. It describes your ideal customers, their days, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions. A buyer persona helps marketers to be apprehensive of their client’s desires.

A company might have more than one buyer persona; that’s common. For example, if your end-user wants to have second opinions before making the buying decision, then every individual involved in that decision is a separate persona. Every individual has different criteria to evaluate your product, so you will need different strategies to address the needs of all individuals. 

Why Do Marketers Need Buyer Persona?

Buyer Personas help businesses to understand and relate to their clients, so they can do a better job of attracting and retaining them. They make sure that all your customer acquisition and retention efforts are altered to the targeted buyer’s needs. 

People generally gravitate towards the business they know and trust while buying a product or service. While most companies do not bother about their client’s wants and needs, they flaunt what they offer, resulting in losing the customer’s trust. Therefore, the finest way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and concern for your customers. Designing buyer personas, especially for your PPC campaigns, and using them as a constant reference point for your company will help you stay focused on your clients’ needs.

What Is A Buyer Persona

How Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns Help With Increased ROI?

Understanding different buyer personas, you can pinpoint what each audience cares about the most and what channels they’re most likely to engage in. These findings will obviously help you create a more consumer-focused PPC campaign, resulting in more lead generation, more sales, and, thus, higher revenue. We have four types of buyer personas that are categorized into the following:

  1. Economic Buyer: Economic buyers are ROI-focused and require social proof before making purchase decisions. Therefore, they prefer content with data visualizations, pictures, and charts. They also watch a lot of video content and favor financial models and case studies. 
  2. User Buyer: The user buyer is interested more in details than the high-level overview, which is more fascinating to economic buyers. They are the ones responsible for eliminating potential solutions and are aware of all the crucial elements that influence their choice. Factors influencing user buyers include charts, infographics, comparison charts for solutions, or category matrices.
  3. Technical Buyer: The fundamental duty of technical buyers is to act as interference for the economic buyer. Technical buyers use the user buyer’s expertise and are data-driven. The only concern this buyer keeps asking is if the solution being offered has what it takes to make the firm successful.
  4. Coach: A Coach can be any of the other buyers mentioned or any outside influencer. They are the ones who might get potential personal gain from your win. The secret to successful marketing efforts is having a key influencer in your target market who is also a coach.

You may wonder where you’re going wrong with the buyer personas and still stuck on your prior year’s revenue figure. The reason behind this is the incorrect implementation, and the problem is that marketers aren’t sure how to integrate buyer personas into the sales cycle.

Implementation is the key, but it can be difficult. You need to understand the correct chronology of the process. Buyer personas are easiest to use in PPC when they are included during campaign setup. In this way, persona targeting serves as your campaign’s default foundation. 

The next step of your PPC campaign is personalized, specific, and targeted advertising. Create effective ads, landing pages, and more user buyer personas. Put your buyer personas into practice by using the following suggestions.

Concentrate On Your Target

To target the right buyers, it’s crucial to put your buyer personas into your PPC platforms. If you’re using Google ads, you can upload customer personas demographics using the audience builder tool. It would help if you used tags to build your audience. The data from your Google Analytics website can then be linked with Google ads using Google Tag Manager. This will give you a comprehensive perspective of your current personas and the tools to sort through the many personas that will be visiting your site.

Plan Out Your Campaigns Well

An additional easy approach to leverage your buyer personas is the campaign settings and organization. Always remember that every consumer persona experiences a different path to purchase. Organize your campaigns to speak to the individual experience of every persona.

Start designing your campaign by adding one ad group per persona. You might want to create different campaigns for each persona. You can have greater control over your ad targeting and messaging by separating each persona from others, thereby improving the overall experience.

Don’t forget to add an ad group for buyers in each persona’s awareness, consideration, and decision stages. With this, you can easily customize your ads to meet the needs of each persona as they go from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

After all of this, you could get an accurate buyer persona, but if you start out by making a hard sell to a consumer (even if it’s personalized), they still won’t convert. This segmentation method makes it easier to personalize your ad groups and is fantastic for tracking and attribution.

Use Your Persona’s Lingo

You can directly address your personas if you understand how they communicate. Please make use of their natural way of talking. Add slangs that your targeted personas use. It will captivate their interest like nothing else.

Messaging & Keywords

Buyer personas help you identify your customer’s sore points. Once you get what your users need, you can modify your PPC campaign’s keywords, ad copies, and landing pages to match your client’s desires.

You should select keywords addressing the buyer’s sore points. For example, if your buyer is looking for some traveling accessories, say, a pillow, you might assume it is a regular pillow. Your buyer persona shows that the customer wants a neck pillow. So instead of targeting keywords like ‘pillows,’ you should use a more specific keyword like ‘neck pillow.’

Make sure your landing page reflects your keywords and ad copy. Create one landing page per persona for each funnel stage. Suppose you have three personas, meaning each persona has three ad groups (per funnel stage), creating a minimum of 9 landing pages. Designing these landing pages may take more time, but the result will be more clicks, engagements, and revenue in the long run.

Advantages Of Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns

What Are The Advantages Of Buyer Personas In PPC Campaigns?

Buyer personas work excellent for PPC campaigns because they:

  • Assist you in attracting customers at the top of the funnel fast to move on to later phases.
  • Enhance the user experience as your team better understands the client’s perspective.
  • Targeting the most pertinent audiences helps you save your ad spend.
  • By focusing on a specific population, you may improve your PPC targeting.

Although you probably have an idea of who your target audiences are. Still, it is beneficial to ask your team to create buyer personas; after all, they provide a structure that can be shared and integrated into your workflow. If you need assistance constructing buyer personas for your business but don’t have enough resources, feel free to contact ROI Minds, a leading digital marketing industry. We are elated to help you create influential buyer personas for your PPC campaigns, which will help you understand your end users more effectively. You may contact us for more services, including eCommerce Marketing, Content Marketing, White Label PPC Services, SEO Marketing, etc.


Buyer persona guarantees that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain. If you want your customers to pay attention to your offerings, you must first listen to them as a responsible brand. You must consider your customer’s sore points first to improve the effectiveness of your online advertising. 

Create an advertising plan that stands out from others and gives the impression that you can actually read minds. Using PPC personas give your business a strong foundation for advertising and can also boost search engine marketing results in terms of ROI and profitability. It would be best to humanize the advertising campaign to build a bridge between brands and customers.

You don’t need to go on the journey all alone. Trust a team of experts and hire a performance marketing agency that knows all ins and outs of your business objectives and delivers what you quench for.

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What Are The 5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Agencies of 2022?

With more consumers purchasing products online, your eCommerce website must stand out from the competition to attract more customers and sales. Working with one of the top eCommerce marketing agencies in 2022, such as ROI Minds, can help you achieve that goal.

On this page, we’ll look at some of the best eCommerce marketing companies in the world to see how they can help you increase revenue from your eCommerce website. So, just keep reading to find out more!

And if you’re eager to get started with eCommerce marketing services right away, ROI Minds can assist you! ROI Minds is a market-leading eCommerce marketing firm. We cover all of your digital marketing needs, from designing a website that converts visitors into paying customers to increasing brand awareness with a social media campaign.

The best eCommerce marketing agencies of 2022

Check out some of the best eCommerce marketing companies in the world below:

1. ROI Minds

We’re not just including ROI Minds in our list of top ecommerce marketing agencies just because it’s our company. ROI Minds is one of the best eCommerce marketing companies in the world, and we have the track record to prove it.

Take a look at what distinguishes ROI Minds from other agencies below:

  • Our eCommerce marketing firm understands how to generate results.

When you work with ROI Minds, you collaborate with a leading digital marketing firm for eCommerce businesses. We specialize in developing strategies that increase web traffic and revenue for your business.

  • Our eCommerce marketing firm has prior experience.

Our team of over 45 digital marketing experts has over two decades of experience developing effective marketing strategies that drive client sales and revenue.

  • Our skilled team understands how to create strategies that will get your eCommerce website in front of more members of your target audience.

We collaborate with you to create a personalized digital marketing strategy that promotes your products to thousands of consumers online, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

top ecommerce marketing agencies

  • Our eCommerce marketing agency uses data to inform our strategies.

Instead of relying on gut instincts, ROI Minds uses data to inform our digital marketing strategies. You can be confident that we will implement campaigns that will generate results for your eCommerce website by using data-driven digital marketing strategies.

That means you won’t have to waste resources on strategies that aren’t generating sales or revenue for your company. As a result, you’ll earn a substantial return on investment (ROI).

2. SEO Works

SEO Works is a leading UK-based search engine optimization (SEO) and eCommerce marketing firm. SEO Works can assist you with everything from eCommerce SEO strategies to content marketing campaigns.

SEO Works is a Google Partner agency with a track record of developing strategies to increase web traffic, leads, and client conversions. SEO Works, using cutting-edge technology and tools, can assist you in creating a website that increases your visibility in search engines and allows you to stand out from competitors.

Furthermore, SEO Works has worked with companies in a variety of industries, including automotive and retail. So, if you’re looking for an eCommerce marketing firm that can help you stand out from the crowd, SEO Works could be an excellent choice.

3. Ogno

Ogno is another excellent eCommerce website agency based in Berlin, Germany. Ogno, like many other agencies, offers clients customized strategies tailored to their company’s needs and goals.

This is because Ogno understands that your company is unique and requires tailored strategies to help your brand stand out. When you work with Ogno, you’ll also gain access to a dedicated expert who will keep your company updated on digital marketing strategies.

Ogno can assist you in developing an eCommerce website that improves your search engine rankings and sales, from creating custom content to optimizing your website design.

search engine optimization

4. Social Beat

Social Beat is one of India’s top eCommerce marketing firms. You can use Social Beat to create personalized experiences for your website visitors, capturing their attention and encouraging them to stay on your website until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Furthermore, Social Beat can assist you in expanding your reach through influencer marketing. Social Beat can help you reach more members of your target audience with their influencer marketing techniques, having reached over 20 million people.

So, if you’re looking for a company to help you increase your brand awareness and online visibility, Social Beat is the perfect fit.

5. Blue Meta

Blue Meta is the next company on our list of the best eCommerce marketing agencies in the world. Blue Meta is a Canadian digital marketing agency.

Blue Meta specializes in data-driven digital marketing strategies. As a result, you can rest assured that your data-driven strategies will produce the best results for your company.

When you work with Blue Meta, you’ll also gain access to cutting-edge technology that allows you to easily track and measure the results of your campaign, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Browse eCommerce marketing services from ROI Minds

Are you prepared to invest in ROI Minds’ eCommerce digital marketing services? We’ve got your back. ROI Minds is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in eCommerce websites.

Consider the following eCommerce digital marketing services:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services will assist you in optimizing your presence in search results to drive more qualified traffic to your website, which will convert into sales.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Create targeted PPC ads to increase your visibility in search engines and encourage users to browse and buy your products.

3. Web Design

Our web design experts will assist you in creating a website that provides a positive user experience, engages site visitors, and keeps consumers on your site until they are ready to purchase.

4. Social Media Marketing

Promote your products on multiple social media platforms to over five billion active users. Our social media marketing services can handle everything from creating personalized advertisements to publishing creative posts.

5. Email Marketing

With engaging emails and newsletters, our email marketing services help you attract and nurture high-quality leads. Our team can help you drive more revenue with an email marketing campaign, from targeting shopping cart abandoners to promoting new products.

6. Content Marketing

Our copywriting team can assist you in creating engaging custom content that positions your brand as an expert in your field, improves search engine rankings, increases traffic to your website, and more.

ecommerce marketing agency

Why should you consider partnering with an eCommerce marketing agency?

So, why should you think about partnering with a top digital marketing firm for eCommerce websites? An eCommerce digital marketing agency can assist you in developing effective strategies that meet your company’s needs and drive more sales to your website.

Here are a few advantages to working with an eCommerce marketing company:

  • You drive more web traffic

Increasing traffic to your website is critical for acquiring new customers and increasing leads and conversions. An eCommerce marketing agency can assist you in developing strategies to increase the visibility of your website.

An eCommerce digital marketing agency will implement the right strategies for your business, from an SEO strategy that helps you reach the top of search results to a PPC campaign that drives more clicks to your website.

As a result, you’ll get more web traffic for your company and keep those visitors on your site until they’re ready to buy.

  • You expand your brand reach

Do you want to raise brand awareness? A top digital marketing agency for eCommerce websites can assist you in achieving this goal.

An agency will assist you in reaching more members of your target audience via various online channels, such as:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Amazon
  • Apps and websites
  • And more!

A digital marketing agency, for example, can assist you in developing an innovative social media campaign that allows you to communicate and engage with your target audience. As a result, you will increase brand recognition while promoting your products.

  • You generate high-quality leads

Attracting customers who are most likely to buy your products is the key to increasing conversions and sales for your company.

ROI Minds, an eCommerce digital marketing agency, can assist you in creating personalized marketing messages that will help you attract these high-quality critical leads.

An agency, for example, can create personalized ads and promotions that target specific consumers based on:

  • Demographics
  • Purchasing history
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • And more!

As a result, you can create advertisements that appeal to your target audience and entice them to visit your website and browse your products. More conversions and revenue for your business will increase as you attract more high-quality leads to your eCommerce website.

  • You earn a higher ROI

Earning a higher ROI is a compelling reason to collaborate with a digital marketing agency for eCommerce websites. ROI Minds, a leading eCommerce marketing company, specializes in assisting you in achieving the highest possible ROI for your business.

The success of your campaigns will be tracked and measured by top eCommerce agencies. As a result, they can see which strategies produce impressive results for your eCommerce website and concentrate on optimizing and improving the lag strategies.

That means you can achieve incredible results for your website’s web traffic and sales, earning you a higher ROI.

ROI Minds — Your revenue-driving eCommerce marketing agency

ROI Minds has everything you need to build the best eCommerce agency that increases conversions and revenue. We develop personalized digital marketing strategies tailored to your company’s needs and goals. We create, execute, and manage data-driven digital marketing strategies that increase sales and revenue for your eCommerce website.

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How to Get Started with PPC Automation in 5 Steps

Automation is a typical practice for advertisers and organizations in 2022, offering streamlined, productive approaches to rapidly take out errands that would somehow take up a significant chunk of time. It is evident in paid marketing, which needs long and, once in a while, tiring research to make effective campaigns.

With PPC automation tools, upgrading your marketing campaigns is simpler, leading to more conversions and traffic. These tools permit you to use important information, cutting-edge innovation, and AI and machine learning to drive more deals.

Advantages of PPC Automation: High time to Implement It 

Ecommerce PPC management is all about expanding your time and assets, permitting you to pass off commonplace, tedious errands, repetitive so you can emphasize general campaigns and marketing techniques.

Advantages of PPC Automation

For occupied advertisers and private company advertisers the same, this is vital. There are five key advantages related to PPC computerization:

1. Optimize time with automated bidding.

Bid management is unimaginably time-consuming, as it’s a continuous, active task. PPC automation can determine how to bid for you, typically with higher precision and productivity, whenever done well. The PPC automation device utilizes complicated, master algorithms to advance your campaigns and your offering procedure.

2. Instantly optimize your creatives.

It requires a lot of investment to create persuasive ad copy and match it up with the suitable advertising stages. It is especially obvious when you have an enormous number of creatives you’re testing. Automatic enhancement reliant on information, Though, can assist you with a focus on what’s working.

3. Get the most out of the lightning-fast A/B testing.

It is one of the most essential processes to be done for successful PPC campaigns, therefore it requires good enough assets as well. Having PPC automation devices that tackle testing for you will assist you with enhancing your missions and supplant the ideal outcomes next time.

4. Go into detailed, easy-to-read reports.

Most of the Third part tools effectively gather information commonly dispersed across different stages, arranging the information so that you can separate much more important information from it.

5. Emphasis on your strategy.

If you’re not centered around commonplace functional tasks that PPC automation can handle, you’ll get an additional opportunity to emphasize high-level technique and innovative advancement to work on your outcomes.

Getting Started With PPC Automation: The Ultimate Checklist 

The working of PPC is quite easy especially when it comes to checking how PPC automation can be beneficial for your business, keeping everything at an equal level, you should check how you can use these tools to elevate your goals and reach the targets with significant traffic generation, leads, and even sales.

1. Check out all the available options for Automation: Google, Microsoft, & More 

Google ads have been seen as one of the most progressive ways to deal with automation, therefore all your possible results will be multiplied without any doubt. However, Microsoft ads as well as Google ads back up automation. The very intimate automation elements help the process in the following ways: 

Google Display and Video ads offer the following native automation features:

Many different stages deal with automated results, comprising Facebook and Instagram Ads (which can be driven by the leads of Facebook Ads). Other online entertainment promotion mechanisms can give comparative usefulness. Moreover, local automation highlights that you can likewise exploit automation PPC arrangements as of now available.

Google Display and Video ads automation features

Traffic Jet is designed to assist you with streamlining the promotion creation, the board, and the observing cycle, permitting you to streamline campaigns easily for the most extreme achievements.

You can automatically generate creatives to many premium traffic sources in a split-second spot, giving you simple admittance to stages like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Bing, and much more with no additional work.

The tool will utilize AI and high-level algorithms to find the most significant stages for you because of your objectives and audience. You can perceive how it functions in this article.

2. Ultimate PPC Objectives For Your Business Goals

Before you begin automating your campaigns, picking the correct targets for your ads is fundamental in the ads, and these need to be founded on your business model and objectives.

There are two key goal groups: 

  • Traffic Acquisition: Here, you’re dealing with breaking into another market and hoping to assemble traction. You would instead not center around conversions too soon, or you could drive leads away, channel your financial plan, and track your actual capacity. These campaigns emphasize the impression, brand objectives, and engagement.
  • Lead Generation: You’re ready to approach conversions when you’re prepared to get leads and clients. The last thing you believe you should do is the target over the impression shares or awareness since this needs to have previously been finished and could waste your ad spending. Despite leads, approaching sales, and other direct-action goals.

3. Establish Trustworthy, Reliable Conversions 

Looking forwards to eCommerce PPC management tools to improve your campaigns, you want to assist it with gathering the information it necessities to take care of its business. Along these lines, conversion data is the most impressive fuel you can take care of in promotion networks. It’s fundamental to have precise conversion checking set up for every stage you’re utilizing, so find an opportunity to do this before you begin.

4. Consider Smart Campaigns

Each automation campaign type has extraordinary advantages and disadvantages, and Google’s brilliant missions offer local robotization for paid scan promotions for qualifying Google Ads accounts. We should investigate clever tasks specifically.

Smart Campaign is an automated marketing choice introduced by Google to assist independent companies with publicizing their foundation. You make a promotion, and they’ll show it across Google’s numerous in-network stages when clients in your focused areas look for comparative keyword terms.

There are three types of smart campaigns:

  • Optimize Search Campaign. These promotions will appear, driven by search results, and show text-just advertisements to clients.
  • Smart Shopping Campaign. Advertisements will appear when significant clients enter your focused keyword, and there’s a chance to show them the explicit products you’re advertising in the Google Shopping tab.
  • Smart Display Campaign. This Campaign utilizes automated focusing on and bidding to target your focused audience in the display network, using dynamic prospecting to show your advertisement to clients who will probably change over.

5. Optimize Your Campaign With Automated Bidding Strategies

The core of internet ads is tied to matching suitable advertisements to the right clients. It demands a considerable time of examination and planning, and not only for the keywords. If your bid isn’t on point, your missions can fly out of control instantly.

If your bid is excessively high, you can bite as much as your ads spend and build your procurement costs pointlessly. If it’s excessively low, you risk passing up positions and high-value clients.

Automated bidding can be an exceptional component consequently, and it can assist you with distinguishing the specific bid you ought to use to boost your outcomes at a reasonable expense. There are a few automated bidding procedures, and we should look deeply into everything.

1. Maximize Clicks

The objective here is essentially to get whatever whatsoever as would be prudent because of the spending plan you’ve set. Quantity over quantity can now and then dominate.

This means: 

While there are a few disadvantages to the Maximize Clicks choice, there are extraordinary use cases for it. If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your site and have severe areas of strength for a keyword show, it can help you.

2. Maximize Conversions

Boosting conversions is precisely the exact thing it seems like; the stage will attempt to utilize your financial plan to create however many conversions as could be allowed.

To utilize this offering technique, you’ll need well-versed information in your record and conversion tracking installed so the stage can upgrade for this objective accurately.

Note that conversions are to be amplified in amount without considering change worth or cost. It can be a decent choice if you’re attempting to scale rapidly and your transformations are roughly comparable in value.

The boost conversions methodology needs the accompanying to find actual success:

  • Accurate conversions that track significant activities. (We discussed this in a couple of segments above.)
  • The branded theory is sequestered in its mission and added as a negative wherever else.
  • Genuine readiness to spend a slight premium on individual changes for the sake of the volume.

Remember: Automation doesn’t mean set-it-and-forget-it. Remember that automation is uncommonly significant, yet it doesn’t imply that you need to disregard your missions through and through.

Ecommerce PPC management — Including both Google Ads mechanization and Facebook Ads automation — will save you time and exertion. However, it should never be relied upon to take over the essential independent direction. PPC managers need to remember this.

Ecommerce PPC management

Automation needs to be utilized to help you upgrade and advance your campaigns. Automated devices like Traffic Jet can provide significant information to simplify campaign checking and analysis. Yet, it’s still dependent upon you to change your financial plan, work on your creatives, and pick essential goals.


Automation is a huge asset when in doubt. It will, in general, be a substantial significant advantage for sponsors who consistently have a flood of work on their hands. Automation can help with saving their chance to focus on other vital bits of promoting and maintaining their business while at a similar time further developing performance. Explore top sales and marketing companies in India and take your business to the next level of success.

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Set Up Your First Basic Sales Funnel In Just 3 Days: Here’s How!

A sales funnel strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’ve never created one for your company before, We’d advise you to keep it simple. That way, you can learn as you go, see results right away, and grow your funnel. This post was written to provide new beginners with an easy-to-follow guide to setting up that funnel. This will be useful if you have a brand new business, haven’t launched yet, or have launched but are new to marketing your business online. And, if you don’t have any technical experience and despise jargon, we’ve done our best to keep this guide simple, non-technical, and jargon-free.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a collection of tools and systems used to collect leads. They aid in transitioning a stranger to a prospect, a lead, and a customer. They frequently include a freebie to entice people to sign up online (a lead magnet). They also include a page where people can sign up for the freebie by providing their email address (an opt-in page). Finally, they include a method for automatically sending promotional emails to that lead (an autoresponder).

That is a simple funnel. There are far more complicated funnels out there, with extra bits and pieces. But we’ll ignore those in this post; if you’re new to all of this, don’t worry about them.

3-Day Plan – The Simple Sales Funnel Strategy for the Beginner Marketer

Day 1 – Create a Quick Freebie

Create a 1 page PDF freebie for your existing audience. If you’re not sure what that should be, survey them (we’d recommend Survey Monkey). The freebie should be enticing enough that visitors are willing to give you their email address to get their hands on it, and it should solve a burning problem that they are currently experiencing.


Create a Quick Freebie


You might be surprised that we suggest a 1-page freebie. After all, you’ve probably seen things like eBooks and video series given away for free. But there are two reasons why we suggest a 1 page PDF:

  1. Firstly, it’s quick. That’s important because the faster you get your lead generation funnel up and running, the faster you can see if it’s working for you or not. It’s about getting something done, not about it being perfect.
  2. Secondly, short guides are massively appealing as long as they do a good job of solving a problem, so a 1 page PDF can be just as valuable – if not more so – to your audience. Think of it this way. Imagine you have eczema, and you are desperate to get rid of it. You can either get a free 30-page book with 1000 remedies or a 1 page PDF with the one definitive remedy that works in 95% of cases. Which one would you prefer to read?

Day 2 – Put Together Your Optin Page

An optin page looks something like this:

If you use Clickfunnels or Unbounce, this is easy to set up. Both platforms are designed for the non-techy. They have easy add and remove features and ready-made templates you can use – that’s your best bet as a beginner because you can forget about fancy design and just edit them with the appropriate headline text to advertise your freebie.


Put Together Your Optin Page


Don’t worry about setting this up if you haven’t done so before. The most important thing to focus on when your optin page is your headline. This is the big, 1-2 sentence headline you use to capture attention and attract your ideal client to your offer. I always aim to spend several hours brainstorming headlines when I write an optin page – it’s that important.

Don’t forget that when putting together this page, you’ll also need to set up a thank you page for visitors to go to once they’ve entered their email address. Again, if you are using Clickfunnels or Unbounce, this is all in place for you, so you just need to make sure your thank you page has some nice, friendly wording on it (top tip: use your thank you page to encourage your users to go straight to their inbox and open the email you’ve just sent them).

Day 3 – Link up to a Three-Day Autoresponder

Lastly is the autoresponder. Naturally, if people are giving you an email address, you need to be able to send them emails. An autoresponder lets you pre-write emails that will send automatically once someone joins your email list. We recommend – for a basic sales funnel stage – a series of 3 emails:

  1. A welcome email to be sent immediately containing a link to the freebie they’ve just signed up to;
  2. A second email on day two is packed with lots of value so that they can get to know you better; and
  3. A day three email either with more value or a small promotional offer.


Link up to a Three-Day Autoresponder


You’ll need to integrate your email autoresponder with your optin page platform – i.e., Clickfunnels or Unbounce. There will be instructions on integrating this (too much to include in this post), but it’s pretty simple to set up. We always recommend Clickfunnels because they have a really good support platform, so if you get stuck and can’t figure it out, there’s always someone on support chat to help sort it.

What Should You Expect Once You’ve Set Up Your First Sales Funnel Strategy?

We’d aim for a conversion rate of around 20% for a beginner. For every 100 people visiting your optin page, 20 sign up to your list. While that may sound like a big number, it’s very achievable, and I often create optins that convert double or triple that rate, but 20% is a good figure to aim for if this is your first sales funnel stage. The platform we’ve recommended has a reporting function to see your conversion rate every time you log in. If – after the first 100 visitors, your conversion rate is below 20, that’s the time to start having a more detailed look at your funnel – things like traffic quality, headline quality, and the actual freebie you’re offering might need some attention from you to get that figure up.


You now have a lead generation funnel in place that’s allowing you to convert a good percentage of traffic who discover you online. These are incredibly valuable leads to who you can promote and market your business. If you have a good quality traffic source in place – via your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, you should find that this funnel will tick over nicely for a long time, with minimal input from you. That’s when it starts to become an asset. It means you have a lead generation tool in place and growing 24/7, even when you go off to the South of France for two weeks to soak up the sun.

Digital Marketing Sales & Marketing White Label Services

5 Best White Label Email Marketing Software Services Compared

Suppose you’re an agency or freelancer looking to expand your services to include email marketing. In that case, you’ll most likely need some white-label software that allows you to manage multiple client accounts while applying your branding.

You don’t want software logos all over your reports and dashboards as a professional agency, especially if you provide client access to the platform.

Of course, you could create your email marketing software, but this isn’t always feasible – or even necessary – when there are excellent platforms already providing white label solutions.

What is White Label Email Marketing Software?

White label email marketing software lets you remove the branding from existing platforms and customize their dashboards. The idea is for agencies to use these platforms to provide email marketing services instead of developing their software solutions.

What’s the Significance?

You’ll need to provide reports to your clients to show them how your services affect them. In many cases, you’ll also want to grant your clients access to certain parts of the platform so they can access reports or even create their email templates, campaigns, and so on.

Regardless of how much access your clients have to your email marketing platform, you want your agency’s logos, URLs, and other branding elements to be present – not your software provider’s branding.

This is the main selling point of white label email marketing solutions, and we’ve included five of the best options in this article for you.

#1: ActiveCampaign

Key Features:

  • Custom domain
  • Replace the ActiveCampaign logo with your own
  • Modify HTML and CSS for button colors, borders, fonts, and other elements to match your brand
  • Add/remove buttons and other options
  • Remove all references and links to ActiveCampaign
Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is our primary email marketing software, and the platform’s excellent automation features and integration options clinched the deal for us.

ActiveCampaign, as a white label option, also provides more flexibility than Sendinblue. Aside from custom domains and logos, you can also change the style of the interface to match your brand. You can change the color of buttons and borders, font styles, and other design elements if you’re willing to tinker with some HTML and CSS.

You can also remove buttons entirely or add them to other interface parts. Importantly, ActiveCampaign ensures that all references and links to itself are removed from the platform.

#2: HubSpot

If you run an agency, you’ve probably heard of HubSpot.

Thousands of agencies have joined HubSpot’s partner network, despite their platform being not specifically white-labeled. But first, consider why HubSpot’s platform is a good fit for agencies.

HubSpot has the distinct advantage of being a sales and marketing platform. HubSpot can do an excellent reporting job because it manages everything in one place, from email marketing and live chat to CRM and social media management.


Surprisingly, most email marketing tools only report on email marketing insights such as open rates and unsubscribes. HubSpot goes above and beyond by attributing each sale to the email or channel that influenced it.

As an agency, this is critical in demonstrating value to clients. For clients, it solves a major problem that every business faces: knowing what works and what doesn’t.

While HubSpot is not cheap, it can be advantageous for agencies that join the partner network because HubSpot provides its partners with discounts to offer clients and referral fees, allowing you to build passive revenue for the agency.

HubSpot’s Partner Network

The number of benefits you receive as a white label digital marketing agency as a HubSpot partner is determined by the number of clients you sign up for. All partners receive white-label client education materials, training, and access to a consultant.

Agencies with higher revenue levels receive free HubSpot conference tickets, access to the HubSpot blog, and additional support from the HubSpot partner ecosystem.

While HubSpot does not provide a fully white-labeled version of its platform, it is an excellent option for agencies looking for an email marketing platform to use with clients.

#3: Sendinblue

Key Features:

  • Excellent transactional emails
  • Logo & URL personalisation
  • Advanced contact segmentation
  • Advanced, real-time reporting
  • Multi-IP Manager
  • API Access
  • Multi-language Support

Sendinblue is an excellent email marketing platform that Venture Harbor uses to send transactional emails. When we first started using Sendinblue, it was a simple email marketing tool that lacked the automation features we desired.

However, the company’s offering has grown significantly over the years, and it is now a far more comprehensive marketing platform than when we first started using it.

This makes Sendinblue much easier to recommend as an all-in-one email marketing solution in 2020. If you’re looking for something more advanced than Mailchimp and other entry-level platforms, you should look into it.

With its white-label offering, you can customize URLs to match your domain, add your agency logo to the interface, and create custom reports for different clients. Overall, it’s not the most customizable white label option, but it does include multi-language support, which could be critical if you’re dealing with clients in foreign-speaking markets.

#4: Moosend

Key Features:

  • Code-free email marketing, every step of the way
  • Excellent free plan
  • Unlimited emails on all plans
  • Scalable for businesses growth
  • Easy automation
  • Solid reporting

Moosend is a relative newcomer to the email marketing game, and it benefits from approaching the strategy with a fresh perspective. The platform is new and simple to use, and it includes all of the tools you need to create and manage campaigns without writing a single line of code.

The drag-and-drop builders are among the best you’ll find, and the interfaces make it simple to switch between all of the features you require.

Overall, it’s a well-designed piece of software, and it’s encouraging to see more platforms like this on the market.

Moosend has a lot to offer in terms of features, with countdown timers, conditional content, email automation, events tracking, A/B testing, and a comprehensive offering. The free version includes almost all of the features, so you could almost use it as your sole white label marketing tool without paying a dime.

Landing pages, transactional emails, custom reports, and advanced support are the major features reserved for paid plans. Yes, these are important features for serious email marketers, but the free version of Moosend alone offers an impressive list of pro-grade features.

Importantly, paid plans begin at $8 per month and scale reasonably as your subscriber list grows. When you reach 3,000 subscribers, you’ll pay $16 per month, while $44 covers 10,000 subscribers. For $100 per month, you can have between 10.5k and 24.5k subscribers until you reach $164 per month for 28k-50k subscribers.

The pricing tiers give you plenty of room for expansion without causing your monthly fees to skyrocket, and the incremental increases couldn’t be more reasonable.

#5: MailerLite

Key Features:

  • Code-free email marketing
  • Solid free plain available
  • Extensive lead generation tools
  • Automation & segmentation
  • Impressive landing page builder
  • Huge feature set
  • Affordable

MailerLite is another newcomer to email marketing software, offering all of the same modern benefits as Moosend, such as truly code-free campaigns, excellent drag-and-drop builders, and clean interfaces.

Considering that MailerLite’s free plan is limited to 1,000 leads, it may not appear to be as appealing as Moosend’s. But when you look at MairlerLite’s full feature list, you realize just how much this platform offers – everything from free websites and landing pages to email automation and built-in image editing.

In all honesty, you’ll want to pay for MailerLite’s Pro plan, which is priced per thousand leads. Prices begin at $10 per month and gradually increase as your company grows. By the time you’ve accumulated 30,000 leads, you’ll be paying only $130 per month for a comprehensive set of marketing tools.

You’re looking at $360 per month if you have 100,000 leads, which is extremely competitive.

The quality of tools and features is also consistently high, indicating that it is not simply a matter of quantity over quality. You won’t get all of Photoshop’s advanced features in MailerLite’s free image editor, but you will get all of the basic tools you need to quickly and easily edit images for email campaigns.

Which is the Best White Label Email Marketing Platform?

Choosing the best white label email marketing solution for your agency depends on a few factors:

  • The quality of the email marketing software itself
  • The number of customization options you need
  • Usability of the software

First and foremost, you must ensure that you have all of the email marketing features that your agency and clients require. Then, you must be certain that you have the freedom to sufficiently customize the platform – otherwise, there isn’t much point in going white-label in the first place.

Finally, you’ll need a solution that meets the usability requirements of your agency and clients. This is entirely dependent on how your agency operates, the tools you need to integrate with, and the level of access you intend to give your clients to the platform. Will you, for example, only give them access to reporting, or will you allow them to create and manage campaigns on their own?

ActiveCampaign has all of the email marketing, automation, and CRM features you could ever want – no need to worry about that if you’re looking for a recommendation. You also have a lot of freedom when customizing the platform, from domains and logos to button colors and font styles.

This should be sufficient for the vast majority of agencies.

While ActiveCampaign scales reasonably for growing SMEs, some newcomers cater to the smallest businesses and bootstrapping startups that require the absolute best value for low monthly fees. This is where services like Moosend and MailerLite come in, as both offer excellent free plans that will get your company started with email marketing – and then some.

It took some time for email software providers like these to emerge, but they couldn’t come at a better time. Email marketing should not be reserved for brands with a large marketing budget. Tools like Moosend and MailerLite allow new businesses to get up and running quickly and maximize growth until they’re ready for more enterprise tools like ActiveCampaign and HubSpot.

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How to Find Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn?

On Linkedin, are you compiling a list of eCommerce owners or Marketplace seller decision-makers? Here’s how to use this platform to make a list.

There are two steps to discover and connect with thousands of Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn.

Finding many accurate Amazon sellers and eCommerce leads is one of the most valuable processes in any business.

Over the years, it has been discovered that over 35,000 product brands are selling on Amazon or their websites. After gathering information on over 50,000 sellers, we took the next step this month by compiling a list of Amazon Sellers from Linkedin.

Using their profile URLs, emails, and even their contact phone number, it is easy to reach out and have conversations with every Amazon seller who hangs out on LinkedIn (which is 14,500 sellers just in the US, by the way).

Every step of the process, as well as all of the software that is used internally, is detailed here. Take your time with the steps, and you’ll be able to generate more leads for your company than you’ve ever had before.

This process will work for you if you own an agency that focuses on Amazon sellers or eCommerce brands. If you work in a different industry, similar steps with different keywords may work for you.

It is clear that to reach where you want to, you will have to spend some money and put in a lot of effort. 

So, this is what is necessary:

  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account ($80/month)
  • A Enterprise Account ($200/month)
  • A Dropcontact Gold Account ($200/month)
  • A good coffee machine

Pro tip: An extra virtual assistant to look over the final list can only do good.

Total cost: $480 + a few Nespresso capsules

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller List in Sales Navigator

First, we’ll use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to compile a list of Amazon Sellers.

Create an Amazon Seller List in Sales Navigator

You must first sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a paid feature on LinkedIn that provides a plethora of filters to help you find exactly who you are looking for.

This tool can help you find Amazon Sellers on LinkedIn in three ways.

  • People who have joined specific Amazon Seller Groups can be targeted (like FBA Seller Central, Vendor Central, Tips for FBA Sellers, etc.).
  • You can conduct keyword searches using industry terms such as Amazon Seller.
  • You have the option of changing the Job Title to “Amazon Seller.”

If you don’t use BOOLEAN search terms to exclude some people, you’ll waste your time with leads that aren’t a good fit. For example, work titles such as “Sales” or “Business Development” should be avoided.

Even though they work in the Amazon world, they are likely to sell a service that removes them from the ideal lead pool.

A couple of other things to consider as you compile your list: Job titles with decision-making authority, such as Owner, CEO, President, eCommerce Manager, or Marketplace Manager, should be targeted.

This group focuses on people interested in your service and can make investment decisions.

Second, LinkedIn’s search will only return the first 2500 results, and you won’t be able to get all of the leads if your results are larger than that. Instead, segment your search by company size to capture every available lead.

As you go through this process, you may develop unique ideas for your product or service. You can refine your search to find exactly who you’re looking for, and you can also look in specific locations.

Finally, and most importantly, save your LinkedIn search. You won’t be able to proceed unless you take this step.

Step 2: Take Action

Discover Amazon Seller Groups
  • Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Discover Amazon Seller Groups
  • To find sellers, use search terms and job titles. (Don’t forget to save your search.)

Step 3: Save the Search Results Phantombuster is being used.

LinkedIn currently allows the export of search results via their API. This enables authorized developers, software services, and web apps to provide you with spreadsheets containing contact lists derived from your saved search results.

Save the Search Results Phantombuster is being used

We tested various options and discovered that a Phantombuster Enterprise account is the best solution for this process. Social media automation software integrates with LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium tasks.

Once you’ve obtained your Phantombuster Enterprise account, use the Sales Navigator Search Export Phantom feature to extract all profile URLs from your searches. This will be known as Phantom 1.

You will enter your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search URL as the input option.

It may take up to 24 hours to process once you submit it. When it is finished, use the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Phantom to export all of the information you require about your lead. Phantom 2 is what we’ll call it.

Use your Phantom 1.csv file as your input (the Sales Navigator Search Export Phantom above). You will also require Phantom 2’s emails (the Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Phantom).

You must first create a or Gold account to extract them. Obtain a Gold Account and enter your email finder API key into Phantombusters to follow our exact steps.

Warning: This step can take several days/weeks! However, once completed, you will have a runway of accurate leads to drive new revenue into your agency.

Action Items:

  • Purchase a Phantombuster Enterprise account.
  • Get access to your LinkedIn saved search URLs.
  • Phantom 1 is created, the Sales Navigator search is performed, and Phantom is exported.
  • Phantom 2, the Sales Navigator Profile, should be created. Phantom of the Opera
  • Make a account. Account in gold
  • In Phantombusters, enter your new email finder API key.

You now have an excel file containing the LinkedIn profiles of all Amazon Sellers.

You have their company URL, phone number, and email, as well as a generic company email, company location, company size, website, and so on.

This single file opens up a world of possibilities for you. Prospecting can be automated, or proven working email sequences can be sent.

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9 hacks to Increase eCommerce Website Conversion Rate

Nowadays, almost everyone is searching online whether they need a service or product. Just sending traffic to your website is not the only task to improve your conversion rate, and you need to optimize that traffic for a better conversion rate. Either you have huge traffic or just send traffic to your website. If you are not making your customer journey easier, it’s harder for you to increase your conversion rate. This article provides 9 Techniques to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates in this article. If you implement these techniques, your eCommerce website conversion rate will increase.

#1. Integrating Payment Options

One of the easiest ways to increase the conversion rate is to add multiple payment methods on the checkout page. Just adding one payment method is not enough. Every user is comfortable with their payment method and trust as well. If another payment method is a little longer or different, then there are higher chances that they can move on. That’s why you need to add multiple payment methods so that your user makes payments online easily.

Benefits of using multiple payment methods:-

  • It makes customers feel more secure
  • It makes your company look more trustworthy and legitimate.
  • Increase conversion rate

#2. Increase Relevant Website Traffic

One of the reasons your online store eCommerce conversion rate is low is that you are not sending the right traffic to your website. Just sending high traffic to your website is not enough. Make sure you are targeting the right customer. You just need to show your product to the right customer. Who is looking for it or interested in buying it? Make sure your audience is correct because your bounce rate is high if not. This means users are not interested in your product. Before sending any traffic, make sure you can understand your customer completely. 

#3. Make Simple & Easy navigation.

Make Simple and Easy navigation

You are sending all traffic to your website, but browsing your website is tough for your users/customers. Try to make user-friendly navigation so that users can navigate your website easily and take action accordingly.

#4. Showcase Your Product Social Proof

One of the authentication factors on the website is social proof. Nobody wants to be the first buyer of the website due lack of confidence. Suppose you add social proof to your product pages & home page. Authentication is automatically created in the user’s mind because Already many people buy from your site and give feedback on it. This feature also helps you to increase your conversion rate.

#5. Optimize Your Website Speed

Optimize Your Website Speed

So many people land on your website and browse accordingly. But if your website speed is not good enough, your conversion rate is low because users can not browse those websites, which takes time to load. The less time your website takes to load, the more visitors visit your product pages for a longer time, and here are the higher chances that your website sales will be increased.

#6. Provide Discounted/Save Options

One of the easiest ways to engage your customers is to provide discounted prices because users are often interested in your product. Still, suppose they don’t know about the discount price. In that case, they don’t know much about price, but if you show them the discount price, they feel they are saving a lot of money instead of buying from its original price value. Also, if your coupon code, your chances of getting a sale will be higher than before.

#7. Product Guarantee

This is another way to create authentication for your customer, like buying your product without any 2nd thought. You just need to add a few words on your website/product page like- 30 days money-back guarantee etc. Almost every online platform provides this feature. If this feature is not provided, you need to try it for a better conversion rate. 

#8. Add High-Quality Images and Videos

After a user lands on your website, they see the product. If they see the product clearly with high-quality images, they know about it in detail. One of the important factors for users is to see the product clearly how it looks. You can either add high-quality product images or videos for detailed information about the product. If users are more convinced by viewing your product’s high-quality images and detailed video, they might buy that product at a time or near future from your website.

#9. Reduce the Number of Steps in the Checkout Process

Most user actions take place on the website. If you are driving huge relevant traffic, but the conversion rate is not high as you expected, you need to work on your website check-out process. Maybe your check-out process is lengthy. Instead of a lengthy check-out process, try to make it shorter. For example, where users need to add their credit card and address details, you just need to add another payment gateway like PayPal. Their information is already stored in this payment gateway, so there is no need to add so much information. Also, payment gateways are user-friendly. If you optimize your checkout process, your conversion rate will be high.

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How To Advertise Health Supplements Store Online

If you are running a supplement store locally and want to take it online to scale and grow your business, you have landed on the perfect guide page because we will explain in detail how you can take your supplements to store online and increase your sales.

There are many things you can do when taking your store online. There are free ways and paid ways to advertise your products online. Paid advertising like Google ads or social media ads will cost you money. Social media marketing and writing quality content to generate leads will not be as much, but it surely will take time.

6 Effective Marketing Strategies for Health Supplements Store Online and Increase Your Sales

Google Ads

Selling your products online with google ads is a pretty straightforward thing but learning how to do it correctly and in a way that makes you the most profits is not so easy. There are different types of campaigns in Google ads that bring different results, depending on your purpose. For example, if you have many other products and want to sell individual products, you can simply run Google shopping ads.

For google shopping ads, you have to create a Google merchant center account and link it to your ads accounts, and then you need to fill the product feed.

You can also run regular Google ads to bring traffic to your website or your landing page so that you can convert visitors to customers.

Creating high-quality google ads also requires experience and skills. If you are new to google ads, you might want to help an experienced person or an agency to set up the account and campaigns for you.

Always remember that there are specific policies that you need to follow while listing your products; otherwise, it could invite some troubles.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Running Facebook or Instagram ads can increase your sales tremendously if done correctly. On top of that, according to a study, CPA (cost per acquisition) on Facebook is nearly 40% cheaper than on google ads. So, assume you are spending $100 per conversion on Google, which means you can get conversion at $60 on Facebook ads.

That’s like spending $600 more every 100 products, which means you can save those $600 and take a little longer to ensure that money on other campaigns to make more money.

That was just an example. Actual numbers would vary between $1 – $5 depending on your campaigns but just wanted to prove that 40% is enormous.

For that, you need to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager, and you can run ads on both platforms from the same ads manager.

The next step is to target the audience. To do that, you need to have answers to the following questions.

  1. The location that you want to target.
  2. Interests of people.
  3. What type of people can benefit the most from your products.

Once you have answers to these questions, you are ready to run your first campaign. But always keep in mind that both platforms are different, and people act differently on other platforms.

Influencers Marketing

Selling your products through influencers marketing is also a great way to promote your online business, and if you are only starting and want to build credibility, then what are the other better ways of doing so when someone has an audience that genuinely listens to them, trusts them and have a solid reputation in the market starts putting out some nice words for your products.

Choosing the right influencers also plays a vital role in your success in influencer marketing because everything depends on the influencers promoting your products. Some influencers will say whatever you want them to say about your product when you offer them a reasonable price. Still, those influencers don’t have much credibility and trustworthiness than those who will personally try your product and give honest feedback.

When you sell genuine products that benefit people, you will do good with influencers.

As we have mentioned before, you need to choose the right influencers. Well, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while selecting influencers for your products/business.

  • Ensure that the influencer you want to do business with has connections with the interested people and into your product’s market. 
  • Don’t run after influencers with large followers because they will charge more. When taking the business online in the initial stages, you generally don’t have a huge budget, so spend your money wisely.
  • Make sure you check the engagement rate of their followers before you start working with them, compare their followers and their interactions with their posts.
  • Send your products for free to the influencers so they can use them and put out a good word instead of paying them money to say good things about products. It will benefit you in the long run as it will cost you less money, and you are starting on good deeds with the influencer.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Doing SEO for your business won’t bring you instant results like other paid advertisements, but doing SEO for your website will help you in the long run because organic ways of marketing are better than paid advertising because of two main reasons, all of your traffic consists of people who are genuinely interested in your products or services and second it does not cost you much money. However, you have to spend your time writing quality content and SEO optimization.
Below are some of the important points that you need to consider.

  • Make sure your website has SEO-friendly quality content. SEO-friendly content contains proper headings – subheadings, wisely chosen keywords, and many other things, but most importantly, your content should provide value to the readers.
  • Besides the written content, you also need to ensure that your website’s loading time is fast(using a shared hosting service can significantly increase your loading time). 
  • Ensure meta tags, meta descriptions, and URLs are set properly to rank on the first page of google search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to grow your store and establish an online presence organically. Here is a good piece of advice- Do NOT buy an Email list.

If you want instant results, go with paid ads, but if you try to rush organic ways of marketing, it’s not going to pan out well. You have to take it slowly, One mail at a time. Start collecting emails of your potential customers through social media posts, good quality content leading to subscription of your newsletter, or your daily or weekly emails.

Yes, we know that it will take months to build a list of genuine people who are more likely to convert, but we can confidently say that it will be worth it, and chances are you will get a good amount of lifetime customers from that list.

The easiest way to make your email list is to start a new Google sheet and enter your prospective customers’ names and email IDs. But how do you get a prospect’s name and email address? It’s simple. You can start writing quality content to educate people, write social media posts to earn their trust, and people will provide you with their names and email addresses, which you can target later on.

Lastly, make sure you are giving your emails a personal touch. If you make your prospects comfortable reading about your products and their benefits, you can easily convert them when you already have won their trust.

Youtube Ads

Youtube ads are also a great way to convert more people because you can target people with their interests on youtube through your ads account. For example, someone is watching a supplements benefit video or a gym training video, and they see your ad, chances are they will think about purchasing it.

Youtube ads are also used for remarketing your prospects. For example, someone visited your landing page and didn’t convert; you can still chase them with youtube ads to buy your products.

As YouTube is a massive platform with billions of users, the reach potential is huge. You can easily explain your product’s benefits and the difference it will make in their lives.


In the end, we would like to say that both organic and paid ways are great to kickstart your online supplement store. We have already discussed how paid ads can bring you fast results while costing you more money and how organic marketing can bring you qualified prospects, but it takes a long time to get started.

So, the choice is yours how you would like to get your supplement store online, and yeah, it greatly depends on your budget. If you have a good budget, we recommend running paid ads and organic marketing methods, and doing both simultaneously will only boost your business efficiently to grow fast.

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How To Advertise Cryptocurrency?

If talking about marketing, there are several strategies created by marketing managers’ on a regular basis to emphasize reaching the top level in any way they can, on social networks and gaining a substantial number of members in their chat communities. 

The goal is entirely exact if you want to set your motive or aim on the superficiality that the most purposeful thing is to elevate the number of followers to 50,000. However, don’t be surprised if your publications hardly have three likes and might have no comments.

Crypto Marketing: The Right Approach

If your project intends to deliver a real solution to people’s problems, you are required to be precise with your plan and go beyond creating ads. For instance, you can get ads created from facebook ad agency india and pay for the rest of the advertising services. In your strategy crypto marketing, you majorly need to overlook the number of followers and emphasize on the most crucial aspects that your project demands:

Here are some additional means to advertise your cryptocurrency to the masses as Google and others restrict cryptocurrency.

With the current restrictions on cryptocurrency ads joined with the upsurge in the popularity of ICOs, crypto companies need to be more creative to lead the competition. In addition, it influences a global audience with its reach outside the cryptocurrency industry.

If you have experience in the functionalities of crypto, wallet, ICO, or exchange ads, then you are well aware of the disappointment of getting display ad rejection emails repeatedly.

Based on the achievements as well as failures, you need to compile a list of leading advertising platforms that have been super active along with their advantages on cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Ads

The Microsoft Advertising, which earlier was Bing Ads, offers pay-per-click advertising on both Bing as well as Yahoo!, The two leading search engines after Google.

It might seem quite a surprise as Microsoft, like all the other major digital advertising platforms, has a strict cryptocurrency policy. But the agency has got quite a bit of success in getting cryptocurrency-related ads agreed upon.


  • Since Microsoft powers both yahoo! And Bing, as well as partner portals of its own, you can reach 33% of the overall search engine share. So if your ads are running properly, it can give a blockchain business the capacity to spread and reach well out there in the crypto industry.
  • Instant review and approval process. If you are working with cryptocurrency ads, tinkering along with the ad to watch what is going for the approval that needs a quick evaluation course. While platforms, for instance generally, Google can take numerous days to evaluate reviewed ads, Microsoft has a much faster turnaround.
  •  Furthermore, your dollar will go beyond because bids on Bing are significantly cheaper than on Google Ads.


Quora is one of the leading online communities for Questions and Answers and one of the finest-quality user-created content platforms. It offers a platform where people can ask queries and get solutions from some of the most reliable sources. 

With over 200 million exclusive regular visitors searching to get valuable information reliably, it gives a major opportunity to display your company’s proficiency through ads.


  • Quora is exclusive because it offers advertisers the capability to create credibility in the eyes of an audience while deepening the research. As a result, it helps construct authority as well as credibility on subjects, drive traffic through web advertising companies in India, and eventually lift conversions.
  • Quora is one of the leading platforms that permits advertising for cryptocurrencies and has a huge following of crypto supporters.


Reddit is a platform where you can catch the news, communicate with like-minded people about your favorite topics, pick up suggestions for your newest project, and market your business. 

Reddit is the 13th-most famous website in the United States, producing more than 1.5 billion visits yearly as of August 2018. famous as the de facto message board of the Internet,  ecommerce advertising agencies have developed in prominence and popularity in new years. 

Pointing selections mostly rotate around choosing related subreddits to show your content.


  • With hundreds of gears on changing topics, Reddit is simple to shift from side to side and discover the topics that are significant to your business. It is great for aiming at the cryptocurrency community; however, it is also beneficial in testing which other communities are accessible on the platform of the ads.
  • The Reddit community is one of the leading online platforms, with numerous of its users on the early end of the spectrum. You can generate a cult-like following for your cryptocurrency if you get the correct subreddit and marketing skills.


AdRoll is the world’s most active retargeting platform. When running main ad campaigns to examine and understand audiences interested in your blockchain technology, AdRolls has remarkably advanced the tracking software.


  • AdRoll is exceptional in progressive aiming techniques, for instance, customer geo-targeting, segmentation, and more. With the platform, you can aim or exclude website visitors based on their actions, form groups of users established on purchase intent, and set up progressive conversion tracking rules.
  •  Certainly the frontrunner when it is about to retarget platforms and get an average ROI of 1,000% based on an average of $10 for every single $1 spent.

SEO For Cryptocurrency

Search Engine Optimization is the prime long-term digital marketing strategy that has been established over time and time again. If you optimize your content, you could drive more traffic to your business over the period. 

Of course, quality SEO has long been foundational to businesses for a long-term digital marketing approach. Moreover, it is essential for elevating the growth of cryptocurrency businesses that want to be constantly relevant during the upsurge as well as the fall of cryptocurrency hype.

Black Hat Marketing 

Have you ever encountered a website of the new business’s landing on the leading page of Google’s search results almost after a week when it delivers its internet marketing efforts to a company? It happens when a business involves a “black hat” marketer.


It is beneficial in the marketing campaign of a business. Its tactics are based on developing as well as implementing approaches to achieve its goals.

  • Black Hat Marketing exploits the mistakes in search engines to reach reliable results in terms of digital outreach as well as reputation.
  • It aims at designing a website so that it can be more accessible on search engines and achieve a high rating on such search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are the most prominent, for instance, black hat marketing tactics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a well-established space created with and through influencers to drive brand goals to your and their target audiences.

Influencer marketing is parallel to word-of-mouth marketing, but it doesn’t count only on detailed recommendations.

Influencers can come from a varied range of places. Any individual, brand, group, or place could potentially be an influencer.

Usually, engaged audiences track these content creators. Collaborating with them across diverse platforms of social media enables your business to grow, enhance brand awareness, and create new leads for your sales funnel with buyer personas.

You can use influencer marketing as either a separate tool or as a way to emphasize your other marketing campaigns.


  • Awareness and its reach
  • Build trust and credibility Enrich your content
  • Approach Win-win long-term
  • Partnerships Lift ROI, SEO, and
  • Bottom line Drive buying decisions
  • Boost sales Saves Time and cost-effective
  • Unlimited Sharing Potential On Social Platforms
  • Appropriate for any Business
  • Escalate brand

Main Cryptocurrency Advertising Platforms

The limit of cryptocurrency ads united with the elevated popularity of crypto has generated quite a few ad links dedicated to crypto ads. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Coinzilla
  • Cointraffic
  • TokenAd
  • Biggio


  • You will have no issue getting the approval of your cryptocurrency ad and running while using one of these stages.
  • Drives an extremely targeted audience of cryptocurrency to your site. These platforms work with the leading websites from the finance as well as cryptocurrency industries and, as a result, showcase your ads in front of vastly engaged target audiences interested in your product as well as your business.

To Sum Up

Cryptocurrency is a type of market packed with several projects; on the other hand, if you wish to highlight your cryptographic project, be reliable and regularly cherish the relationship with your clients. 

Blogs Sales & Marketing Social Media Marketing

How to Advertise Weight Loss Products Online

In today’s fast-moving world, people usually don’t get much time to do regular exercise and maintain their weight. 

But hey! If you are selling weight loss products then you have come across the right place because we will be going through all the important aspects on how you can effectively sell your weight loss products and do a more profitable business.

We’ve divided this article into different segments to easily understand each part and improve the one you are currently working on. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Step by Step Guide Weight Loss Advertising Ideas

Learn how to sale Weight Loss Products Online through Google ads

Google ads

Google is the first place where people search their queries, most of the time. So if you are using Google ads for your weight loss products then you are missing out a big time.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose someone is not fit and wants to lose weight, before going to a dietician for a diet, they probably will search on google for “how to lose weight” or “weight loss diet” or “weight loss products”. If you can understand the problems of a person who is going through this situation and your products can provide the solution. 

Well, Congratulations, You have already won half the battle, Running Google ads for business is the second half. It might be a little tricky if you are doing it yourself for the first time so we advise you to get it done from a White label Google Ads Agency

The purpose of running ads for your business is not only to increase your sales but also to generate brand awareness and it also helps you to scale your business and get it online if you are not selling your products online already.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and it provides several benefits to your business. SEO, unlike paid advertising, comes under the umbrella of organic marketing. 

In google ads, you have to spend money to get users to click on your ads and visit your landing page but in SEO, you need to make adjustments on the page and off page along with the educational content.

Below are some of the important points that you need to take into consideration.

  • Make sure your website has SEO-friendly quality content. SEO-friendly content contains proper headings – subheadings, wisely chosen keywords, and many other things but most importantly, your content should provide value to the readers.
  • Apart from the written content, you also need to make sure that your website’s loading time is fast(using a shared hosting service can significantly increase your loading time). 
  • Ensure meta tags, meta descriptions, and URLs are set properly to rank on the first page of google search results.

There are many other tiny adjustments that you need to make in order to get your website rank on top in a particular search term or niche. And it could get really frustrating very soon if you are trying to do it all by yourself when you have never done it before.

How to sale Weight Loss Products Online through Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Whenever you are scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, have you noticed how many times you scroll through fitness products or weight loss products? 

In case you didn’t notice, the answer is many times. The market for weight loss products is huge because it’s beneficial and more importantly it solves a problem.

Today, Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram and the potential of great sales from those platforms is huge because there are people who are not directly looking for weight loss products but if they come across them and realize they also need them, they will just buy them.

And to sell your products to them, you need to run ads on those platforms. For that, you need to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager. You can run ads on both platforms from the same ads manager.

The next step is to target the audience, to do that you need to have answers to the following questions.

  1. The location that you want to target.
  2. Interests of people.
  3. What type of people can benefit the most from your products.

Once you have answers to these questions, you are ready to run your first campaign. But always keep in mind that both platforms are different in nature and people act differently on different platforms.

Influencers Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach your potential customers. People don’t only follow influencers but also trust them. 

So if you want to sell your products through influencers and put your money into influencer marketing, chances are, you are gonna get good results but still, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind so you don’t lose your money and make the maximum profit possible.

These things are:

  • Make sure the influencers you are choosing for your product are in the same niche. For example, if you work with an influencer that mainly deals in clothing will not get you good results for your weight loss products but on the other hand, if you are choosing an influencer that is a lifestyle expert or a fitness coach, the results are going to be in your favor.
  • Apart from choosing the right niche and the target audience, make sure that you dig deep into the influencer background. Some influencers may have millions of followers but they only get engagement from a few thousand people only on their posts. They will charge you a hefty amount of money but the return on that kind of investment is not good for your business.
  • Make sure that the influencer is well trusted and respected by his followers and other bands he’s worked with previously. To do that, you can check how positively his followers reply or comment on his posts and you can also talk to other brands about their experience working with that influencer, by sending them an email for the same.

Influencer marketing can bring you fruitful results if you take care of the above-mentioned things and it could be very helpful in spreading the positive word about your products.

Sale Weight Loss Products Online through Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Some people tend to think that email marketing is old-fashioned and does not bring as good results as other paid sources.

Well, the truth is, Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing that could bring massive results if done properly. And one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it does NOT cost you anything when you are just starting, unlike paid ads.

If you are low on budget and can not afford paid advertising, email marketing is your way. In fact, if you have a budget you can still do email marketing because it could work wonders for your business.

So, the only question that remains now is, how do you get started in email marketing.

To clarify, Let’s divide this section into 2 parts, i.e

  1. You are new and just starting an email marketing
  2. It’s been a while since you are doing this and want to do it effectively.

  1. In case you are new, All you have to do is make an email template, which you will be sending to your customers to tell them the benefits of your products or to connect with other people for collaborations. Make sure you are keeping the record of emails you are getting because that will help you in later stages. Saving 1 email address at a time will help you build an email list that will ultimately help you in the long run when targeting several people with email marketing software.

  1. If you are not new and doing it for a while, you probably have an email list ready by now by following step A. The next step is to make an email marketing plan which you have to follow that includes a sequence of emails from welcome email to follow-up emails to thank you emails. We recommend you use email marketing software like MailChimp to organize a large number of emails.

Social Media marketing

As we were discussing earlier, social media has billions of users and the potential reach for your products in social media is very high so why not take advantage of it. Social media marketing isn’t always about paid advertising.

You don’t always have to run paid ads on social media to promote your products or sell your products in fact what you can do is create engaging posts that compel people to participate in your posts and once they do, Facebook will start sending them notifications on every update that happens on that post.

So, let’s see how you can effectively do white label social media marketing. We are not gonna talk about how you can run paid ads which we already did in this article before so we will be focusing on organic marketing here.

First of all, you need to have a business page, a Facebook page, or an Instagram page where you can connect with potential customers as followers, and whatever you post, they can engage with you. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when they start is that they start posting stuff related to their products on their personal profile and they think once they grow big, they will switch to a page which is not really a good idea so always start with creating a new page if you don’t have one already and keep your personal and professional page separate. 

Once you have created a page, you can start sharing some really good images, videos, or educational posts on the same. For example, when you are selling weight-loss products, you can post Before VS After Transformation Pictures or videos on your pages. Or Create a high-quality educational video or post that people find useless and they share it with their friends and family.

The bottom line is there are plenty of ways to sell your weight loss products online but choosing the right platform for the right content is the key.

Facebook Ads Sales & Marketing

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

How much do you care about your customers? How much is your customer educated about your product?

Have you ever thought about it? Ever thought about “FACEBOOK SALES FUNNEL”?

There are over 2.37 active monthly users on Facebook today and nobody logs in to just buy anything. Most of them log in to see how their social network is behaving, what their friends are doing, share their own pictures and memories. They don’t really come to buy products on Facebook.

So, what makes them buy a product? What, as a marketer are we suppose to do to enhance their existing world?

Most of the advertisers ask the audience for sales over and over again, test out multiple CTAs, audiences, creatives, ad copies(sales-oriented) and pray that their audience buys their product.

But as a “smart marketer” you should be building awareness, providing value, and getting the “trust” of your audience before asking them for direct sale(if they need to).

And that’s where the sales funnel comes into act.

In this post, we’ll walk you through every single step of a funnel & will detail out what you need to do to set up a successful sales funnel in Facebook Ads.

Buckle up as this is going to be a long ride!

The funnel to our right is the basic view of what a funnel looks like.

We will take this funnel as the backbone of our Facebook funnel & will build our campaigns around it.

Each stage in this funnel corresponds to the following:

  • Awareness Stage – This stage corresponds to COLD/ToFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience is fairly new. They have never interacted with your website/brand ever before.


  • Engagement Stage – This stage corresponds to WARM/MoFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience is acquainted with your website but don’t have confidence/trust in your product to buy it.


  • Conversion Stage – This stage corresponds to HOT/BoFu campaigns in your Facebook Ads. In this stage, your audience has enough trust in your product & now you can openly ask them to buy your product & the conversion rate is highest in this stage.

Let me walk you through every step one-by-one.

But before we start, it is very important that you’ve set up Facebook pixel accurately on your website as it holds 90% of the audience data & if it is set up in a wrong way, it can literally mess up with your audience & profits.

Top of the Funnel – ToFu/COLD Campaigns

In this section, the users who will interact with your ads will be the ones who have never heard of your brand before.

These people are the ones who have shown interest in your ads as your ad may be too interesting or it may have shown a solution to the problem that she/he might want to overcome. These are least likely to purchase or take any desired action on your website.


These are some of the examples of what your audience should consist of while setting up a cold campaign.

  • Interests
  • Lookalikes of Purchase, Initiate Checkout, Add to Cart, etc

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude Website Visitors, Facebook Engagers from this audience. This way you will ensure that the audience is purely cold and you are not targeting any previous visitor.


Since the objective of this campaign is to establish a connection between users and your brand, the ad copy & creative should be less of sale-oriented and more of a solution providing or feature-oriented, such as:

  • Blogpost
  • Videos
  • Lead Magnet Squeeze Pages
  • Guides
  • Single Images, etc.

At the end of this stage, people will be acquainted with your brand and now it’s just about warming them up & getting their trust in us to buy the product.

Middle of the Funnel – MoFu/WARM Campaigns

This audience consists of people who have engaged with your brand or website but not made any sale-oriented action like ATC, IC, etc. on your website recently.

But so far, they have indicated no interest in buying from you.

These people need to be educated about your product and brand to get their trust in your brand and convert this warm traffic into purchases.


Obviously, the warm audience consists of the people you have accumulated in the Cold campaigns. Here are some of them:

  • Video Views 95%
  • Video Views 75%
  • Facebook Engagers
  • Instagram Engagers, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude ATC, Purchase, IC from this audience. This way you will ensure that the audience is purely WARM and you are not targeting any bottom of the funnel audience.


Now your goal is to convert someone who already knows about your brand and product, the main objective here is to nurture them to get their trust and confidence in your brand. Ads and content in these campaigns will be:

  • Testimonial Ads
  • Product Feature Images
  • Product Feature Videos
  • Product Catalog
  • Carousel, etc.


At the end of this stage, a good number of users should already have converted/purchased from you or at least will have confidence in your brand.

Bottom of the Funnel – BoFu/HOT Campaigns

This is where your ROAS will jump exponentially and CPA will get lowered down.

This is the real cream!

These people have recently shown interest in your brand/website by taking some desired action like ATC, IC, subscribed to the newsletter, followed your Facebook page, etc. but didn’t actually purchase any item from the website.

They are well educated now about your brand/product and thus need a little push to make the final purchase.


This hot audience is actually a warm audience that is well educated & knows really well about your brand. Here are some of them:

  • View Content – 14D
  • Add to Cart – 14D
  • Initiate Checkout – 14D
  • Email Subscribers – 30D, etc.

PRO TIP: Make sure to exclude the bottom level audience from the upper one to make sure your adsets are properly segregated. For example, exclude Initiate Checkout – 14D from Add to Cart – 14D adset.


Congratulations, you’ve done well so far. 

Users are now standing on the verge to become your lifetime customers. It just needs a little push now. Ad copies for this audience need some key elements like scarcity, offers, FOMO to really hook the users to buy the product.

Ads and content in these campaigns will be:

  • Testimonial Ads
  • Offers, and
  • Product Catalog

So, you have really made this far, wow. I have a gift for you if you really are so passionate about learning. 🙂

There is a secret!

The Fourth Step of the Funnel. Yes, you heard it right!


It isn’t enough to attract new users and give them reasons to use the product.

For steady business growth, you need to hold them for a long time by creating a long-term relationship.

For any e-commerce store, Customers’ Lifetime Value (CLV) plays an important role in making that store a brand. A study says that acquiring a new customer costs 4-5 times more than retaining him.

There’s not much content you can create to help facilitate a good post-purchase experience — apart from just creating a great product, having good customer support, and providing an exceptional post-purchase experience. If you have a great product that solves a problem, post-purchase behavior will take care of itself.

There are few strategies to follow for greater customer retention rate, like:

  • Cross-Selling,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Upselling, and more.


Not all marketers know about the concept of COLD, WARM & HOT traffic and how to best target them separately. You’re missing out on a lot of customers if you’re not properly targeting these audiences and providing them relatable content.

Remember, the traffic you are targeting consists of people with different needs and different knowledge levels of your brands and products, and you must warm your audience, make them educated, get trust in your brand & use the power of FOMO for better conversions.

I am currently working on a guide to give you a deeper insight into all 4 stages of sales funnel with an example of one of our live accounts. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with the latest tips, tricks & techniques for e-commerce marketing.

Sales & Marketing

4 Simple Rules to Optimize your Lead Generation Process

63% of the companies consider lead generation as their biggest challenge, in fact, the big fishes in the market even use lead nurturing specialists to acquire new customers. 

For any B2C or B2B organization a proven lead generation strategy must be required and if done right, it will become a fruitful tree for your business.

 Before we start with optimizing lead generation let’s understand the whole concept of lead generation and its obstacles you need to overcome.

“If you’re not taking care of your customer, your competitor will”

-Bob Hooey


What is Lead Generation?

The process of identifying people who have expressed interest in your product or service through a lead funnel and converting them into customers is called lead generation. A simple lead funnel works as :

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Any visitor enters the lead funnel when he expresses his interest in your Lead Magnet (gated content or E-book or a Tutorial) and ends up submitting his details to access the resource.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”] Various Marketing Outreach activities such as remarketing ads, Newsletters, follow-up emails are used to nurture the leads.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-star” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]Then the marketing team assesses each lead and checks the probability of converting customers. At this stage, the Marketing team determines whether the lead has to be nurtured more or to be extracted from the funnel and passed to the sales team.

What is the lead generation process?


How to Optimize Lead Generation Process?

The lead generation process is very simple yet complex, it can take from a week to several months before leads turn into paying customers.

 There are sales, marketing, and various other departments involved in the lead generation process, this makes it quite complex. 

However, when all the players pull together towards an aligned goal with a clear strategy can definitely lift up new revenue sources.

1. Be Definitive & Set Accountability

A full-fledged internal sales funnel is managed by the marketing and sales department, making sure to have clear distinctions and each team has accountability for their roles.

In this example, We have divided the sales funnel into two parts: lead management and Sales Management.

Optimize Lead Generation Process

There are 3 stages in Lead management:-

  1. MCL ( Marketing Captured Lead)
  2. MEL (Marketing Engaged Lead)
  3. MQL ( Marketing Qualified Lead)

The 3rd and last stage in lead management are Marketing Qualified Lead where the marketing team hands over the lead to the sales team. 

Once the marketing team analyzes that the lead is sufficiently ‘warm’ to be managed by a sales development representative it is transferred over to the sales team. 

After the lead is transferred to the sales team, the sales team first decides whether a lead is warm enough to accept. If it needs more nurturing than the sales team rejects then leads and sends it back to the marketing team.

If you properly define and illustrate the lead funnel to each player everyone understands where their responsibility begins.

2. Offer the Need

As we mentioned above, the whole lead generation process is divided into two teams, the marketing team and the sales team. 

The role of the marketing team is much similar to the fisherman. The marketing team is responsible for capturing leads and warming up the leads and moving them below to the sales funnel.


Mostly, this is achieved via content marketing offering e-books, cheatsheets, newsletters, and social media marketing.

It’s the job of the marketing team to craft content according to the user’s need to move them towards the golden MQL stage and beyond.

3. Learn from rejected leads

If your leads are rejected don’t feel bad because every rejected lead is inevitable – and even valuable. Whenever your lead gets rejected from sales it becomes an opportunity to analyze and optimize your campaigns.

Examine the leads with the sales team, this will give you an important insight to tweak your sales funnel. 

If you take the right decision at the right moment, you will be able to push your lead qualification rate to new heights.

4. Strike while the iron is hot

Every lead has tried to connect or interact at some point in time with your business. The interaction may be different in nature, they may have subscribed to your blog, liked your blog, shared your posts on social media. 

This means the leads are warm-up to some extent. You just need to follow up with them ASAP. 

According to, marketers who follow up with online leads within 5 minutes are 9 times more likely to win them. When it comes to the lead generation process, every minute counts – literally!


“Lead generation is a fair core activity to Marketing”

-Chris Brogan 

If you need a specialized lead funnel for your business don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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8 Best Productive Linkedin Tools That Boost Your Sales in 2020

Linkedin is a professional networking platform. It is all about networks & connections. It is used every day by people who need jobs, who want to grow their network, and also by the businesses who want to grow their business by generating genuine sales.

Linkedin is not only about who you know but also about who your connections know. That is the real power of Linkedin. This platform is not similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

In this post, you will get to know the top 8 LinkedIn tools that are safe to use and boost your sales. Let’s explore the tools to grow the businesses to the next level.

1.Linkedin Sales Navigator

This is an amazing tool that makes social selling easy. If you have the desire to boost sales through Linkedin then this tool is the right option for you. This tool provides customized lead recommendations to help you find the right people faster and easier. 


Linkedin is adding some more features in the tool so that it can provide you efficient results.

2. Linkedin Small Business

Linkedin helps small businesses to grow by providing this feature. As we all know Linkedin is a professional networking website, it helps small businesses to connect with the other professionals who help them to grow their business. 


This tool makes use of a 3 step approach to social selling that will help your small business to boost sales. The 3 step approach is:

  • Establish your brand presence
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Engage them with content marketing

3. Crystal

Crystal is known as the world’s largest personality platform. This platform reviews the profiles and provides insights into a person’s personality. This approach helps you to connect with the right person.


If you want to sell your services or products via Linkedin, then it is important to become a good communicator. This can be possible in an easy way by using this tool.


This Linkedin tool is best for generating bigger engagement. In Lempod, the word “Pod” refers to the group of people who are liking & commenting on each other’s posts. 


There are a couple of problems that we have to face like;

  • Not more than 5% of people will like posts.
  • Very few comments on the posts.
  • Less engagement

Lempod is the best solution for this! 

Basically, it helps you to increase engagement on your posts. This is a chrome extension that will help you to find different public pods where you can join and build your network.

This is a lead generation software. It allows you to download the lead lists from Linkedin to Excel. If you want to track the leads then it is the best tool.


There is another feature (Sequence) provided by Salestools software. This feature helps you to personalize outreach messages as a part of your marketing plan. Also, you can track your activities in order to push leads through your sales funnel.

This tool would be a stronger choice if you want to accelerate your LinkedIn sales.

6.Aero leads Linkedin Email Finder


This is the most popular Linkedin tool in 2020. It provides a feature to build a real-time email list for marketing and sales purposes. With this software, you can find out the email and phone number from Linkedin. You can install AeroLeads software through a chrome plugin and start using it for free.


When you check someone’s profile on Linkedin, you cannot check his/her activity on the other social media platforms. By using, you can see that information easily. 


It is a chrome extension and when you install it on your browser, you can gather all of the information about an individual while checking out his profile on Linkedin. 

Once you install this extension and open the Linkedin profile of a person, then you will see a green icon at the top that will provide you all the Facebook & Twitter data about the person.


Linkedin is a professional networking platform having more than 430 million members. If you want to proceed in the right direction on Linkedin, then it is necessary to take the help of a prospecting tool. 


LeadFuze is the right tool for you because it is affordable and allows you to quickly create a list of leads and target accounts through a simple search. It can also find out the email data, contact numbers, and social media profiles automatically.

This tool is really amazing as it helps you to automatically send personalized emails and follow-ups. It is considered as one of the top lead generation tools of Linkedin.


If you want to grow your business then you need to grab B2B opportunities. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the top-notch social media platforms but they are not the best platform for B2B opportunities. 

Linkedin is the best platform for networking with business professionals that will help you to grow your business to the next level.

By using the above-listed tools, you can take advantage of the Linkedin features and also speed up your sales process.

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Top 7 Free E-mail Marketing Tools For Businesses in 2020

Are you running a small or medium-sized business?

If yes, then email marketing is the best practice for you to grow your business and build your reputation. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your targeted audience. It is a very personal way to reach targeted customers. Before sending an email, just make sure it is personalized so that the customer can connect with you.

Email Marketing Benefits

Here are some major benefits of using email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy:

1. Effective than other platforms

As we already know that social media is a major component of the business’s marketing strategy. It is a way through which we can interact with our audience and strengthens our relationship with them. It is the initial step towards the ultimate goal which is “Conversions”.

Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing because it plays a major role in converting people into customers. According to research, “It is found that email marketing is the best way to connect customers with businesses for a long time”.


2. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is best for small and medium-sized businesses that have a low budget. It is easy, effective and less expensive as compared to the traditional marketing method where you have to spend on printing, labor, etc.


3. Build trust 

“Why will someone take services from you when you are not as recognizable as big brands?” Building trust is one of the biggest hurdles that small businesses have to face. “Customer Trust” is a big factor that can boost your business very rapidly. 

By using email marketing, you’re able to build trust by staying in contact with your customers and keeping them up to date about your business.

4. Efforts are measurable

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can measure each and every step. There is no guesswork in email marketing. You can check out the important metrics, make adjustments accordingly and improve your effectiveness.

7 Best Email Marketing Tools For Successful Campaigns

Finding a perfect email marketing tool that suits your needs & requirements is quite necessary. In this blog, you will get the list of best free email marketing tools that helps you to grow your business by connecting with your targeted audience.

(a) Mailchimp


This is the most widely used email marketing tool by bloggers and small businesses. The reason behind its wide usage is its completely free plan. 

You will get 10,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers in the free package. 

Advantages of this tool:

  • Drag & drop builder.
  • Beautiful templates.
  • A/B testing and segmentation that makes your emails more effective.
  • Can easily connect with Salesforce, Shopify & Eventbrite.
  • Mailchimp has tools for Facebook & Instagram ads and posts.

(b) Sendinblue


This is a powerful email marketing tool, available in both free and paid version. Its paid version is also very low that you can spend easily. It is best suited for small businesses and also for those who have a low budget. 

By using this tool, you can get the maximum features and benefits.

In its free plan, you will get an unlimited number of contacts, 300 emails per day and additionally, SMS text message service.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Robust drag & drop email builder.
  • Impressive automation email templates.
  • A/B testing and heat mapping to check how your emails are doing.
  • SMS service that can be linked to your email campaigns.
  • Chat feature to reach out to visitors in real-time.

(c) Benchmark Email

benchmark email

This is an automated email marketing tool that provides you the feature of creating automated replies and even preview the emails via smartphones or PC devices.

Its free plan includes 14,000 emails for 2,000 subscribers per month. 

Advantages of this tool:

  • Drag and drop email editor.
  • Google Analytics to check the stats.
  • Well designed email templates.
  • Automated messages include welcome emails, abandoned carts, and follow-ups.
  • Very easy & fast to use.

(d) OmniSend


This is the best email marketing tool for those who are running eCommerce stores. It has the feature to quickly pull product data from your store and generates beautiful email templates and opt-in forms to grow your email list.

Its free plan includes 15,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Includes creative signup forms like popups, landing pages, and a wheel-of-fortune game.
  • Send out automated emails for abandoned carts and order confirmations.
  • It also includes A/B testing tools and email tracking features.
  • Send out discount codes or scratch cards.

(e) Mailer Lite


This tool has gained a lot of popularity in the last two years. The biggest reason behind this is its an easy interface that helps users to improve interaction using pop-ups and surveys. This tool doesn’t include super-advanced automation or analytics features but still, it is the best tool.

Its free version includes 1,000 emails without having to spend a dime.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Able to create beautiful email newsletters, pop-ups, and surveys.
  • It can easily design a mobile-optimized email template free of cost.
  • You can take help from a dedicated support team in case you will find any difficulty.
  • This is an affordable solution for freelancers and small business owners.
  • With this tool, you would be able to take complete control of the backend by using an HTML editor.


(f) Fresh Email


This is another amazing email marketing tool that uses an AI-based system in its template. It provides several templates to their users in order to make their email marketing campaigns more effective. 

Its free plan includes 200 per month and supports up to 500 subscribers.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Used an AI-based system that makes it more efficient.
  • It helps users to set default mails that can be deployed to subscribers based on their replies.
  • It can provide a variety of email templates.
  • Drag & drop builder.
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Top 7 Click Funnel Add-ons to Boost your Sale Funnel

One major thing to know about the ClickFunnel is that it is an all-in-one marketing platform. A platform where one can quickly create their fantastic sales funnels that convert the visitors into leads, and then customers.

Get set to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages, sales funnels, membership areas (for online courses), do email marketing, create your own affiliate program and much more!

If you have not checked ClickFunnel before, now is the time to unlock this treasure.  The best thing about ClickFunnel is that it does not require to hire or rely on a tech team!

In this post, we will discuss how you can supercharge your sales funnel process by using the top 7 different ClickFunnel add-on.

1. Deadline Funnel

At the top of our list is Deadline Funnel because it will allow you to create an authentic sense of urgency with real timers in your funnels that will lock leads out of offers if they don’t purchase within your set time frame.

This means it will give a reason to your visitor why they will buy in urgency.

2. CF Pro Tool 

CF Pro Tool comes with truly awesome scripts that you can use to add in your  Sale Funnels to make them do even more things: like highlight best-selling items, turn your regular order form into a shopping cart, do specialized Facebook pixel tracking and much more!

3. Drift

With Drift, you are able to reach and communicate with your visitor in real-time. Means with drift you add a chat widget on your sale funnel pages which allows users to send you messages if they have any query regarding your product or service and you can answer in real-time from your email or the Drift mobile app on your phone.

4. Stunning

Clickfunnel allows the user to receive the payments from customers through credit cards and they make the purchase of a product through a subscription (e.g. “pay 3 monthly payments of $97), instead of a one-time payment. It’s common for customers’ credit cards to expire at this time or they close credit cards altogether.

This stunning provides the scope for customers to update their card information and hold responsible for their missed payments and much more for the customers.

If your service relies upon recurring customer payments for your income then you need not be worried, Stunning seriously helps make that happen.

5. Proof

Proof is a simple ClickFunnel addon that you can add to your sales funnels page to add the social proof widget to your opt-in pages. ProofThe proof will show the name and location of other people who have opted in for that item recently.

6. Funnelish Paypal App

You can also Integrate Paypal account with ClickFunnels by using a Paypal button but it’s a bit bulky process for you and the consumer.

One major flaw of ClickFunnels is that you can’t have both a credit card and Paypal payment method on the same order form. You have to choose one because it limits the payment options for your customer.

Funnelish ClickFunnels+Paypal app helps you to remove this flaw and allows customers to choose either they wish to use.

7. MembersPRO

With MembersPRO ClickFunnels addon, you can track students’ progress and perform other actions related to your ClickFunnels membership areas, like sending students emails after they complete certain sections of content, restricting how many IP addresses can access the membership area at once, and more…

These click funnel add-ons will help you to keep your visitors engaged. There are several other ways to entice your audience like giving them coupons, discounts on first purchase, sending highly targeted messages to your customers, etc.  Nevertheless, if you take these Click funnel add-ons in consideration, it would be a win-win!