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Facebook Marketing: Why Is It Important for Your Business?

One of the most well-known social networking sites is Facebook. It currently has over 2.89 billion monthly users and shows no signs of slowing down soon. As a result, because it allows them to connect with millions of people at once, Facebook has become an excellent platform for business owners and companies to promote their products and services.

Regrettably, not all businesses make use of Facebook marketing. This post will explain why every business needs a solid Facebook marketing strategy if they want to succeed with their branding efforts. You can use these tips to boost your company’s Facebook presence and attract more customers online.

Facebook is the Most Popular Social Networking Platform

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking platform, with 2.89 billion monthly active users and 9 million advertisers. It means you can reach many people at once, and it also allows you to connect with customers who may not be on other social media platforms yet. Furthermore, many users use this site to get news or learn about new products and services.

In fact, according to Neil Patel’s findings, social media accounts for 73% of digital content discoveries, while friends and family account for 67%. Furthermore, users are spending more time than ever before on Facebook; they spend 20 to 30 minutes per day on Facebook alone.

You should take advantage of these statistics because they show that if your company is active on this platform, you will have a better chance of gaining more clients online. We will discuss ten reasons why Facebook marketing is important for every business, and let’s get started helping you even more.

#1. You Can Target Mirco Audience (Exact Audiences)

It’s no surprise that social media is a hotbed for advertising, but Facebook has just turned the heat up a notch. Advertisers can find who they want to reach and target based on their interests or preferences using their data-rich platform.

As a result, Facebook can assist you in attracting the exact audience you seek as a customer.

Facebook has a highly detailed and in-depth targeting system that allows you to reach a specific person or group of people based on your marketing objectives rather than a broad audience. Businesses can target their audience by creating ads that are segmented by criteria such as:

  • Your Desired Gender
  • Age
  • Location of Audience
  • Spoken Languages
  • Interests (expressed interests, likes, and hobbies from their Facebook profile)
  • Education Level or History
  • Job Title
  • Their Income
  • Political Affiliation (if they have)
  • Claims according to your Product or Service
  • Behaviors and Recent Purchases
  • Major life events
  • You Can Drive Call To Action

It should be no surprise that a call to action is one of the most effective ways to ensure campaign success. Consider this: what good is marketing if there is no indication of what your company wants its customers to do? Your CTA could be to share this article with business-owning friends or visit your website.

Facebook ads enable you to select your target audience and create a campaign around them. The best part is that it will reach people who have previously interacted with your brand, making it an easy way to maintain engagement.

Companies can use Facebook Insights to target the most relevant people with their messages. These insights assist marketers in better understanding consumers and what they like, want, or require to reach them more effectively across various device types, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The platform also uses aggregate data on people who interact with your brand page and data on how they interact on Facebook, which can be used for custom audiences created by advertisers within “Facebook Audience Insight” and then moved over to “Ads Manager.”

#2. Facebook Provides Highest Retail ROAS

Facebook advertisements are an excellent way to promote your company. According to Forbes, the average return on ad spend for Facebook ads is an astounding $8.75 per dollar.

Even if you spend $10 to acquire a new customer through Facebook and only make $5 from them, you still make a profit of $4.75 from ROAS because you didn’t have to spend anything else to convert that customer.

Facebook Provides Highest Retail ROAS

It’s just one example of how effective this all-in-one platform can be for your company if you’re willing to put in the effort because Facebook’s ad dominance will already account for 40% of annual digital display ad revenue this year.

If you do not use this platform in any way, it may cost you. For most people, Facebook is simply a fun way to share information with friends and family. However, it is a fantastic marketing opportunity for advertisers that should not be passed up.

And with a click-through rate of 80%, Facebook is a highly effective place to invest your marketing budget. So, what are you holding out for? Please get in touch with our social media experts right away if you need assistance with this.

#3. A Better Way to Display Ads

One of the many advantages of Facebook Advertising is its ability to do conversion tracking and that it offers a wide variety of ad types, some not available on other social media channels. There are multiple types of ads to choose from for Facebook business advertising:

  • Photo: These are static images with a caption.
  • Video Ads: Advertisers can set video ads to appear in the stream, user feeds, or Stories.
  • Stories: A story ad can be customizable and take up the whole screen. Stories ads can be videos or static images, and tapping on them will take users to your site (or whatever you set).
  • Messenger Ads: During Facebook Messenger conversations, these ads appear.
  • Carousel ads: Users can scroll through up to ten static images in a carousel ad.
  • Slideshow: These advertisements use motion, sound, and text to create short videos.
  • Collection: Users can interact with a collection of products through a single advertisement.
  • Playables: An interactive demo game that users can play before downloading an app or game.

One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook for your business is that you have a lot more flexibility regarding the type of ads you can create.

There were limitations and restrictions on how many words could be used with text-only search engine PPC, but now marketers can use video, photo, or any other media.

We like the best about Facebook Ads because it gives us a lot more leeway when designing campaigns. After all, the various types allow us to create creative visual graphics with multimedia elements such as videos, photos, etc.

#4. Affordable and Low-Cost Advertisement

Facebook ads are an excellent way to promote your business. They are inexpensive but provide a high return on investment. Businesses can be confident that their money is well spent with this form of advertising, with an average cost-per-click of $1.72 across all industries and only $0.45-$0.70 per click on Facebook.

You can test your ads without wasting money on ads that don’t work (which is advantageous because Facebook allows you to run your ads with a daily budget of $1 per day for as long as you want).

Posting your content on Facebook will also increase organic reach to your page, allowing you to promote an offer or product. It’s important to remember that over 2 billion people use Facebook every month, so it’s impossible for any business to go unnoticed on this network.

All of the features listed above work together to make Facebook Advertising a tool that can be used by any type of business on any budget. You can use their advanced targeting, analytics, and ad optimization to get the best ROI. It is simple to get started, but if you require assistance with your advertising campaigns, please contact us right away.

#5. You Can Track Your Return on Investment (ROI)

It is critical to calculating ROI when running any type of marketing campaign. Facebook provides detailed analytics on your ads and who is viewing them, allowing you to see if there is a significant difference between your ads and other types of content.

This will also allow you to improve your content over time and ensure that your Facebook efforts are not vain.

You can track your ROI on other social media platforms, but Facebook provides more detailed information. This means that Facebook advertising is an important part of reaching potential customers who may not be aware of your brand but will be because their friends have been discussing it.

#6. Facebook Ads Give Very Fast Results

Facebook ads are ideal for brands that want to leverage both short-term and long-term digital strategies because they can begin producing results as soon as you go live. However, they are most effective when time is of the essence, such as during seasonal sales or when introducing a new product line.

Some businesses are more concerned with immediate results so Facebook advertising may be a better fit for them than other platforms.

You can quickly create ads with the right messaging and target specific audiences, ensuring that your potential clients see only what you want them to see and are not distracted by irrelevant posts or information.

They don’t have to search or be actively looking for something – they only need to be a fan of your page or live in your targeted geographic location.

#7. Facebook Ads for Your Specific Business Goals

Marketers can now choose from various advertising objectives that will help them meet their business objectives. This is ideal for businesses that want to prioritize different results from their advertisements.

For example, a seasonal retailer or business that wants to increase sales for a specific product line can use this feature to select objectives such as reaching people in their targeted market or getting them to visit your online store, which will result in increased profits.

The ability to prioritize business goals attracts many businesses to Facebook advertising. However, it is not the only important aspect of their system. They also make it easier to learn from your mistakes and strive for success with each new advertisement you create.

#8. Platform with the Largest Audience in the World

Every day, millions of people from all over the world use Facebook. Your potential customers are most likely already on the platform, and they can be targeted based on their interests, age, gender, location, and other factors. You won’t have to waste time looking for them outside of your target demographic.

So, whether you want to reach a specific group of people or a global audience, Facebook advertising makes it easier than ever.

Platform with the Largest Audience in the World

This is an investment that any company should consider for these and other reasons. Don’t solely concentrate on one strategy at the expense of another. It is preferable to diversify your efforts by utilizing various types of marketing across multiple platforms.

Whatever your company’s online presence goals, such as expanding its audience, increasing sales, or building brand loyalty, we can help. Facebook advertising can assist you in getting there faster.

#9. A/B Ad Testing for Performance Growth

Facebook Ads provides a wealth of information that can be used to improve your advertising methods and accelerate the growth of your business. When you create ads, you have the option of running them in two ways – “A/B.” This auto-optimization tool will show users both variants of an advertisement for comparison, allowing you to determine which ad performs better against one another.

There is no other platform that produces results as quickly as Facebook marketing. After you’ve created your ad, all that remains is for the target audience to see it, and once they do, data is available that will tell you everything you need to know about your audience and how they react to the ad.

Whether you’re A/B testing or not, the real-time feedback data from Facebook ads is a great resource for marketers to learn more about their audience and how they interact with content. These insights can assist you in connecting in a more meaningful way relevant to your customer base, resulting in better business performance in the long run.

If you want to use Facebook for business marketing, you must first understand its ad format. Because the platform is designed for businesses, certain best practices should be followed when creating ads for them to be seen by potential clients.

#10. Pay-Per-Click Ads on Facebook

Facebook charges you based on how many times a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. It is less expensive if they do not click because there are no additional charges for impressions once someone lands on your page – only if they click.

Then you can compare the number of clicks received by each ad and look at things like demographic information and how long they spent on your page after landing.

This allows you to understand what content resonates with each audience, making it much easier to create similar messages that drive site traffic and lead generation through your Facebook marketing.

Pay Per Click Ads on Facebook

Aside from the data provided by a/b ad testing, there are other ways to use Facebook advertising to accelerate your business’s growth.

Running ads for specific products, for example, will help increase sales, and you can deliver special limited-time offers or exclusive deals to customers in their area as they see your ads.

This is great because it increases loyalty and encourages repeat visits, converting those targeted potential customers into actual paying customers rather than just people who may return later. Online businesses are constantly on the lookout for new traffic sources, but the beauty of Facebook advertising is that you don’t have to rely on just one.


However, half of the 9 million advertisers have not used it to its full potential. You can use Facebook’s targeting features to reach your target audience while also integrating other paid-marketing efforts with organic posts on a user’s timeline or in their News Feeds.

The ability to incorporate content from social media sites such as Facebook into our advertising is an excellent way to improve success rates–and we saw this firsthand when we looked at how many users could find what they needed solely through these networks (90 million).

However, there was still room for improvement: only half of those who used Facebook solely as part of their digital strategy had been active on the network within three months. Combining organic and paid marketing tactics can help you achieve higher success rates.

Facebook Ads

How To Set Up A Facebook Messenger Ads Campaign?

People often ask if advertising on Facebook has any benefits? The answer is, without a doubt, A big yes!

How can you undermine the benefits of a platform with over a billion users?

Being a brand selling a product or service, you must understand the immense opportunity you have in this technological era to reach out to the audience in the best way possible.

When you can be a hot topic for people’s conversation, why won’t you grab this chance?

Facebook has a whole box full of tools for realizing your advertising strategies. You can always employ these tools to achieve your goals and become the brand you always want. 

Facebook ads can be a vast term and here is a quick categorization for this.

1. Click to messenger ads

You can start a conversation as quickly as this. This is similar to Facebook ads in appearance. It also has a CTA button that calls the customer to send a message or ask a question.

This way, you can directly chat with the potential customer and give him the status of the permanent customer. This way can be prompt in answering their queries.

2. Sponsored ads

These are the ads that appear as a messenger inbox ping to your subscribers. All those who have had a talk with you in the past, can re-target them and remind them of browsing your products.

This way you can entice them once again to shop at your website. It’s a quick way to remind your customers of the amazing experience they had by shopping with you.

3. Messenger home placement ads

So these are the paid advertisements that appear inside your messenger along with your other conversations. Messenger home ads appear on the Homes tab of the Messenger App.

When you place your ad on the homepage you get the opportunity to target the cold audience and increase the conversion rates.

The following are the steps to set up a messenger home ads campaign. This option is offered by Facebook on a global basis. So no matter where you live you can take the benefit of this amazingly useful option.

This is a relatively easy process as facebook messenger ads setup can be done in less than a few minutes. That’s true!

While your Facebook Business Manager account is active, don’t hesitate to jump into this world of unlimited opportunities.

4. Choose the campaign objective 

To begin with, you must open the Facebook ads manager where you will have to select the campaign objective.

You can either go for traffic or conversions objectives. If you want to run home screen ads, select the target audience.

Here you can create a new audience or choose a previously saved audience. You can also go for the lookalike audience which you have created previously. With this, you can also target the cold traffic and increase your customer base.

5. Choose ad placements 

Now you need to select where your ad will appear. Under the Edit placements option, you can choose the location of your ad. For the Homes option, you can check under the messenger tab and select it.

You can also go for an automatic placement that leaves all this hassle to Facebook’s lot.

6. Budget and format

Now is the time to choose your budget and schedule. You can now create the ad for the Facebook page through which the ad will be delivered.

You have to select an ad format here whether it’s a carousel, single image, a single video, or a slideshow.

7. Adding functionality for Messenger

Under the link section, you have to choose the destination of your ad. Then you can choose the URL of your website.

If you want to start a conversation inside the messenger, your objective here is to choose the Messenger option. You will have to fill up the details like the headline, text, News Feed, link descriptions, etc. 

8. Messenger content

Now you have the option to set up the Messenger content to create the message that will be shown when the customer starts a conversation.

To achieve this you can either create in the quick creation Tab on the Javascript Object Notation creation tab.

The javascript Object Notation creation requires you to do some coding here. Third-party automated chatbot programs are used here.

But if you want to skip the hassle of these codes, then you can jump to the quick creation tab where you can include a private message like a greeting and get the conversation started. You also have an option to choose a new image. 

If you want to choose the buttons, either quick replies as the CTA buttons or you can create your own.

You can preview in the Messenger App to see how everything is working. When you are done, you can just click done on the bottom right corner and place your ad.

Now that you have your ads live, you can always view their performance and analyze their return. For this, head on to the messenger manager and choose the “messenger engagement”.

Creating a successful ad campaign would add to your sales account. There is a simple thumb rule to make these consistently profitable campaigns “Keep analyzing and optimizing”.

Facebook Ads

Benefits of Using Facebook’s Value-Based Lookalikes

Facebook Lookalike Audience helps you reach new with similarities resembling our current customer pool.

Facebook is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and working with the existing ones.

The advertising manager allows us to customize advertising flexibly and get maximum results from it.

Popular platform tools are custom audiences. Let’s focus on Lookalike Audiences in more detail.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

These are the audience that has databases of similar users based on ours. We can use several sources for this, which makes the tool flexible and effective.

Lookalike Audiences delivers significant results given that this type of user is initially more likely to be interested in businesses like yours, and you as an advertiser do not need to run ads without careful consideration.

Benefits of Lookalike Audience: 

1)Getting Double Value

Knowing that a certain type of Ad appeals to that kind of audience, you can make it work harder by using it to create another target audience, one with a similar likelihood of converting.

2)Size Flexibility of audience

When creating a lookalike audience, we can determine how closely the lookalike audience matches the original custom audience.

In other words, if we want the new audience to share 80% of the source audience’s traits, you are going to end up with a far narrower audience that is much more accurately targeted.

3)Monitors Performance

This audience tracking allows us to optimize your campaigns and understand which ads and affinity options are doing good. We can respond timely in the process of conducting advertising campaigns because the budget becomes more flexible.

4)Improves Return On Investment(ROI)

When ads perform well within the target audience, it shows that it is the most relevant to that particular audience and hence improves the ROI.

It will give a good quality score which in turn costs less.

And here, we have the top reasons for using Facebook lookalike audiences for the Facebook ads campaigns and skyrocket your sales.

Facebook Ads

How To Increase Mobile App Installs Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is a tremendous way to connect to people. It has made it possible to go beyond the geographic boundaries and connect with people from around the world.

With facebook there is no restriction of boundaries , caste, culture , gender etc. facebook has made it possible to not just connect with new people but also follow their likes and dislikes, know their habits and places they visit.

There are other advantages  of facebook that have enabled businesses to build their customer base.

This can be of immense advantage to a business who is always thriving to expand its customer base. A company would want its products to reach people who are actually interested and who are likely to buy them.

Driving the right traffic to your website and taking them down the sales funnel is the ultimate goal.

Whether its a physical product or a web application or intangible products, facebook is making marketing very easy and strategic. There are hundreds of aps which have taken this route to maximise their number of downloads.

Web applications provide some service. This needs to be explained to the users. The advantages of a web application include the user interface, easy to use functionality, and importance of its operations in everyday life.

App install using Facebook ads

All this can easily be conveyed through posts on a dedicated page or banner ads that are shown across the platform.

Given the narrow targeting for around a billion individuals on facebook, promoting apps on facebook is no less than a smooth journey. There are numerous opportunities to leverage this big asset.

Steps to create Mobile App Install Campaign

 The facebook ads provide excellent tools to analyse the statistics. There are tools which help businesses to set up an environment that attracts customers and promote their products. These enable to create a brand image through a platform where one person is connected to other hundred or more people.

Here are some ways to get started with the process.

  1. Create your page

Create a page on facebook that you will use to convey all information regarding your mobile app. Enter in all the required information. Choose the right category to which your business is closely related.

The category brand or product suits the best in this case. Now fill in the name of your app, upload photos etc. now you have successfully created a page.

  1. Create advert account

Once you have created your page on facebook, the next step is to create an advert account. This will help you begin with the advertising part. The advert account is easy to create. Just click the create advert account option in the top right menu. Choose the objective of advertising. Get more app installs in this case.

  1. Making advert set

Now it’s the time to create an advert set for your ads campaign. This is the wider term that would include multiple ads. To start this, choose the platform on which your app works. Also, define the minimum operating system requirement to use your mobile app.

Next, the page asks you to choose the network type of user. If your app size is larger near to 100 MB and broadly for iOS users then you would want to choose Wi-Fi. 

  1. Define your target audience and using lookalike algorithm

Narrowing down the audience that is most desirable to be shown the ad, will help you use the ad budget in the most efficient manner. The audience is defined in terms of age group, residing in certain geographical areas, speak certain languages etc. this would be a character sketch of a customer who would be interested to download your app.

Lookalike algorithm uses this data to show ads to the people who are close to your definition. The people are identified by this algorithm to make the ad even more effective and improve the chances of mobile app install.

  1. Set up a budget and goals

It’s always important to set a budget for your facebook ad campaign. This would help you determine the performance of the ad and define accurately the cost spent for each download. You can choose a daily budget for the ads or a lifetime budget.

The daily budget allows Facebook to run ads on a daily basis until the daily cap is reached. If you go for the second option, then Facebook will keep running your ad throughout the period that you have defined.

To make your ads even more effective, you can schedule your ads. This means that facebook shows the ads only in those hours when it experiences high traffic. Advertising in low traffic hours would result in less installs.

  1. Optimizations

Optimizing your ad campaigns can have a great impact. You can optimize your ads for the link clicks or for the app installs. If you have an attractive landing page and enticing description then you can invest in the link clicks.

This will show the apps to the people who would most likely click your ad. App installs generally cost more but have a higher probability guaranteed installs. You can choose between manual or auto bidding that helps decide the charge for each ad on facebook. 

Relevance score is the parameter that tells you how well your ad is doing and what percentage of people are actually liking it. The positive feedback amounts to a higher relevance score.

Comply by the guidelines to show ads and text used in it. You can show different ads in an alternative manner. This would help you avoid the burden of ad fatigue.

  1. Make your ad creative

Making your ad more interactive and appealing would help the shoppers grasp it at the first glance. a lot of information and a chaotic ad is big no. your ad must be fascinating. It should have an attractive design.

Videos, graphics and much more can be leveraged to take your ads to a new level. This kind of appealing ads tend to reach millions in a matter of a few hours.

Facebook’s carousel option is something that you would like to use. It helps you show all the app operations. Adding a CTA button can prompt a user to try your app once. These compel the user to click and experience the unmatched with your mobile app install.

This process helps businesses to start off an ad campaign on a digital platform. Facebook with its nearly 12 billion users brings businesses to fore front and promote their products, apps, websites and services.

This never before opportunity is the best strategy to grab a global image for your mobile app and become the master.

Facebook Ads

How To Get Facebook Blueprint Certification Easily?

Before we dive into the steps on how to get Facebook blueprint certification, let’s first understand what exactly facebook blueprint certification is. 

In simple words, the Facebook blueprint is an e-learning platform often defined as a free online training program for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It usually consists of 90 courses which can be taken in 15-50 minutes, all you need to do is Facebook login to start learning.       


Facebook blueprint is quite helpful for digital marketers, in terms of keeping oneself updated with facebook’s portfolio of tools and ad formats. If you’re looking forward to polishing your skills in particular aspects like from generating leads to promoting an app facebook blueprint certification is the right platform for you. 

What are the requirements for Facebook ad marketing?

First of all, the candidate has an option given for the mode of examination to choose from. He/she can choose to take the test in person or online but it is important to choose a date for booking the same.

Choose a suitable location as per your convenience and then pay for the exam. In a case, where you are taking the exam online, it is very important to schedule an exam time. 

Facebook exam whether online or in-person goes for a duration of 75 minutes. If you have decided to take the test online then make sure you download a secure browser.

The proctor will inspect your testing environment through webcam and monitor you, while you’re taking the exam. Whereas, in-person exams are conducted at the local Pearson VUE professional testing center. The locations are available globally. 

Talking about the prices, the exam fees are the same for the online and in-person exams. It is important that you have a valid identification proof.  The examination is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and traditional and simplified Chinese.

Here is more information about the cancellation policy, if you want to cancel your exam and you do it 24 hours before your exam, you’ll get a full money refund, if you fail to do so it’ll be the opposite. Moreover, you also have an option to reschedule. 

How to select the right certification?

If you’re thinking it just like any other exam you have to appear for, you’re wrong. Facebook blueprint certification offers exams based on different levels varying on the type of skills you have. 

Facebook blueprint
  • Exam 400-101 is for Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional:

This exam is conducted to evaluate how you design Facebook marketing strategies. Test takers are expected to design a Facebook advertising campaign, including a budget and bidding strategy, choosing proper placements and objectives, and monitoring the results of the campaign. 

  • Exam 410-101 is for Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional:

This exam tests facebook ad-buying knowledge of the marketers including policies, tools, and best practices. 

  • Exam 500-101 is for Facebook Certified Marketing Developer:

This test is conducted to check the developer’s ability to form a business manager account, integration of the Facebook Pixel, and troubleshoot pixel and catalog integration. 

No, this is not the end yet. Below mentioned are the two advanced level exams you can take after completing the Certified Marketing Developer Exam. They are stated as follows: 

  • Exam 510-101 is for Facebook Certified Advance Marketing Developer:

Installation of Facebook SDK for Android and IOS to troubleshooting issues with SDK is examined in this test.

  • Exam 520-101 is for Facebook Certified Advertising API developer:

This test is conducted to check the developer’s knowledge of configuring and troubleshooting Facebook API integrations. 

When you’ve finalized the exam you want to go for, it is important that you keep time aside for the preparation of the same. 

Take the practice exam

Here comes the best part! If you’re worried that you have zero clues about the exam, how it’ll be, have no idea how and in what way to prepare for the exam, go for the practice exam tests. 

Each exam has a free 30 minutes question practice test for you. These tests will give you an idea about the structure and scope of the test. You can find these on the main page for each exam. Why wait now? Start preparing!

Facebook ads

Get your badge and publish the result

Since you’ve finally passed the Facebook Blueprint Certification exam, it is now time to tell the world about your achievement! 

When it’s all about your achievement, you should do it loud and clear! Publish the digital badge on professional platforms like LinkedIn. This way people can see your hard work and also have an idea about Certification.

To conclude, this certification shall add more sparkles to your profile in professional terms. Hard work and dedication not just gets you certificates but also adds more weight to your professional profile appearance. 

We wish you good luck with your test! 


Facebook Ads

Free Tools For Building High Converting Creatives For Facebook Ads

It is said that change is good, indeed it is when the change is introduced on social media. As social media continues to rise and create a huge difference in the world, it is quite obvious to see changes in them by time.

Of all the social media channels/platforms one social media platform has been the king of social media, Facebook. It has been such an influential platform in almost all aspects.

As time never remains the same so do the online trends. Facebook has brought some changes in online marketing, let’s dive into more detail of the same. 

Facebook has accounted to have a monthly user base of 1.71 billion, per their recent earning calls. Back in 2004 when Facebook was launched it was immersed by the marketers introducing and building their business pages, creating store-fonts, or even getting into a competition to get most of the fanbase likes! Below mentioned are the new changes in Facebook marketing: 

Facebook advertising

1. No video, No interest :

Video has become one of the most significant yet important elements of its feed especially. As video has become a key aspect of this site, it boosts up facebook’s growth making it a great competitor to Youtube. A trend of new formats like a 360-degree video is also being highly utilized by people. 

Also, Facebook live video is being widely loved by the “FB users.”

2. Content:

It is quite undeniable that in the past users only visited a website just to check the news and watch movie trailers, listen to songs, etc., but Facebook has changed this pattern too!

All of the content users are put all together in one place i.e Facebook News Feed, this is how the Facebook users keep coming back and refreshing the feed for the latest updates. 

3. Exploring and targeting audience:

Facebook has made it quite easier for brands to represent themselves in front of the audience in an easy yet simple manner. It has made the brand to present itself in front of the relevant users, varying from age groups, income to geographic locations marketers are able to reach out to the interested audience in an easier way than ever before!

Top four creative design tools:

  • Canva:

Being at the top of the list amongst all the design tools is for a reason! Canva is the top preference for the majority of marketers. When it comes to choosing a favorite image editing tool on market Canva has been unbeatable. Its features and templates have been the most appreciated thing by its users. 

Canvas allows you to export files directly to your computer or social media and the templates are almost unlimited. Once you’ve created a free account from the homepage, you’ll get access to the dashboard.


Right from there, you can start exploring options that Canva has for you! You can start from creating graphics to creating presentations, magazine covers, resumes, Facebook and Instagram posts, blog titles, logos, etc.,  

You can use canvas to create social media images or great headers for your next blog, keep exploring the creative options!

  • Crello:

Crello has a leading reputation for being the best professional design graphic software. This software can help you in creating stunning designs for print materials, digital ads, and social media posts, and even animated graphics.

Crello has unlimited options of free images, fonts, templates, and animations. It also helps in making tutorials and guides. 

  • Pixlr:

Pixlr is a treasure, especially for the beginners! An alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr has over 500 million users. It is a hassle-free software that can be used by downloading it on iPhone or Android devices and even on an internet browser.

Pixlr provides a free vector editor and groups of free fonts, graphics, and stock images. It supports top five formats .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff etc.

  • Snappa:

Snappa is the kind of software that will allow you to design like a pro! Snappa is not complicated, it is a software that has set up the design process in the form of steps.

You can find image dimensions whether it’s for your blog, ad, email or even social media platform. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of over 5,00,000 beautiful, high-quality stock photos in seconds. 

To conclude, most of the tools as mentioned above have a number of themes, icons, and tools available.


It’s best if you start from Canva, use Snappa if you want high-quality icons and Pixlr for the best photoshop-quality features without buying any pro version.

Which one is your favorite for designs and marketing? Feel free to share your feedback. 

Facebook Ads

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Precise Ad Targeting

While doing Facebook ads it is good to target people who are interested in a particular niche. By targeting irrelevant interests or choosing a broad audience on Facebook may be a waste of money. 

Now the question arises on how we can do this or how we can find the relevant audience to target. Follow the steps below to understand this approach:

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

Facebook gives a tool called “Audience Insights”. This tool is useful to find the relevant audience according to their behavior, demographics, and interest.

Let’s learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights?

1. Go to your Facebook ad manager.

2. Click on “Ad manager”

3. Find the “Audience Insights” and click on it.

Facebook Ads Manager

4. Choose an audience to start

Here there are two options of which you can select one:

  1. Everyone on Facebook: It describes learning the nature, behavior, and interest of the new people who are connected on Facebook.
  1. People connected to your page: It describes to learn the nature, behavior, and interest of the audience who is already connected with your page.

In this guide, we are going to choose “Everyone on Facebook” to find the nature of the cold audience.

5.  Select the country where you want to advertise and enter the interest according to the niche.

I am working in the bodybuilding niche and targeting the USA so I have entered the “All United States” as a country and bodybuilding as an interest.

Audience Insights

6. Let us check what FAI (Facebook Audience Insight) stats show for building interest in the United States

6.1 Demographics 

  1. Gender: 56% of women and 44% are interested.
  2. Age group: 25-34 age bar of people is highly interested.
  3. Relationship status: 36% of people are single.
  4. Education Level: 66% of people are in college.
Facebook Audience

6.2 Job Title

The job title describes what kind of job title people have who have shown interest in bodybuilding who are in the US. The following picture describes those who have a job title of sales, Food and Restaurants, Healthcare, and Medical Services are more interested in bodybuilding. 

Facebook Audience Insights

6.3 What kind of page the filtered audience liked:

a.FAI shows the top ten categories of the page which they liked.

Facebook Audience

b. Here are the top ten pages liked by the audience of bodybuilding interest in the US.

Tip: The higher is the affinity, the higher is the relevance of the audience corresponding to the interest.

7. Check the location and language details in the “Language” tab.

You’ll check the details for top Cites, top Countries, and top Languages that are speaking for the target audience.

7.1 Top cities

You can see in this example that people from New York and Los Angeles are more interested in bodybuilding rather than other cities. So we can focus on these top cities for precise targeting.

Facebook Audience

7.2  Top countries

Here it is using the US because I’m only advertising in the US. If you are advertising in many other countries then you can take the idea of people of which country is more interested.

People on Facebook

7.3 Top Language

Here is the list of top languages spoken by people who are interested in bodybuilding. You can see English(US) is top-rated.

Facebook Audience

8. Check the Activity and Device details

Audience Insights

8.1 Frequency of Activities

Here you can check the activities performed by the selected audience from 30 Days. 

You can see in the above image 36 people click on the ads.

8.2 Device users:

Here you can check which device mainly the audience is using. Like iPhone, android phone, windows phone, desktop, etc.

In the above image, most people are using the iPhone/iPod.


The more precise/ narrow the audience you can choose, the size of the audience will decrease, and you will get a more refined audience that will work better.

If we talk about this in simple language, our motive should be to advertise the product to refine/filter the audience, not to be broader. If we choose the broad audience the conversion rate may get low and we would not be able to figure out which people are giving us the conversion. 

Facebook Ads

5 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation By Facebook Ads

“Lead Generation is a fair core activity to marketing” quoted Chris Brogan. Indeed it is, every business leader wants to generate leads. The difference is just that some of them are using traditional marketing and some of them are using digital marketing. There are many digital platforms available on today’s date to generate leads to hike the business revenue. 

Generating leads is not a thing that can be achieved overnight. But when you knack efforts on the right platform, lead generation can reach heights like a skyrocket!

One of the best options is  Facebook in terms of advertising. Approximately, Facebook now serves 2.37 billion monthly active users. Facebook has a huge database of its users. By advertising on Facebook, we can target specific people who may be interested in our product.

Let’s talk about How to efficiently utilize the Lead Generation Ads by Facebook

As our objective is already clear, we want to generate the leads for the business model. So we have to select the “Lead Generation” as the objective for doing lead generation ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

1. Find your ideal customer

 Statistics reveal that in 2019 approximately 2.5 people were active on Facebook. It is important to do audience research at the initial stage so that you don’t target the wrong audience in the context of the subject. Facebook is giving us a very powerful tool that is “Audience Insight”. 

Here we can get an idea about the type of people who are interested in your niche, in the form of that a Facebook page they like, what is their sex, age group, and geographical area. We can write down on any sheet to remember this research to target further. 

You can also take help from Google on what kind of audience is interested in your business model. The research will help to target precise audiences and the chance to convert them into the lead.

2. Attract Your Customer by presenting an OFFER

Undoubtedly it is no less than a fact that offers attract customers. Give your best and most valuable offers/s in your ads. This may tempt the viewers to see the ad at least for a few seconds. The offer may be in the form of either any FREE gift, FREE eBook, or any free valuable thing which solves the user’s need. 

By giving such free offers, the user may take an interest in your ad and do sign up for your product. This is what is called a lead magnet process/method. After the lead magnet, you can show them paid products. Because the customer already knows you and is attracted to your Free offer. 

Let’s understand this with a small example:

Let’s suppose you are selling a 7-Day free Facebook lead generation course. ‘FREE’ is the offer that attracts the user. Assume that you have acquired 1000 leads from this lead generation ad. This phase is called a lead magnet.

Now you have acquired 1000 leads from a 7-day free Facebook course, you can now re-target these 1000 customers to sell your paid eCommerce Facebook courses. 

This phase is called a sales funnel. 

3. Attractive Ad creative and ad copies

Let your ad be active and displayed on the front of the user. Now, why does the user engage with it? Your ad creative should speak about the value of your product. Your Ad copies and creatives really affect the CPC(Cost per Click).

Your Ad creative and ad copy should be eye-catchy. So design the ad creative in an attractive manner and write simple ad copies in simple English. 

Pre-Launching Phase: Before launching an ad on Facebook, make a  collection of primary text, headlines, descriptions, and creatives. 

Launching Phase:  Launch your first Facebook ad for lead generation by choosing the best creative ad copy from buffer media.

Post-Launching Phase: In this phase, you can test some different ad copies and creatives which were not performed well earlier. 

4. Attractive Landing page.

Now the user clicks on the ad and moves to your landing page. Here it is a high chance that a user may convert into the lead if your content on landing is convincing and valuable. So provide more clarification on your product on the landing page which solves the user problem and suits this product/service best for him.

Here the user will make a decision whether he is interested in your product or leave the landing page. You may add some convincing popup windows to stop leaving the user so that he signs up for your service while leaving. 

5. Download/Fetch the Leads

As you are getting the leads you can download the lead details. 

Following are steps to download the lead details:

  1. Click on the Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Publishing Tool.
  3. Click on the Lead Form.
  4. Click on the Download.

By these above steps, all the leads will download in excel format.

Facebook Page


Once your Facebook lead generation campaign is successfully running and you are getting a good amount of leads, do communicate them via either email or telephone. Through this process, you can give more clarity of your business model and working process to the client for acquiring the leads. 

As your Facebook leads generation is kept on increasing the budget gradually gets more leads. By this you will acquire good email collection further the process will remain the same to pitch the client.

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Advance Facebook Strategies Interview with Alex Fedotoff

A brief introduction about Alex:

Alex is an e-commerce specialist and Facebook Ads Expert. His prowess in this industry has allowed Alex to grab the 2-comma club award. It is because of his proficient and precision skills in Facebook ads and e-commerce that Alex has got his clients business worth more than $100 million.

A facebook Guru, an ads expert Alex has become a successful brand in the 21st Century’s e-commerce expansion ecosystem.

Born in Ukraine, Alex went from SEO to Google Ads, to e-commerce until finally, he stumbled upon Facebook Ads. His interest in Fb Ads was born out of client requirements and this got him started only to become one of the most proactive individuals in this niche.

His understanding of Facebook and the implementation of strategies to get more business from the largest Social network in the world is just awesome.

In talks with Sandeep Kumar, let’s understand the nuances of Facebook Advertising and advanced strategies shared by the expert himself.


The Interview Begins:

Sandeep Kumar: What type of e-commerce projects are you working on? Do you have any niche brand or product under your ambit?

Alex Fedotoff: First of all I like products that have high potential and give provide more profit.  These products must have a higher value, they are more competitive. The motive is to use those products that can be scaled up and are waiting to be ignited and ensure higher outcomes. Secondly, I look at the market share of the products and if they have the attributes to reach out to a higher market audience. 

Also, our profit margins to work with a product is somewhere between 20 to 40%. Then we try to leverage the most out of that product’s properties and use quick funnels plus custom-built funnels and expand the outreach. It is like taking one product and squeezing it only to get the most out of it. 


Sandeep Kumar: Ok, I guess your preferred regions are the markets of Europe and the USA?

Alex Fedotoff: Yeah, our aim is to look for markets in developed countries and benefit from the kind of exposure that they provide for Facebook Ads. 


Sandeep Kumar: There is a unique trend that I have noticed. Every time a new store, business or a product is promoted through Facebook Ads, initially, the conversions are good. The business starts to show some growth. But after a few days, say 10 to 15 days later the curve starts to decline. It is almost like an inverted U-shaped curve. Why is that and what is the way out of this?

Alex Fedotoff: Well, starting out you need to understand that it is a competitive landscape. There are more than 6 million advertisers out there who are trying to pitch their product as the best one through the ads. Another reason for this drop can be due to the fact that you have simply outrun the course. This happens when you run Facebook ads heavily, something I call as Ad fatigue. You have exhausted your target market. Because if there are, for instance, 1 million people who can buy your product, it is not necessary that your ad will reach to all of them. It may happen that facebook has not optimized for all audiences. Or it can also be attributed to the reason that your ads are not strong enough to make a lasting impression. 

To check the performance for my ads I have set the benchmark of more than 3% unique click rates. Because if that happens it means that my ad is resonating with the audience and I am getting some response. And if the click rate starts to drop down, then it can be because I was not creative enough while posting the ad. You need to know that being creative is the biggest part of success in facebook ads

Moreover, the Facebook algorithm is very smart. It works in a unique manner. I will tell you how. I have some accounts which are working on the very basic attributes. Like we only have the country gender and age. There are no interests. 


Sandeep Kumar: But the pixels for these accounts is mature enough to perform that well like they must have thousands of conversions. 

Alex Fedotoff: Yes, the pixels for these accounts is mature enough indeed. But what I do is work in dual stages. First is to provide all the relevant data to your pixel. This is to groom your pixel with the data and as soon as the account starts to perform better, the targeting has to expand. I choose a broad area of audiences and let Facebook optimize it further. And this method works for products that are appealing to a large audience. This is one of the reasons why I work with beauty products because their target audience is almost universal. 

And let me tell you something interesting. I have been called to the Facebook headquarters almost after every couple of months. I go there and see what all is happening with their platform. Down the line, Facebook is aiming to remove all kinds of targeting and selecting your interests. It will like answering a few basic questions including the type of industry, ideal customer and the target. 

And when you realize it, creativity and message are the only two things that will need your entire focus. This is what everyone should do now too. Just focus on being creative.


Sandeep Kumar: Ok, so moving on, let’s talk about the expenses. What kind of budget do you like to set for a new store?

I have seen some people start the ads with $5 a day budget. But I think this is too less seeing to the CPM rates and the outreach of the big developed country markets. Moreover, what do you think should be the first target of the budget that we can set for a new store, shall it be ‘Add to cart’ or ‘View Content’ or just ‘Purchase’? Also, what is your recommendation for the audience size?

Alex Fedotoff: Ok, so what I do is create 5 different ad sets and then choose 5 different audiences. This will give me a head start and I will have the potential to look at more variables than what I will get with one ad set and one audience. 

As for the budget is concerned, I would recommend $20 for a new store initially. But here too, a lot depends on your creativity, your website, and your funnel. If your website is good and can generate more conversions, expanding the budget should not be a concern. But the $20 that you will spend can give you an idea of the click rates and get some more data. The point is to confirm whether your message is resonating with the audience or not. But you need to find a matching audience first and then you can expand on that audience with ease. 


Sandeep Kumar: What about the specific pixel that we need to target? Like should it be view content, add to cart, purchase and so on.. 

Alex Fedotoff: Mos of my ad sets take the audience straight to purchase. Add to cart is when the product has a higher value. View content is not something that I think will make any difference. 


Sandeep Kumar: But what I have observed is that people who go for add to cart they just don’t continue their purchase any time soon. And like we can use this to optimize the ads and convert them into sales

Alex Fedotoff: I think that around 60 to 70% of the purchases from Facebook ads go to add to cart. This means that Facebook has a lot of data and they will show these ads to the people. 


Sandeep Kumar: Further, I have seen that the US market CPM is way too high. It is like $20 at the very first step. And then I have seen the CPM to be as high as $50, $60 or even $70. What can one do to bring it down?

Alex Fedotoff: Ok, the method to lower down the CPM is increasing the engagement. And to do that you need to add an emotional factor to your ads. Trigger their emotional point and then you can see the rate coming down. But here too the key point is to know your customer. Like what you can do is add a story of a person who had some family issues due to overweight and these issues were resolved after using a weight loss product. Here if your ad which promotes a weight loss product will have a higher chance of conversion than the one which does not trigger an emotional response in the reader. 


Sandeep Kumar: Ok, but then another question arises, what should be the ideal size of the ad copy. Because adding a story to it can make it a bit lengthy. 

Alex Fedotoff: Well, this depends on the product entirely. Selling a $15 or $20 t-shirt will only require one or two sentences in the ad along with a couple of pictures. But when it comes to selling a gadget that will cost a bit more than you need to add that story angle and build up in stages. Like first, you need something to attract their attention, then tell a story which resonates with that person and then further add some elements to cement their interest. 

You need to think about what the buyer must be thinking. Like if they are at work and just scrolling down their newsfeed and suddenly something attractive shows up. This gets them to click on it and converse further with your ad. 

This means that you can make a long ad copy if the need arises. 

But what I wouldn’t do is add the obsolete elements to make your ad copy more attractive. Like, offering discounts, coupons and other such boring stuff. You need to show the benefits of the product to the end-user, remember, a benefit-driven will resonate more with the audience. 


Sandeep Kumar: I have also seen a lot of advertisers add emojis or excessive URLs to their ad copies. Do you think it works to their benefit?

Alex Fedotoff: I guess no because today’s customer has become sophisticated. They want value and not spam. So, if the customer has changed, the marketer also has to change and become sophisticated in order to resonate well with their target audiences. 


Sandeep Kumar: let’s talk about dropshipping. Like I have noticed a few changes perpetrated by Facebook this year only when they have included the feedback feature in the drop shipping. Moreover, they have also started declining the stores. What do you think is the future of Drop Shipping in 2019 or 2020 and what should a marketer do to approach these changes?

Alex Fedotoff: The future of dropshipping is strong, as long as people find it profitable and they find the right product to market. The reason a lot of people do drop shipping from China because the margins are good enough to allow them to continue with it. 

For a marketer, the recent changes mean that they have to upscale their service and facilities. They need to bring the products to the country, ship them faster and provide better customer service. 

This is also important to sustain on Facebook or otherwise, they risk being banned from Facebook or even being a marketer. I have seen some people who I know are banned from Facebook to advertise. And this is not as a business or through some company, but they are banned as an individual. 


Sandeep Kumar: And the reason for their banishment is the type of ads they run or something else?

Alex Fedotoff: Yes, it can be due to the type of ads they run. But there are other reasons like a lot of disabled accounts, or they are working from a country which people do not trust that much. I have seen some people facing problems because they were logging in to their accounts from different locations even though they are working in the US. 

Understand it as a business and Facebook is also running their own business and want to eliminate risk. And why should they allow such activities? On a larger scale, these smaller risks add up to become one big factor and moreover, why would Facebook want a lawsuit. 

This is the main reason they want to work with legit businesses. This means that your business is operating from one location, you work constantly from here, your credit cards are all operating from one location, there are no due bills. 

In the end, Facebook is looking for more consistency, that’s all. 


Sandeep Kumar: Right, they are running a business. But what is the solution to come out of this?

Like one of my clients was shocked to see that 20 to 25 of her Facebook businesses and ad accounts were disabled in under a minute. Is there a way to come out of it?

Alex Fedotoff: Well, the key is to just give in. All you can do is reach out to Facebook and admit that you were wrong and have not followed the rules in posting your ads. Tell them that you will be compliant in the future. That you want to run your ads with everything done according to the book.

You need to convince these guys that you want to work with them and will show full compliance with their norms and regulations. 

Think of the small chance that you have. Like someone sitting in the Facebook, office is reading lines like why have you disabled my account or I have not done anything wrong, or even reactivate my account and such stuff. 

No, you cannot do that. Just take the chance that you have, admit your mistakes and get your account back. 


Sandeep Kumar: Exactly I have seen people give reasons like, I am new to this business, or that I have done it right, or I don’t know how to do it. These things do not work. 

Alex Fedotoff: Exactly, like why should they do it. For them, your business is a risk and if someone sues a business that is run through Facebook, the same person can also use Facebook because they saw the ad to buy a product from this platform only. So, in turn, Facebook is a  party to this deal. 


Sandeep Kumar: Well, that’s amazing to know. Moving on, let’s talk about scaling the business. I am aware of your suggestions regarding the CBO and other such methods that may help scale the business. But CBO needs a whole new level of understanding. But how can you scale a business from the perspective of a store owner which is growing?

Alex Fedotoff: Talking about CBO understand that it may not work with all the accounts. And it would not be a smart choice to continue working with a method which does not give you results. 

Instead what you can do is use the methods that are available to you on a daily basis. For instance, you can modify or add to the regular adsets, tweak your budgeting. 

In order to scale, you can use broad interests or a combination of such interests embedded into one adset and set a higher budget for the same. 

Another way is to use look-alikes. You will find a lot of such portals that have your target audience’s look-alikes. 

All of these are good options to make your business scale up and grow. But at the end of the day, your creativity is something that can make a real difference in it all. Because if you have good ads that are appropriate and are made with creativity, scaling comes naturally. Along with this, you also need to know your customer. Good ads combined with customer knowledge makes for a scalable ad on the whole. 

Let me tell why good ads are important. You see that I have trained many people and the only thing that I taught them was how to be creative and develop good ads that are decorated with stories, excerpts that resonate with the audience. And initially, they used to spend $100 per day on their ads. But now, they spend around $3000 to $4000 on these ads and are still earning a profit.

So, the key is to be creative, be empathic, know what your customer is looking for, and be consistent.


Sandeep Kumar: Well, that is interesting to learn. Another thing that I want to ask is what are the things that you would recommend should be there in every ad that we run. Like is there is a set of templates that you can tell us about?

Alex Fedotoff: I wish there was one. But no, every kind of industry has a different ecosystem. So, what I would like to do is first check with someone who has it all figured out in your industry. Someone who knows how to approach the customers, how to run successful ads, to get some ideas, methods, and emulate the model. 


Sandeep Kumar: Just like the ads library provided by Facebook. That is an amazing platform. 

Alex Pedotoff: Yes, exactly. You can check the library and see what kind of ads are made with reference to a specific industry. Like how do these ads converse with the audience and how do they engage with them. But make sure to add your own unique angle to it. But you also have to find that uniqueness. 

For instance, you observe your competitor ads and notice that people are complaining about slow shipping speed or the size does not fit. To get around this, you can mention in your ads something like fast shipping and free returns. That is how you can solve a problem for the audience and pitch the same product with a unique angle. 

Again, communicate to your customer what kind of problem does your product solve. Like how can you communicate better with a story that shows a mirror to the audience and convinces them to take action? 

You know I have observed some people use testimonials and customer reviews to pitch their products. 


Sandeep Kumar: Exactly, a marketer can use these testimonials in their MOFU or BOFU campaigns. Like this can become a tool for remarketing. 

Alex Fedotoff: No, use them on the front end. It can happen that the first ad that you show to the people can be a customer testimonial. I have worked with such a strategy and run ads on the front with these testimonials. And these ads run very well. 

Because with this you will answer all the objections that a customer may have even before they ask it. 


Sandeep Kumar: That’s a cool hack! What about the spy tools? Are there any good spy tools that can let you hack through and get you the customer interests or can they help you understand what interests are your competitors working on?

Alex Pedotoff: I am using X PI. It is a good tool and has a lot of filters. For instance, the time frames, niches, ad platforms and much more. 

And when it comes to knowing what interests my competitors are targeting, I do not care what they are doing. You see if they have a well-groomed and mature pixel account and they can afford to target broad audiences, then it has nothing to do with me. 

A big part of being an advertiser is that you will have to spend some money without getting any returns. It is a part of your learning curve and it is unavoidable. 


Sandeep Kumar: So, in the end, I would like to also ask you about the landing pages. Because I know that these pages have a big role to play when it comes to conversions. What do you think should be there on a landing page of a website that can help us increase the conversion rates. 

Alex Fedotoff: The most important thing is the link between your ad and the landing page. Like you need to show the most important thing about your product on the top and visible to the user as soon as he/she lands on the page. Plus, the title of the product has to be benefit-driven. It needs to tell people that this product solves this particular problem. Also, the Add to Cart button should be on the top of the page too. Do not let the visitor search for the buy button. Make it big, make it bold and bright. 

Along with this, make sure that the other pages are also visible enough to the viewer. Show the product from different angles, from different perspectives, add some other graphics to the page. Show videos of the product when it is in use. Include all kinds of details on these pages. Add information about the product, what it does, who does it benefit and all that. Add the shipping address on these pages. 

Plus, what you can do it gather some feedback about your product and observe what people are looking for. Just implement the new information on your website and clear all the customer objections.