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3 Responsive Search Ads Testing Experiments to Boost Your PPC Campaign

As a marketer, you constantly need to experiment with your advertising strategies to gauge which suits best to your marketing goals. Responsive search ads are one such type that you need to test for the effectiveness of your PPC management campaign. Testing for responsive search ads can be challenging yet beneficial. 

Many advertisers and marketers were disheartened when Google decided to phase out the Expanded Text Ads (ETA). Yet there are plenty of opportunities for individuals willing to put RSAs to the test, particularly when combined with broad match intelligence. However, it would be complicated to understand what to do if you haven’t closely monitored these changes. 

Through this blog, we’ll walk you through three experiments you may run the next time you create a responsive search ad for a PPC campaign. 

Before we start, for all the new readers of our blog, let us first be familiar with what responsive search ads are and how they work.

How Do Responsive Search Ads Work & What Are They?

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are an ad type where an advertiser can write multiple titles/headlines and descriptions for one search engine ad. Unlike expanded text ads, you can provide up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions for a single search ad. Responsive search ads aim to provide users with different combinations of headlines and descriptions depending on their individual queries and search history. The more headlines and descriptions you add, the more chances Google Ads has to serve advertisements that more closely match the search queries of your potential customers, which can enhance the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Google will display 32,760 different variations of the advertisement by shuffling between the titles and descriptions. A maximum of 3 headlines and 2 descriptions can be chosen from each ad to appear in various arrangements and orders. When a user’s search term properly or closely matches a portion of your ad, that portion may automatically appear in bold. The most effective title and description combination will then be chosen by the search engine and used most often. 

Responsive Search Ads Work

RSAs are a simple and strategic way to develop an efficient PPC marketing plan. You can boost customer engagement and reach more potential buyers through responsive search ads.

What Should You Know About Responsive Search Ads Testing?

Initially, with ETA testing, you’d run two (or more) ads with fixed headlines and descriptions, compare their CTRs (click-through rates), or maybe keep track of any conversions that occurred on the landing page. Testing with ETA was not too difficult. 

This strategy worked because ETA typically:

  • Presented itself consistently in the same way to every user.
  • They both answered the same questions.
  • Impressions didn’t matter as much in the testing.

When all other factors are kept constant, an RSA receives 4X more impressions than an ETA.

In other words,

  • Due to higher ad rank, RSAs serve a lot more queries.
  • A dip in conversion rate results from the increase in impressions.
  • Marketing professionals should keep an eye on conversions per impression (manual bidding) or conversions that fall within a target cost per acquisition (CPA)/return on ad spend (ROAS).

Let’s now get started with the experiments:

Experiment No. 1: Mix-And-Match v/s Pinning

Examining the impact of pinning on your campaigns should be the first test you should conduct. 

To determine which headlines and descriptions elicit the best response from readers, RSAs test numerous combinations. While by pinning, you can instruct Google where the headline and description should appear. 

How To Run This Experiment?

Create two similar responsive search ads. You can then add 15 headlines and 4 descriptions as you like to each ad. Ensure that all the headlines and descriptions are the same in both ads.

Once you’re done with this, pin a few headlines and descriptions in one ad while leaving the other unaltered.


Research has proved RSAs with all elements pinned can get excellent CTR and conversion rates, but when you don’t pin (or pin sparingly), these rates increase even more.

Experiment No. 2: Segmenting By Message

The second experiment we have is segmenting by message, and it is likely the most crucial component of RSA testing. 

The importance of messaging has recently increased due to ad platforms managing more campaigns through automation.

How To Run This Experiment?

As you know, you can design a maximum of 3 RSAs per ad group. Therefore, for this experiment, you might consider reaching a peak.

Each ad group should use a broad match and have a unique theme built around a set of keywords. You might address different personas, pain points, or even suggestions for topics.


You should learn from this experiment what topics and queries generate responses. Understanding what your clients seek and want to hear is crucial. Since everyone at Google utilizes the same underlying automation, it’s one way to level the playing field and get an advantage over your rivals.

Experiment No. 3: Pseudo-ETAs With A Control RSA

Even though it could be argued that re-creating ETAs by pinning nullifies the purpose of RSAs, some advertisers continue to yearn for that control. Chris Ridley deserves credit for coming up with this strategy of dealing with the restriction of three RSAs per ad group.

How To Run This Experiment?

For this experiment, design two pseudo-ETAs by pinning two descriptions and three headlines. The third advertisement is an actual RSA in which nothing is pinned, and you use the available space to test out fresh messaging.


You can use this experiment to benchmark the effectiveness of pseudo-ETAs (particularly in terms of CTR). This can be useful for advertisers who constantly need to display specific information, such as those working in regulated industries.

When Used Correctly, RSAs Drives Better Performance

Unfortunately, Google won’t tell you which ad appears for a specific query. Also, it doesn’t show performance based on headlines and descriptions. While determining RSA performance involves a bit of guesswork, you can still structure your campaigns using Google’s data.

RSAs Drives Better Performance

What Are The Elements You Should Keep In Mind While Structuring RSAs?

  • Despite the fact that Google provides feedback through ad strength, you still shouldn’t feel compelled to adjust your advertising per Google’s suggestions to increase your ad strength score.
  • It might be tempting to stuff your ads with several headlines and descriptions, but remember that the more elements, the more guesswork is involved.
  • The structure and messaging are accountable for half of the campaigns’ results. Therefore, structure your RSA account with all the fundamentals, including positioning and good website experience. Also, collaborate with your clients and stakeholders to establish realistic expectations.


RSAs are one of the best illustrations of Google’s automation innovations, which call for a mindset shift. However, you need to be patient while optimizing your campaign’s outer edges (including the structure, creative, and data). With RSAs, there’s a great opportunity for PPC agencies with bright and imaginative advertisers to prosper.

Digital Marketing Google Ads White Label Services

Top 10 White Label PPC Agencies

The marketing industry is at an all-time high in terms of competition. It’s critical that you only work with reputable PPC resellers who can demonstrate success in some of the most competitive paid search markets on the internet.

So, choosing a top white label PPC agency is the best way to ensure that your client ad campaign runs smoothly. 

In this article, we’ll go through the top ten white label PPC agencies. Let’s get started without a delay!

Top 10 Leading White Label PPC Agencies 

Choosing a good and top white label PPC Agency is not easy, whether you are an exceptional PPC manager wanting to outsource or have no or little expertise running ad campaigns.

So, to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten white label PPC agencies. So let’s get started.

#1. ROI MINDS PVT LTD Best ROI-Driven PPC Agency

Using our data-driven approach to digital marketing, we’ve helped small and large businesses genuinely bring more revenue.

Results speak louder than words, so here they are: In the previous 12 months, ROI Minds has generated over $150 million in profits for our clients through paid ads (Google and Facebook Ads). We handle over $1 million in Google and Facebook advertising every month, generating up to 10x income for our customers. We’re one of the top pay-per-click (PPC) agencies online!

As we previously said we work with expanding E-commerce stores and lead generation accounts to enable further growth and profitability. ROI-Driven PPC, Social Ads, SEO, Native Ads, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are some of our areas of expertise and speciality.

Over time, ROI Minds has created unique paid ad marketing tactics that allow us to continuously provide outstanding results for our clients.

  • Over time, ROI Minds has created unique paid ad marketing tactics that allow us to continuously provide outstanding results for our clients.

  • We have tried and tested marketing strategies that result in high ad account returns.
  • We assist brands in developing an effective PPC strategy that makes use of the strength of consumer intent and marketing funnels.

So you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

ROI Minds - White Label PPC Agency

#2. SEO Experts Company India

SEO Expert Company India has proven its mettle as a PPC agency offering a top-class return on investment with white label practices. It’s your one-stop choice to get full-service online marketing and PPC campaign solutions to ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

The company explores and recommends that clients use all the channels to maximize their sales and revenues to reach prospective customers. They dig all resources where the prospective users can reach you out and also where you should reach out to them.

The PPC management experts at SEO Experts Company India have a data-driven approach for multi-channel targeted and revenue-generating PPC campaigns.

One of the best practices that makes them a highly trustworthy PPC agency giving worthwhile outcomes is helping your audience to make informed purchase decisions with innovative ads that include all essential details in a concise form. Also, their work is focused on analyzing customer intent, which is why they deliver excellent results for their extraordinary clients.

Their online advertising team won’t hesitate to take a step further to drive revenue into your business. They not only cover the search engine ads and complement it with Pinterest PPC and social media ads. These experts here have exclusive exposure and are acquainted with the best advertising practices on each channel. Their experience lets you harness the comprehensive benefits that all of these ad channels can offer.

#3. Oxedent

When it comes to white label PPC services, Oxedent is in the top ten. They provide your Google Ads campaigns digital oxygen, allowing your business to thrive with a high return and conversion rate on your ad expenditure.

The Oxedent team’s primary and exclusive goal is PPC, and that is all they do. They create custom campaign strategies to meet your paid advertising needs, ensuring that you get the highest return on your investment. They cover all areas of PPC, including market and competition research, audience estimation, conversion calculations and optimization, and more.

Their in-house PPC specialists will assist you in creating successful Google Ads campaigns that will drive high-quality, high-converting visitors to your websites. Oxedent is eager to address the issue of efficient PPC management for your business and assist you in making a wise Google Ads investment.

#4 DashClicks

DashClicks’ Google Ads fulfillment services can be the right choice if you’re looking for a result-oriented white-label PPC agency. Their services are flexible, ROI-driven, and conversion-focused. With regular A/B testing, precise tracking, and clear and effective funnel-based media campaigns, they can generate quality leads for their clients. 

They do weekly maintenance and optimizations to allow ample time for those changes to have an effect on the campaign. 

With hundreds of satisfied clients across the globe, DashClicks is a well-known white-label agency in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

#5. Ignite Visibility

If you’re searching for a top white label agency, Ignite Visibility’s paid media services are ROI-driven, making them one of the finest!

They provide precise tracking and clear and effective funnel-based media campaigns.

They do ongoing A/B testing to customise each sponsored campaign for each customer and identify the best-case scenarios that will yield the best results.

So you can rely on them for the best PPC services. 

#6. Digital Hawk 

Digital Hawk is a renowned PPC (Pay Per Click) service provider known for its hard-working employees and significant market knowledge.

They provide a high return on investment by constantly monitoring, testing, and improving keyword targeting.

Because of their outstanding white label PPC services, many businesses from all over the globe prefer them to manage their PPC campaigns.

They work with your budget and short- and long-term goals in mind to create custom strategies and manage your campaign so that you receive the best return on investment.

#7. Rocket Clicks

Finding the right partner to assist you to improve your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is critical to achieving effective business results as internet advertising becomes more sophisticated.

So, Rocket Clicks as a top Google “Premier” Partner has qualified for dedicated agency support as well as exclusive access to training and beta possibilities due to their team size, dollars under management, certification status, and growth.

Their team of online advertising specialists has a cadence that develops strategy, increases clarity and responsibility, and sets priorities based on expected effects for their partners.

#8. Loud Mouth Media 

With offices in Belfast, Dublin, London, and Glasgow, Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award-winning performance marketing and white label PPC firm and Google Partner.

Loud Mouth Media can be trusted if you’re looking for a committed PPC Agency partner. They can assist your company to develop cost-effective paid search campaigns using Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, and Remarketing to target high-intent audiences that are actively seeking your product or service.

They think that when done correctly, search advertising is a powerful tool for generating new business and results.

#9. Savage Global Marketing 

In the previous seven years, Savage Global Marketing developed over 800 ad campaigns for their clients. When it comes to White Label PPC agencies, Savage Global Marketing is in the top ten.

They believe that communication and results set them apart from the other 200,000+ agencies, and their case studies and evaluations reflect this.

Above all of this, If you engage Savage Global Marketing, you can obtain the results you want from your ad campaign.

#10. EvenDigit

EvenDigit has a decent ranking among White Label PPC companies. Systematix Infotech, a CMMI Level 3 company, owns the brand name EvenDigit.

EvenDigital’s journey from a marketing duo to a digital marketing agency has been full of hands-on experience. 

They gradually evolved into a digital marketing agency as they added a variety of digital channels such as SEO, paid search, social media, video, content, and more.

You can give this agency a shot if you are looking at the top 10 white label agencies in the market. 

#11. Stryde -Ideal for B2C and eCommerce businesses

B2C pay per click campaigns are not the same as B2B pay-per-click marketing. With so many distinct industries and trends, it’s critical to know the ins and outs of your business.

And who better to execute it than an eCommerce-focused agency?

Stryde is a global eCommerce-focused digital marketing agency that works with both small and large businesses.

PPC is a big component of what they do, even if they focus on other elements of digital marketing like SEO and email marketing.

They assisted Lime Ricke, a swimsuit company, in achieving a 5.2x return on investment. They also assisted Lucy Ave, a women’s apparel firm, in achieving a 4.3 return on investment.

You know you’re making a good decision when you get repeatable and outstanding results like these (and others mentioned in their comprehensive portfolio).


Strategy + creativity + the proper audience segments = A good return on investment.

Hiring a top PPC agency is a wise decision if you want to save time, brainstorm with industry professionals, and get immediate results (when compared to something like SEO).

However, finding a reputable PPC firm is more difficult than it appears.

So, whether you need guidance or someone to take over and handle your campaigns, keep this top list in mind and pick one according to your requirements.