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Strategies to understand & implement A/B split testing

When we create any ad creative, content, landing page or call to actions for the landing page we keep user behaviour in mind, but sometimes users don’t interact the way we have expected and the user behaves differently. In that scenario, do we have a plan b?

So there is an option that is to run A/B split tests which is one of the main strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization.

A/B Split Test is the technique of showing 2 variants of a similar ad copy, landing page, creative, etc to different people at the same time and then comparing which one works better and use the performing variant. So we can use the performing variant and get better results by doing A/B split tests.

How Can We Do A/B Split Testing


  • Website Experience – We can test a landing page with different variants, these variations can be in CTA text, CTA Color, Design, Content, Lead Form, etc. according to the performance issues.


To understand this we’ve done A/B split testing for one of our client’s websites.

Based on one of our case studies, we have tested 2 landing pages for sign up. The existing landing page had a complex sign up form which included a large number of fields and the bounce rate was very high on that page whereas, a new landing page was made with fewer fields. This test really made a difference as the conversion rate increased exponentially.

The old lead form which was quite complex is displayed below:

a/b split testing

To conduct the test we designed a new form with fewer fields


So testing different landing pages on the basis of user behaviour can help the business to grow if we make the user feel comfortable with our service & better user experience


  • Ad copies – We can test ad copies with different variants such as:  


  • By switching headlines & descriptions
  • Using different CTA’s
  • Using keywords, website URL, USP’s in headlines
  • Test which one variant performs better in terms of CTR, CPC & ad strength and keep the winning variant and scale them further

You can create a buffer stock of google ad copies for each ad group. Let’s say 10 ads for 1 ad group with different angles like pain points, emotional, scarcity, informative, etc. Initially test 3 ad copies at a time and check their performance and replace the faulty ad copy with a new one keep testing until we get our winning ad copies

So creating a buffer stock of content can help us split test better as we can test immediately if any of our content fails to perform


  • Ad Creatives – We can test similar ad creatives with different ad content, CTA offers & analyzes the winning creatives which are low in cost and high in rewards.


Similarly, in case of ad creatives, we can create a buffer stock of creatives in different sizes a7 formats to test immediately if any of our creative fails to perform well.


  • Single Variable – In this,  we use a single variable with the existing one to find out which one converts more 


For example, you can test up to 10 versions of a call to action, by splitting the traffic to 5 versions of the same page, each one with a different call to action.


  • Multiple Variable -In this, we use multiple variables to find out which combination of variables converts more


For example, on one variation you can change the title, the call to action button and the price at the same time.

A/B Testing Strategies


  • Create a Solid A/B Testing Plan – Set up a detailed monthly strategy that you are going to use and not forget to have a plan B.


For example, to test different ad copies for a month we can create a buffer stock of the ads related to the keywords with different variations which we can test if the ad doesn’t perform well or we can create different creatives for the Facebook ads to test which one is performing and testing them till we get our winning ad.


  • Have Some Patience – Test a few changes at a time don’t test all of your variants simultaneously  because testing all your variants at the same time makes it impossible to make any real progress


  • Never Stop Testing – Once you’ve discovered the winning variant, we should not stop on that but we should think about how we can improve more. Don’t repeat the same thing you just did, if your new CTA is the reason for the increase in conversion rate don’t test that thing again but look for other things you can test & improve.


See What Your Competitors Are Doing – Always keep an eye on your competitors that how they are doing things, what are the things which are working for them and how we can also achieve the same. Competitors are a great way to find new ideas to test but don’t copy the whole idea just take inspiration and do it in your own way.

Benefits Of A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing can help improve performance in the following ways:


  • Increases  Website Traffic
  • Healthier websites and landing pages
  • Increases Conversion Rate
  • Get more conversion by investing less
  • Get a sense of how you can profitably redesign your website
  • Decreases Bounce Rates
  • Eliminate pain points from your users’ journeys
  • Decreases Cart Abandoners
  • Reasonable costs and benefits
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Eliminate pain points from your users’ journeys


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