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Best eCommerce PPC Management Tips To Revamp Your Overall ROI

Doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran in the business line or an amateur, but a true entrepreneur inside you will always be eager to learn new things. An entrepreneur never misses a chance to grasp tactics that would help them to double, triple, or even seven times the ROI. This is an indispensable piece of writing that lets you know about the critical points of eCommerce PPC management and some PPC practices that can be a game changer for you and your business. Let’s start.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC is an online marketing technique for eCommerce stores through which an advertiser pays a certain amount of fee to Google each time a user clicks on their ad.

The most common and popular form of PPC is search engine advertising or Google ads, where advertisers pay Google for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. This works when a user searches for a specific keyword related to your business. For example, if we bid on the keyword ‘white-label services,’ our ad might appear at the top of the Google result page, thus driving more traffic to our website. The thought of paying Google for an ad might elude you for a while, but if PPC works correctly and makes several clicks on your ad, it’s all worth it. The number of visits your website gets is much more than what you pay. Assume we pay $4 for one click, but the total clicks result in $400 sales, which means we have made a massive profit.

Creating a winsome PPC campaign includes many facets, like researching and selecting the right keywords, organizing them into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, and finally setting up the PPC landing page optimized for conversions. Your creativity also benefits you by being charged considerably less by Google for an ad click if you create relevant and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns.

What Is PPC Marketing

How Can We Increase Our Sales With PPC Marketing?

Companies make a decent ROI on every spent on PPC advertising. However, there’s always room for improvement. So keep upgrading your PPC marketing performance to boost your sales. Here are a few tips that can help you revamp your overall ROI.

1. Remove Low-Performing Keywords

Every PPC campaign has to suffer a lot with low-performing keywords. Companies need to look at the targeted keywords, identify the ones degrading the campaign’s performance and remove them. The indications for low-performing keywords are:

  • Low Impressions
  • Low Clicks
  • Low Conversions

You typically find the keywords with a mix of these indications. For example, you might have a keyword that gets hundreds of impressions but zero clicks. Or, you might find a keyword that generates clicks but no conversions. So, it’s smarter to switch them up a bit and add better-performing keywords.

2. Optimize PPC Bids With Manual Bidding

This tip focuses on bidding strategy while designing PPC campaigns. Even while Google Ads offers automatic bidding alternatives, manual bidding gives your company the most control. You must review your campaigns frequently if you choose to improve your PPC performance with manual bidding. Skipping campaign check-ins might result in over- or under-bidding, which can reduce your ROI.

Start a PPC optimization strategy by focusing on campaigns that have at least 30 days of data, as it provides you with information that helps you set your bids. 

After finishing research and calculations, switch to manual bidding in Google ads. 

  • Select Your Campaign.
  • Click On the ‘Settings’ On the Right-Hand Sidebar Menu.
  • Choose ‘Bidding’ & ‘Change Bid Strategy’.
  • Select ‘Manually Set Bids’ From the ‘How Do You Want To Get Conversions’ Dropdown Menu.
  • Click ‘Save.’

After updating your settings, select ‘keywords’ from the menu bar. Then update your max bid for each keyword and save changes.

3. Design A Dedicated Landing Page

A landing page is where you send your buyer when they click on your PPC ads. Landing pages play a critical role in your PPC performance. You must design a relevant, fast, and functional landing page if you want your campaign to perform well. A dedicated landing page helps you with improvement in impressions, clicks, and conversions. While designing a landing page, keep the following in mind.

  • Is the page relevant to your ad?
  • Does the page load fast?
  • Does the page load correctly on different devices like phones and tablets?
  • Is the page easy to navigate and use?
  • Does the page copy elaborate on the ad copy?

4. Experiment With A New Ad Copy

Ad copy is the one that can make or break your entire campaign. Drafting and testing a new ad copy is a PPC tip that you cannot ignore. You can motivate your users to click and act on your ad when you try new and different headlines and descriptions. While writing an ad copy, follow the tips given below.

  • Include power words like “free,” “simple,” or “guaranteed.”
  • Mention the number of satisfied clients or shipped orders.
  • Talk directly to users by addressing them as “you.”
  • Add targeted keywords.
  • Target emotions or emotional issues, like help in household cleaning.

5. Update Account Structure

Account structure might get disorganized over time, even if you master it. Therefore, it is suggested that you must keep a regular check on your account structure. This PPC tip will help you enhance your PPC campaign. For reference, Google ads use the following account structure.

  • Ad Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords

6. Get A PPC Audit

To increase PPC performance, a professional review can help your business discover ways to set up effective campaigns and strategies. Conducting an in-house PPC audit will be pretty challenging as you are already upset with the campaign’s poor performance. With a PPC auditor, you get a fresh perspective and second opinion; in some cases, you receive a free PPC audit. Research your expert PPC audit choices today to get a head start on a poorly performing PPC campaign.

With the following PPC campaign optimization tips we provided, you can get better results from online advertising, which will help you increase your sales and generate high revenue.

Get A PPC Audit

What Types Of eCommerce Marketing Services Help In Raise Sales?

Increasing sales and driving more traffic to your eCommerce store is the ultimate goal for any marketing campaign and can be accomplished with eCommerce marketing services which include:

  • eCommerce SEO: Two-thirds of Google users conduct an online search before purchasing, which means placing on top in Google search matters.
  • Paid Media: It is a great strategy that helps in generating leads. With this approach, we can make the products available to the right customers at the right time.
  • Content Marketing: Digital world has its limitations regarding online shopping. People can not have real-time interaction with the vendor and their products. That is why content is their only hope of attracting buyers. Content marketing is distributing your product and services to customers by informing them about your product through blog posts, infographics, or videos. 
  • Social Media Marketing: We all know the power of social media. About half of social media users buy a product after watching an ad on Facebook. Also, many users click on Instagram ads to buy a product.

What Is eCommerce PPC Management?

As the name suggests, eCommerce PPC management is managing and controlling an eCommerce company’s PPC ad spend. This process involves the strategy-making, ad buying, and execution of the ad plan while minimizing the overall expenditure. Effective PPC management requires constant monitoring. Therefore, it can either be done by the eCommerce owner or vendor themselves, or they may hire a specialized team of experts to manage PPC buys on the company’s behalf. 

Around 70% of small to mid-sized businesses are investing in PPC marketing. PPC is one of the biggest traffic and revenue drivers for all eCommerce businesses. To get ahead of your competitors, you need to strategize PPC marketing precisely, especially in the eCommerce sector.


If you are a newbie in the eCommerce industry, you strongly need an eCommerce marketing service to help you build an image in public. People who prefer online shopping need something to trust you and your products. We suggest you hire a Google PPC agency with prior field experience, and that can help you throughout the process with their team of experts. Handling everything on your own might cost you higher because neither you have any knowledge and experience in it nor do you have enough in-house resources. So, to save you time and money, a PPC marketing agency will be best for you. 

Feel free to contact ROI Minds, a leading digital marketing agency that strives to increase your sales twice, thrice, or even 7X with our immensely talented team of more than 40 experts. We collaborate with you to design customized marketing strategies per your needs and goals. We specialize in developing strategies that increase web traffic and revenue for your eCommerce business. Our eCommerce services include SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, eCommerce PPC services, white-label marketing, etc. With ROI Minds, you don’t have to worry. Trust us, and we’ll prove that you bet on the right horse.

All Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Decoded: Exploring The Ways Of The Future!

Unless you’re living under a rock, you already know how crucial and beneficial Digital Marketing is to your business and how much of an impact it can have on your overall scaling and revenue generation.

Well, even if you happen to be unaware and intimidated by words like lead generation, ROIs, PPC Management Services, etc. (which is highly unlikely if you’re already reading this), we’ll help you establish a foundation of information before we delve deeper into How is Digital Marketing evolving and discuss the pioneers in the field.

What Is It?

Before we get started, let us understand what digital marketing is and what it comprises. In the simplest terms, it is as apparent as its name, and marketing done via digital platforms is termed Digital Marketing!

Too easy, right? But what do we mean? To elaborate, when a company, business, or entity promotes itself, its products, or its services across the internet via platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc., through Ads or social media posts, etc., to raise awareness and attract the audiences, it is called digital marketing.

Do I Need It?

People have the common presumption that this form of marketing is a very vast and extensive process that can be used only for mega-businesses and multi-level corporations. Due to this, smaller businesses often feel alienated and don’t even attempt to test its utility for themselves.

Which is honestly such a shame! Because yes, we agree it is very vast and extensive and can be incredibly helpful for large-scale companies, but that in no way indicates that smaller companies cannot make use of it.

No matter how big or small your budget is, a good marketer will always find a way to deliver the best out of your resources.

Let’s say you’re a newly opened small business that doesn’t have the budget to spend on Ads; in that case, you can rely on a solid social media presence and campaigns to build recognition and an audience for your brand.

So no matter how big or small your business is, everyone can and should benefit from marketing online as it is your best chance for rapid and exponential growth.

Is An In-House Marketing Team The Way To Go?

Now that you know marketing your product/service is almost as important as creating it, the next question is to recognize whether you need to curate a dedicated team or hire an external agency to take care of it for you?

The answer is that it is entirely subjective and depends on several factors that may need looking upon before concluding. Ideally, one would think having an in-house team might mean better focus and outcomes, which may be true.

However, it should also be considered that an entire agency dedicated to promoting businesses and their products might be a better fit as they deal with a diverse set of clients and can thus provide you with more effective and ROI-driven digital marketing strategies.

Where To Look?

Now that everything is set in place, let us make a case for where you can find the best digital marketing agency in India, and why is it ROI Minds?

ROI Minds

ROI Minds is an India-based e-commerce marketing Agency that helps businesses grow exponentially with its hands-on approach and Future-led strategies. Our fundamental principles of “Innovation, Commitment, and Consistency” tell you all you need to know about us, but here’s a brief glimpse for you anyways.

With over ten years of experience in the field, ROI Minds is one you can trust to treat your business like our own. We recognize the mental and physical labor you invest into your brand, thinking it will give you great returns one day, and so we make sure to work wholeheartedly for you to achieve those returns.

Something For Everyone!

If you’re a product or service-based business, you already know we can help you. But even if you’re a Digital Marketing agency like us, we might be of significance to you.


Well, if your service is marketing, you already know you have stepped into deep waters as it can go as wide as you can function. And sometimes we have clients and projects that we want to hold onto but can’t keep up with because they one too many things from us that we can’t provide.

For instance, you are managing marketing for a company via Pay Per Click Ads, and they also need your assistance in managing their Social Media. Still, you do not have adequate staffing or manforce to perform the function.

Now you don’t want to miss out on your long-time client for this, right?

That’s where we come in. We provide such services for you under your company name so you can keep working with your clients seamlessly!

Be it white label SEO audits, PPC, Copywriting, etc., we can do it all!

Why Us?

We could tell you all the technical Jargon about how we have much higher conversion rates than others or how our Returns on Assets touch the sky. We can impress you by adding charts and charts filled with data of how we doubled, tripled, and even ted-folded our clients’ revenues in a matter of weeks and have generated over 200 Million Dollars in revenue so far, but that won’t make you choose us.

Hear It from the Rest

You want to know if we are the right fit for you, so you must get to know us! You ought to see what kind of experience others had when dealing with us.

And we bet all you will see is how connected and close-knit we are with our clients, so much so that calling them just clients feels lighter than the kind of relationships we nurture here at ROI Minds.

We have completed over a thousand projects so far, from which we pride ourselves on a smashing Customer Satisfaction Index of 98 Percent!

See for yourself what our partners have to say about us! And we are certain you would want to reach out to us.


Even if you eventually decide not to avail of our services, you can at least get your business audited for free and see for yourself where you might be lagging.

Connect with us on our Socials to be in the loop with everything happening around you!


How to Use Automated Rules in Google Ads?

Handling a Google Ads account can be a massive task on its own, and if by any chance you are not backed by a dedicated team or lack the time for it, it can be exceedingly intimidating even for the best of us.

Google Ads Provides Automated Rules to Optimize the Campaigns themselves. These give you the liberty to schedule changes at your discretion for most aspects of your account and are thus a largely flexible tool for personalisation. 

Moreover, it lets you decide whether you need to be notified via email when the rule you created runs, or get notification only when it is experiencing errors or alterations, or if you want to stay on top of it 24X7, you can be notified every time a rule runs.

These can be pretty simple once you get a hang of them, but even if you are being met with certain difficulties, you always have the option of hiring a white label PPC agency to lessen your burden for you. But first, Let’s dig a bit deeper into Automated Rules.

All of these below can be enhanced by using Automated Rules. Some of these are too common and prevalent so we won’t waste your time by explaining every single one of these and delving into the lesser-known ways to use Automated Rules to optimize your workflow.

  • Campaign Rules
  • Adgroup Rules
  • Keyword Rules 
  • Ad Rules
  • Display Keyword Rules
  • Topic Rules
  • Placements Rules
  • Audience Rules
  • Age Range Rules
  • Gender Rules
  • Parental Rules
  • Income Range Rules

Changing bids based on conversion data:

When you enable this rule that reviews all your enabled keywords and increases bids whenever certain requirements are met. In this process, Automated rules can be utilized to halt the non-performing bids that don’t meet your expectations during regular examinations. 

Control Budgets and Cost:

You can optimize and regulate your campaign budget with added flexibility and free reign that lets you make these changes depending on what day of the week it is. 

Schedule Ads:

For promotional events, you can make use of Automated Rules to easily turn on or off several special ads.

General Guidelines:

In the circumstances when you wish to refrain from applying the rules on certain keywords and apply them on all the remaining ones, you can use Automated Rules and manage the selected few manually.

Categories Included in a Google Ads:

These categories include:

Owner –  The Accountholder’s name of your Google Ads account is called the owner.

Action –  The Action as suggested by the name decides the operations that take place, for instance Enabling or pausing campaigns, or making changes to the budget etc. 

Apply to – Following the trend of accurate descriptions, the Apply to category  determines to which elements the set rules will be applied or administered.

Conditions – This feature dictates the requisites for the rule to run & describes the necessary steps that need to be taken to meet the criterias. 

Frequency – A section called “the using data ” settles upon a time frame that needs evaluation and the frequency feature determines how often will the defined alterations be placed by the proposed rule that will scrutinize the aforementioned conditions. 

Email results – And at last, Email results serve as an efficient way of staying in the loop by alerting Google about the desired recurrence rate of the emails on the rule as preferred by the advertisers. 

In a Nutshell, Automated Rules can be an exceedingly helpful tool when managing a Google Ads account provided they are used wisely with a good understanding of their functions and limitations alike. So Grow your brand today with ROI Minds’ impeccable PPC management services that implement Automated Rules to your Campaigns and make scaling easy as a dream for you!