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Secrets Revealed by Top Jewelry Brands to Get 10x ROAS Through Facebook Ads

Secrets Revealed by Top Jewelry Brands to Get 10x ROAS Through Facebook Ads


Wherever your customers are, you want to be there too. Today that refers to social networking platforms, particularly Facebook.

About 69% of American adults used Facebook in 2022, and 70% of users claim to log in daily. Even more convincing statistics include the usage of Facebook by 77% of those aged 30-49 and 70% of those who earn over $75,000.

In other words, Facebook may be a goldmine for your online store. However, promoting your brand on this platform may be challenging, expensive, and infuriating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So here we are, with this blog. We will discuss what the best-performing jewelry ads on Facebook are included and what we should take care of.

Today, with the aid of practical advice from our seasoned social media marketing experts, we’ll assist you in developing a Facebook eCommerce plan for your business. Along the way, you’ll discover whether you should retain internal control over your eCommerce Facebook advertising, engage a contractor, or outsource to an agency.

Let’s get going.

Ultimate Secrets Used by the Top Jewelry Brands to Get Maximum ROAS

There have been several trending jewelry brands introduced in recent years. Many people have chosen to develop social media accounts for sales and marketing in addition to opening actual storefronts. Due to the pandemic, operating a physical store was impractical, therefore, many people moved their businesses online to forums. As a result, there are now more jewelry brands on social media. In this post, we’ll talk about jewelry manufacturers’ digital marketing needs and how to grow their brands.

Firms must have a thorough digital marketing strategy in place as the jewelry industry prepares for another Christmas shopping season. While a great digital marketing strategy for jewelry brands has many moving components, we’ve selected some key suggestions that should form the cornerstone of every brand’s plan.

The internet has made it easier for businesses to have an online presence and for customers to widen their options and areas of interest when it comes to jewelry and jewelry companies. In addition, it has increased competition for every jewelry brand. Some firms still struggle to become more visible to consumers, despite the fact that only a small number of brands have succeeded in their digital marketing strategy.

This article will walk you through a few digital marketing strategies that a jewelry firm must employ in order to increase exposure, clientele, and sales.

1. Create A Solid Facebook Strategy

Create A Solid Facebook Strategy

When you’ve finished setting up your Facebook business page, you should promote it to get more likes and visitors to your page who will engage with its content. Key elements of your approach should include these tactics and consistently producing engaging content for your audience.

  • Understand Your Audience

In order to choose which Facebook marketing methods to use and how, it is crucial to understand who uses Facebook and how your present audience is divided.

For a general understanding of who is using the platform and how, starting with an in-depth analysis of social media demographics is highly recommended.

Then, utilizing Facebook Page Insights or any similar program, spend some time getting acquainted with your personal Facebook demographics.

  • Set Up Your End Goals

The correct goals must be set as the first step in any marketing campaign. This plan will serve as a crucial benchmark against which to assess the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing approach. But before you establish goals, you should research to ensure your strategy is feasible on the platform.

According to various studies, marketers and consumers continue using Facebook as their main social media channel to communicate with their target market. Also;

  1. Facebook is currently used by 83% of marketers.
  2. 60% of customers wished for brands to utilize Facebook more.

Therefore, these survey results are a wonderful place to start if you don’t already have Facebook goals of your own. Additionally, if your business has already established broad objectives, check to see whether they coincide with your own plans for Facebook marketing.

  • Finalize Your Ad Budget

Understanding the statistics pertaining to the marketing and sales of your company is the first step in establishing your Facebook advertising budget. Most marketers focus on generating leads and closing sales because their primary objective is to generate money.

A business’s marketing budget typically ranges from 5% to 12% of its revenue; because they desire to snowball, more recent businesses could prefer to spend closer to 12%. But suppose your business has been around for a long and you are bringing in a lot of money. Your budget may be closer to 5% if you intend to sustain or increase slowly.

  • Make a Conversion Funnel

One of the most effective, long-lasting marketing techniques, Facebook Ads Funnel, will help you enhance ROI, acquire new leads, and expand your business.

Undoubtedly, Facebook advertising is quite effective at generating leads and revenue. However, it’s unlikely that someone will choose your product or service the first time they see your advertisement or interact with your brand.

You need several touchpoints to actually convert consumers to your primary offer. Additionally, you require a funnel to transport prospects from one place to another.

The Facebook Ads funnel is a series of ad campaigns that guide users from total strangers to paying consumers along the buyer’s journey.

The Facebook Ads funnel technically comprises numerous campaigns with numerous ads that feature various value propositions and are delivered to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

There are three primary phases in the Facebook Ads funnel:

Awareness– Top of the funnel (TOFU)

Consideration– Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

Conversion– Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

The Post-Purchase Stage comes next, where your objective is to convert current consumers into devoted clients loyal to your brand. This raises your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and significantly boosts the profitability of your advertising.

Your conversion rates could go up, your sales could expand, and you might even spend less on advertising, thanks to a Facebook Ads funnel.

Without a Facebook funnel, you’d be spending money on ads by pitching your goods/services to unresponsive audiences.

2. Create the Most Engaging Ad Creatives

Create the Most Engaging Ad Creatives

Consider how you scroll around social media. What prompts you to pause and give a post a second glance? Most of the time, the visual catches your attention, whether it’s a sarcastic GIF, a funny kitten, or a smiling baby.

When running Facebook advertisements, the strongest copy is probably going to be ignored if it’s paired with a subpar image. Here are a few tips to make your ad creative rock and come out an engaging one:

  • Placement-Based Image Customization

You can choose original photos for various placements using the Facebook Ads interface. For the Stories format, you should use vertical photos to fill the entire screen, whereas the News Feed should utilise horizontal or square images.

It’s also important to pay attention to the location of the desktop right sidebar, especially after Facebook updated its design in late 2020. Facebook will now display a square picture in that position if you use one, providing more prominent ad space. Previously, only rectangle (1200 x 628) photos appeared in that placement.

Additionally, keep in mind that because of the drastically reduced size of the adverts in the right sidebar, any text you put in your photographs will hardly be readable. We’d advise reducing or eliminating all text from any images in this spot.

  • Use Text Carefully

The 20% text restriction was finally eliminated by Facebook in 2020, and text inclusion in ad images is no longer frowned upon. Test out photographs with text in them, but don’t go overboard.

People will frequently pay more attention to a straightforward point than a picture with excessive text.

There may be other inventive methods to incorporate functioning text into your graphic, depending on your product. 

  • Consider Stock Photography With Care

We’ve all seen the formulaic stock images that advertisers use, such as the well-groomed businessmen sitting around the conference table, looking icily into space. While stock photos could be a quick fix for firms without a designer or exceptional photography, these images frequently fail to catch the viewer’s eye and result in a clear identification with your company.

If you decide to use stock photographs, consider including a branded feature, like your logo, in the advertisements. Additionally, you can add text that overlays and explicitly refers to the deal you are promoting.

  • Display the Product

Show your tangible product in use in your ad creative if you’re selling it. People will fully understand what you’re offering and how they may apply it to their life. Almost all the jewelry facebook ads have this in common. The ads display the ornaments so that it induces buyers to have them.

Ultimately, spending money on quality product photography can pay off big. You might purchase an SLR camera with a macro lens, some lights, and even if you don’t want to employ a professional photographer, you can still capture high-quality close-up pictures of your product.

  • Roll Out A Deal

To fully catch people’s attention, add any discounts or freebies you’re offering right in the ad creative. Be as specific as you can about what the audience will receive.

  • Include Relevant Stats

Include figures from research or surveys that demonstrate how successful your brand is in graphics.

  • Use carousel ads to illustrate a point

Make sure the slides in a carousel ad are put together with a common subject, and use the numerous slides to tell a tale. This strategy can consist of the following:

  1. Taking a step-by-step setup procedure.
  2. Highlighting a few key characteristics.
  3. Displaying the problem-solving process (or, if appropriate, before-and-after photos).

3. Try Out Different Facebook Ad Types

Try Out Different Facebook Ad Types

The sophistication of Facebook’s business platform has increased, providing advertisers with more ways to reach new audiences and retarget past site visits to their brand. However, because there are so many alternatives available, it can be challenging for advertisers to determine which Facebook Ad type is appropriate for a certain campaign objective.

We’ll go over the major Facebook ad types in this post and assist you in choosing which advertising to use for certain campaign objectives.

  • Video Ads for News Feed 

The video ad features aid in informing your audience via video of the features of your product. Videos should be produced in aspect ratios of 9:16 or 16:9 at the greatest resolution feasible. Additionally, they can range in length from one second to 240 minutes, although we suggest the length to be less than 15 seconds. 

Uploading a 360-degree ad, which provides consumers with an immersive experience where they can drag their finger or turn their device to view an advertisement, is a neat feature of Facebook’s video advertisements.

  • Dynamic Facebook Ads

Gen Z is the best illustration of how categorizing people no longer works because of how flexible their interests are. In fact, studies have revealed that 91% of people between the ages of 18 and 25 think that mainstream pop culture has passed its prime.

You can make customized adverts for each potential buyer who visits your website using Facebook’s dynamic product ads.

You may automatically advertise your most pertinent products with Facebook’s dynamic ads. Utilizing this technology will enable you to display the appropriate products to users who have expressed an interest in them.

  • Collection Ads

Collection advertisements can be something to consider if you’re introducing a number of products all at once, especially near the conclusion of a campaign that generates a lot of attention. It is so that interested customers may quickly make the transition from learning about your goods to making a purchase, thanks to collection ads.

Collection advertising resembles internet stores in that they feature a main image of the product along with four other photos that visitors can tap through. They can make a purchase right there on the platform if they choose to.

  • Carousel Ads

Facebook runs carousel advertising across its website, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. They come in a wide variety. You can display up to 10 photos or videos in one ad using carousels. This large advertising area encourages imagination.

Product demos, product highlights, showing off a product’s specifications and using carousel advertising to convey stories are common uses for them. Carousels can draw visitors who enjoy an engaging experience to Facebook, despite the fact that they are popular on Instagram.

4. Try Out Different Ad Combinations

Advertising often focuses on the classic “versus” debate about which option is superior. Where should I place my ads? Which is more practical? Yes, it’s important to know your stuff and be certain which placement would produce the best results, but since we have access to these three platforms, why not seize the initiative and use them all at once? You’ll be able to combine the finest of both worlds into one marketing plan.

The primary justification for running placement-optimized advertisements is clear: they have been shown to produce more results. Cross-platform targeting enables you to consider your options because platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google each have unique methods for online marketing.

How can you make the most of paid search and paid social? Well, there are a number of options, and some prominent ones are listed below:

  • Facebook Ads + Google Ads

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two of the most effective ways to attract customers who are ready to make a purchase on your website, according to several established digital merchants as well as others who are converting their brick-and-mortar stores to an online environment. Some prominent Facebook jewelry ads have also done this, and marketers have run Facebook ads along with Google ads.

According to research, Facebook paid social marketing increased branded search volume on Google by 34%. Users that see your Facebook advertisement frequently visit Google to look up your business, generating organic traffic and saving money on paid clicks. Additionally, after the user has visited and interacted with your website, you can remarket to them.

  • Facebook Mobile Ads + Instagram Ads

You may connect with clients on Facebook and Instagram, where they are most active. Then there’s mobile. In fact, Instagram and Facebook together account for one in five mobile minutes, which is more than the next ten mobile platforms put together.

You have more chances to contact your customers by running ads on both platforms. When you choose Facebook and Instagram for the same advertising campaign, we’ll optimize delivery across their combined audiences to increase the effectiveness of reaching your target demographic. Additionally, compared to running ads on the Instagram or Facebook mobile News Feed separately, running ads across both platforms simultaneously offers equivalent or greater performance for website clicks, website conversions, video views, and mobile app installs.

Businesses worldwide are already seeing success from combining their Facebook and Instagram marketing. For instance, when running Instagram and Facebook ads, MVMT Watches experienced a 20% decrease in cost per conversion and cost per action.

  • Facebook Ads + Messenger Ads

Every single month, more than 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger. It is the second-most popular messaging app after WhatsApp (which is also owned by Meta). Facebook Messenger advertising is appealing for more reasons than merely reach, though. They are getting engaged.

You may speak with your consumers directly when your business runs Facebook Messenger ads. There isn’t anything more captivating than that.

People are now messaging brands more frequently than ever before, thanks to messaging apps. More than 66% of customers claim that seeing a brand active and accessible on Messenger gives them more confidence to make a purchase. 80% of individuals who use Messenger to get in touch with a brand do so to inquire about a good or service before making a purchase.

5. Use Various Tips & Tricks 

Use Various Tips & Tricks

Building a Page following of users who are interested in the goods, services, or content you share is crucial. These tips offer best practices for cultivating a clientele that is likely to be interested in your company.

  • Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

Customer and brand trust is increased via user-generated content. Since it is not the brand’s own content but rather is based on other user’s experiences with the products, the potential consumer can trust that it is authentic and truthful.

  • Utilize Fresh Creatives

Fresh creative ideas are not simply desirable; they are necessary. The majority of reliable sites advise that you switch out your creatives every four to six weeks. On the other hand, if you’re running Facebook ads, you need to switch up your creativity every week. If your ad creatives aren’t updated frequently, Facebook will completely stop showing your advertising to your target markets. Facebook has stated outright that this is how they manage creative content.

  • Post Consistently

All of these platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, value and seek consistency. This indicates that they favor accounts with consistent posting. You are free to post as often as once per day or three times per week, but you must establish and maintain a posting schedule. Aim to post on the same days of the week, such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and at the same time of day when planning your calendar. The algorithms will prefer your postings if you post frequently, which will increase the number of individuals who see them.

  • Organize Giveaways

Giveaway competitions are a great method to market your company to your target market. They can be customized to achieve particular objectives that support the expansion of your company, such as raising website traffic, boosting subscriber numbers, raising brand awareness, and more.

Additionally, people find giveaways thrilling and challenging to resist. As a result, holding a giveaway can increase users’ feelings of FOMO, which increases their propensity to enter and interact with your business.

  • Engage with Your Audience

While having a large following is important, a more important indicator is how engaged your followers are with your material. A sizable following is meaningless if your followers aren’t reading your content, leaving comments, sharing them, or using your website’s affiliate links. High audience involvement makes you stand out, generates a beneficial feedback loop that increases the value of your material to your community, and may even pave the way for future brand collaborations and other monetization options.

Engaging a crowd effectively increases participation, enhances learning, and boosts enjoyment. Social media is used by engaged audiences to share their experiences. They turn into your brand’s spokespersons, generating buzz, word-of-mouth recommendations, and interest in upcoming events.

  • Partner with Influencers

Influencers help the target audience, who is frequently inundated with a barrage of ad commercials every day, feel more connected to and engaged by the advertising activities.

When a person recommends your products or services or makes reference to your brands through influencer marketing, it not only widens your audience but also raises awareness of your brand.

With the help of influencer marketing, businesses can connect with the crucial Millennial and Gen Z audiences, who, according to 85% of them, are very receptive to learning about certain items on social media.

ROI Minds – Your Path to Jewelry Facebook Ads Excellence

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Although Facebook marketing can bring in a lot of money for your online business, it doesn’t imply it’s simple.

With the wrong strategy, you could quickly squander money on advertising (as well as time) by pursuing ineffective tactics. Fortunately, the possibilities for success are infinite with a little investigation and experimentation.

Keep in mind that Facebook changes all the time. Our paid social team is responding by making ongoing adjustments to our tactics over time to produce the best outcomes for our clients. It’s possible that some of the strategies we’ve discussed above will lose their effectiveness in the future, so be ready to make strategic adjustments based on the facts from your particular campaign.

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