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3 Secrets That’ll help you build profitable Google ads campaigns for your eCommerce store

3 Secrets of Profitable Google ads campaigns for your eCommerce store

Let us be honest here, what we are doing to discuss today is NO secret recipe for success, but most people just don’t pay much attention to these tiny details when it comes to creating google shopping campaigns.

Everyone wants their business to be in profit and grow at a faster rate. To make that happen, you need profitable google ads campaigns, whether you are doing it for your clients or your own business.

We have already made this point clear that you need higher ROIs to scale your business so let’s talk about how you are going to do that

2.Improving your quality score

Your quality score is calculated on a scale of 1-10 based on different factors such as your ad relevance, expected CTR (Click Through Rate), Landing Page experience.

Now improving your quality score can help you get more profitable campaigns? The answer is Google Reward ads that have better quality scores with less CPC. In simple words, you don’t have to pay higher than your competitors to rank on top for the same keywords.

If you have a higher keyword quality score than your competitors, then your CPC might be even lower than your competitors, and still, you will rank on top of the search engine results page because of it.

2. Don’t Forget to optimize your ads for Mobile Devices.

According to a study, people tend to convert more on mobile phones than on PCs or Tablets. So, your priority should be optimizing your ads for mobile users.

Almost everyone has their mobile devices with them most of the time but not their PC or tablets, and also when a user has a query or is looking for a product or services, they use their mobile devices unless they are sitting in front of their PC.

So, now you have a clear understanding of mobile users’ importance, so always optimize your mobile devices’ ads.

3. Adding Negative Keywords

Adding Negative keywords in your ads does not only means you are saving money from unwanted clicks, but you are telling google precisely what kind of customers you are looking for. 

By doing so, you are also improving your quality score, which we have mentioned in point no.1 because you are telling Google to present your ad in front of a quality audience who has higher chances of converting.

So, by adding negative keywords, you are lowering your costs and getting valuable prospects who might turn into your lifelong customers.

That being said, if you take care of these three things, you are going to get profitable google ads campaigns for your business or your client’s business.

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