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The Manifest Highlights ROI Minds As One of The Most Reviewed PPC Agencies in Melbourne

Online presence and relevance are determined by a multitude of factors. Not every business has the resources to monitor and optimize all of them. This is why teams like ours have taken on that burden for our clients, and they’ve never been happier.

We specialize in ensuring our clients never have to worry about the minutiae of the digital world and only deliver the results of our work. This allows them to focus on what their business is really about.

It’s this relationship that’s helped us get named as one of the most reviewed and recommended PPC companies in Melbourne by The Manifest.

Manifest Highlights ROI Minds As One of The Most Reviewed PPC Agencies in Melbourne

The Manifest is a B2B resource platform that features the best businesses in various industries via their rankings. They do this in order to make them more accessible to prospective client companies. These efforts work in tandem with their awards program, which spotlights businesses that made a positive difference for their clients.

Our team is fully aware of the time our clients need to take out of their schedules to write and publish reviews on our work. This is why we want to say how much we appreciate their efforts on our behalf. They are the biggest factor in our success, and we hope to continue to be worthy of their support.

The goal for the last few months of the year is to finish strong with the best customer service we’ve ever provided. This will help us go into 2023 with some positive momentum and ensure we maintain or even elevate our current status in the industry.

Learn more about our team and what we can do to elevate your business in the online world by visiting our website. Contact us today, and we can begin your journey to a better and more effective online experience as soon as possible.

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3 Responsive Search Ads Testing Experiments to Boost Your PPC Campaign

As a marketer, you constantly need to experiment with your advertising strategies to gauge which suits best to your marketing goals. Responsive search ads are one such type that you need to test for the effectiveness of your PPC management campaign. Testing for responsive search ads can be challenging yet beneficial. 

Many advertisers and marketers were disheartened when Google decided to phase out the Expanded Text Ads (ETA). Yet there are plenty of opportunities for individuals willing to put RSAs to the test, particularly when combined with broad match intelligence. However, it would be complicated to understand what to do if you haven’t closely monitored these changes. 

Through this blog, we’ll walk you through three experiments you may run the next time you create a responsive search ad for a PPC campaign. 

Before we start, for all the new readers of our blog, let us first be familiar with what responsive search ads are and how they work.

How Do Responsive Search Ads Work & What Are They?

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are an ad type where an advertiser can write multiple titles/headlines and descriptions for one search engine ad. Unlike expanded text ads, you can provide up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions for a single search ad. Responsive search ads aim to provide users with different combinations of headlines and descriptions depending on their individual queries and search history. The more headlines and descriptions you add, the more chances Google Ads has to serve advertisements that more closely match the search queries of your potential customers, which can enhance the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Google will display 32,760 different variations of the advertisement by shuffling between the titles and descriptions. A maximum of 3 headlines and 2 descriptions can be chosen from each ad to appear in various arrangements and orders. When a user’s search term properly or closely matches a portion of your ad, that portion may automatically appear in bold. The most effective title and description combination will then be chosen by the search engine and used most often. 

Responsive Search Ads Work

RSAs are a simple and strategic way to develop an efficient PPC marketing plan. You can boost customer engagement and reach more potential buyers through responsive search ads.

What Should You Know About Responsive Search Ads Testing?

Initially, with ETA testing, you’d run two (or more) ads with fixed headlines and descriptions, compare their CTRs (click-through rates), or maybe keep track of any conversions that occurred on the landing page. Testing with ETA was not too difficult. 

This strategy worked because ETA typically:

  • Presented itself consistently in the same way to every user.
  • They both answered the same questions.
  • Impressions didn’t matter as much in the testing.

When all other factors are kept constant, an RSA receives 4X more impressions than an ETA.

In other words,

  • Due to higher ad rank, RSAs serve a lot more queries.
  • A dip in conversion rate results from the increase in impressions.
  • Marketing professionals should keep an eye on conversions per impression (manual bidding) or conversions that fall within a target cost per acquisition (CPA)/return on ad spend (ROAS).

Let’s now get started with the experiments:

Experiment No. 1: Mix-And-Match v/s Pinning

Examining the impact of pinning on your campaigns should be the first test you should conduct. 

To determine which headlines and descriptions elicit the best response from readers, RSAs test numerous combinations. While by pinning, you can instruct Google where the headline and description should appear. 

How To Run This Experiment?

Create two similar responsive search ads. You can then add 15 headlines and 4 descriptions as you like to each ad. Ensure that all the headlines and descriptions are the same in both ads.

Once you’re done with this, pin a few headlines and descriptions in one ad while leaving the other unaltered.


Research has proved RSAs with all elements pinned can get excellent CTR and conversion rates, but when you don’t pin (or pin sparingly), these rates increase even more.

Experiment No. 2: Segmenting By Message

The second experiment we have is segmenting by message, and it is likely the most crucial component of RSA testing. 

The importance of messaging has recently increased due to ad platforms managing more campaigns through automation.

How To Run This Experiment?

As you know, you can design a maximum of 3 RSAs per ad group. Therefore, for this experiment, you might consider reaching a peak.

Each ad group should use a broad match and have a unique theme built around a set of keywords. You might address different personas, pain points, or even suggestions for topics.


You should learn from this experiment what topics and queries generate responses. Understanding what your clients seek and want to hear is crucial. Since everyone at Google utilizes the same underlying automation, it’s one way to level the playing field and get an advantage over your rivals.

Experiment No. 3: Pseudo-ETAs With A Control RSA

Even though it could be argued that re-creating ETAs by pinning nullifies the purpose of RSAs, some advertisers continue to yearn for that control. Chris Ridley deserves credit for coming up with this strategy of dealing with the restriction of three RSAs per ad group.

How To Run This Experiment?

For this experiment, design two pseudo-ETAs by pinning two descriptions and three headlines. The third advertisement is an actual RSA in which nothing is pinned, and you use the available space to test out fresh messaging.


You can use this experiment to benchmark the effectiveness of pseudo-ETAs (particularly in terms of CTR). This can be useful for advertisers who constantly need to display specific information, such as those working in regulated industries.

When Used Correctly, RSAs Drives Better Performance

Unfortunately, Google won’t tell you which ad appears for a specific query. Also, it doesn’t show performance based on headlines and descriptions. While determining RSA performance involves a bit of guesswork, you can still structure your campaigns using Google’s data.

RSAs Drives Better Performance

What Are The Elements You Should Keep In Mind While Structuring RSAs?

  • Despite the fact that Google provides feedback through ad strength, you still shouldn’t feel compelled to adjust your advertising per Google’s suggestions to increase your ad strength score.
  • It might be tempting to stuff your ads with several headlines and descriptions, but remember that the more elements, the more guesswork is involved.
  • The structure and messaging are accountable for half of the campaigns’ results. Therefore, structure your RSA account with all the fundamentals, including positioning and good website experience. Also, collaborate with your clients and stakeholders to establish realistic expectations.


RSAs are one of the best illustrations of Google’s automation innovations, which call for a mindset shift. However, you need to be patient while optimizing your campaign’s outer edges (including the structure, creative, and data). With RSAs, there’s a great opportunity for PPC agencies with bright and imaginative advertisers to prosper.

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Top B2B Marketing Strategies Of 2022 That Will Help You Grow Faster

Nowadays, marketing is the sole purpose of any business organization to thrive. Being in the business world, you are responsible for monitoring your target market, their needs, demands, and the tactics your rivals are using.

B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing strategy is the new emerging business trend where the products and services are sold not directly to consumers but to other businesses or organizations that further resell them to the target market. In this way, firms promote other companies while generating profit for themselves.

B2B marketing is a booming business strategy that every small or big organization needs today. 

Why Do We Need B2B Marketing Strategies?

B2B marketing campaigns start with acquiring a thorough understanding of your customer. Find out what product or service they need and whether they are approaching your competitor. Today, consumers hold the total buying power and do enough research about you, your product, and even your competitors before deciding. Today, research means Google, and if you are not being shown up in the google search engine list, that means you don’t exist. That is why it is even more crucial to market your business in the best way possible. 

B2B marketing used to take place face-to-face in the past, and companies used to employ a team of sales representatives who would set up meetings with the owners of other firms and try to turn them into their paying clients. But today, many marketing initiatives, including B2B social media marketing, B2B web marketing, B2B content marketing, and others, take place online, all thanks to digitizations.

2022 Top B2B Marketing Strategies

Top B2B Marketing Strategies

Identifying the correct B2B marketing strategies that will be most effective for your industry is becoming more challenging because there are so many options available. There are several marketing trends that all marketers should know to regulate their B2B marketing strategies accordingly. However, marketing tactics rarely stay effective for an extended period. Some become outworn, some stop being productive, and modern strategies replace some. Therefore, we have listed below some of the most fruitful B2B marketing plans for 2022 that are guaranteed excellent results and will surely help you grow much faster while making a good rapport with other organizations. 

1. B2B Lead Generation Marketing Strategy

B2B lead generation is a digital marketing term that helps you find potential buyers for your products or services. If you want to stay alive in your market, you need to focus on how to generate leads, and for that, you need to be crucial about choosing the right B2B lead generation agency. A good lead generation blog will benefit you with improved customer satisfaction, revenue, cost savings, and market share.

Marketers use this strategy intensively to attract more potential customers and take website traffic from 50 to 5,000 organic visitors in 1 year. B2B lead generation marketing strategy might take a little time, but with resolution and consistency, this can be a game changer for your business. Don’t get fooled by words only. Witness the numbers also. This strategy has helped billion-dollar CRM company Hubspot to generate over 13 Million organic visitors in a month. 

How To Process B2B Lead Generation

The process is pretty simple. 

  • Write a list of topics/questions your potential customers would be searching for on google.
  • Check out the search volume of keywords using tools like Soovle, Moz, or keyword everywhere. Identify ones with decent search volume.
  • Write up content in a way that answers the question and is also optimized for SEO.
  • Add a “content upgrade” to the blog, a free resource that helps people to action the content. 

Some of the top B2B lead generation companies like CIENCE, DiscoverOrg, VSynergize, and Belkins, guarantee high-quality leads and generate organic visitors for your page. 

2. In-Depth Market Research

Research is the key to business success and is a never-ending process. Any business-to-business entity must thoroughly understand its industry and the latest relevant stats if it wants to flourish and stay in the market. B2B market research and analysis provide information about customers, rivals, opportunities, and risks in a particular business sector. The tools used for B2B market research can help businesses to generate higher revenue.

Methods for Conducting B2B Marketing Research

  • Primary Method for Research

We work closely with the target audience in the primary market research method to comprehend their opinions and behaviors. These interactions may employ qualitative or quantitative techniques. 

  • Secondary Research of Research

The secondary research approach in the B2B sector is sometimes referred to as the desk research method. This strategy is a quick, easy, and affordable way to attract more customers. 

Frequently, secondary research data is utilized to help formulate primary research questions, such as when creating a list of competitors to include in a survey. Desk research can also assist with some of the project’s key objectives.

Some useful B2B market research tools are: 

  • Qualaroo helps businesses to collect valuable data and other information about their customers. 
  • Another tool you can use is Bombora, an ultimate research tool to identify target consumers. It is a content research tool that enables B2B businesses to select accounts to prioritize and target by finding the latest and popular trends in the sector. 
  • BuzzSumo is another useful marketing tool for content research. BuzzSumo offers many solutions like finding keywords, coming up with article ideas, and also helps in monitoring social media trends. Additionally, BuzzSumo includes a ‘trending now’ section that allows B2B companies to stay updated with all the information in the market without missing out on the newest themes and concepts.

3. B2B Content Marketing

Reaching B2B consumers is possible with a B2B content marketing strategy, especially if your website has SEO content. Focused content can help you gain your targeted consumers’ trust and improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Following are some content categories that appeal to a B2B audience:

  • Relevant industry trends and tactics covered in thought leadership and informative content that your target B2B customers may use.
  • Videos demonstrating how your goods and services may benefit B2B clients.
  • Websites outline how your business prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion and the implications of these initiatives for your target B2B customer.
  • Customer feedback

4. White Label Digital Marketing Services

White Label Digital Marketing Services
White Label Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing agencies use white label digital marketing services for revenue building and business growth. InstaSites and InstaReports are platforms that white-label digital marketing companies like DashClicks offer to enable you to create specialized websites and produce thorough reports for clients. They help you save time and build a solid reputation for your agency.

A white-label digital marketing company typically offers services such as SEO, Content Marketing, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. You can rebrand the services using your logo or name and resell them to your clients as your own at a higher price. White label service providers are one-stop shops that give the tools and know-how required to increase client retention, brand reputation, and customer loyalty—all of which help attract new clients.

ROI Minds - White-Label-Marketing-Services

Dealing with several in-house specialists or freelancers is a challenge for many solopreneurs and owners of small agencies. These professionals might be costly to hire. Suppose you are a well-known design and development company. Your clients will request extra services in addition to your main offerings, such as PPC, social media marketing, PR, or SEO. At that time, if you don’t have enough qualified people on staff, you are at risk of losing all those contracts and clients. In such circumstances, white-label digital marketing services will help you to scale your operations without compromising service quality.

59% of organizations cite cost-cutting as a critical justification for outsourcing or white labeling. Along with the numerous other advantages of white labeling, it will keep this firm growing in the future. White labeling is becoming more popular everywhere, and for a good reason.

5. B2B Email Marketing

Though email marketing is quite an old marketing strategy, for B2B businesses, it will always be prevalent, even in 2022. Talking statistically, 83% of marketers prefer this method of contacting companies. Email marketing has traditionally built relationships with B2B clients and converted leads (potential buyers) into buyers. B2B email marketing is popular because of its efficiency. 80% of retail professionals state that email marketing positively impacts customer retention of all advertising channels. Also, 59% of B2B marketers believe that email marketing is their most lucrative channel in terms of revenue generation.

Some commonly used email marketing tools and listed below:

  1. Aweber- This tool provides a wide range of benefits and features for businesses of all sizes, and it’s one of the most popular features is the autoresponder. 
  2. Easysendy– This is another cloud-based email marketing tool that is quite expensive but effective. It is an all-inclusive email marketing solution that supports all your customer communication channels – from emails to SMS.
  3. Mailchimp- One of the most popular email marketing platforms available in Mailchimp. They provide a wide range of tools to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your campaign. Mailchimp is termed an industry leader for all the right reasons.

Technologies have innovated every aspect of our lives, including how companies market their services and products to other businesses. Though there are also many different B2B marketing strategies available in the market, we have come up with some of the widely used and highly productive strategies, like hiring a B2B lead generation agency for your company to help you build better revenue and more customer engagement. By staying up to date with the latest tools and B2B marketing tactics trends, businessmen can capture the most productive business opportunities and achieve all their objectives.

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Top 10 White label Marketing Agencies in 2023

Why should you use a white label marketing agency? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you ever been in a scenario where an important client requested you to perform something and you had to decline because you lacked the necessary in-house resources?

Or have you tried to give add-on services to your clientele or extend your portfolio but run into some roadblocks?

Or are you a small business that has been unable to compete with larger agencies due to a lack of service offerings?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you’ll benefit from white label marketing. We’ve compiled a list of the top white label marketing agencies to help you boost your marketing game.

Top Ten White Label Marketing Agencies in 2023

We’ve selected the top white label marketing agencies in India for you to interview and partner with after performing extensive research and carefully evaluating ratings and types of services.

These top agencies were chosen based on the quality of their services and their market performance.

Take a close look at our comprehensive list of top White Label Agencies so you can select the best for your requirements.


When it comes to providing white label marketing services, ROI Minds is at the top of the list. Client satisfaction is all ROI MINDS care for and that’s why ROI Minds provides comprehensive white label marketing services to their clients, comprising Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, Content marketing, email marketing, and brand strategy, etc. Here is a brief about their services:

PPC Services – ROI MINDS is a Google Ads Partner agency and manages more than $2 Million in ad budget for its clients. They have generated over $200 million in revenue for their clients with Google Ads. ROI MINDS has an extensive portfolio of eCommerce and Lead generation clients which can be used as a reference by marketing agencies to attract new clients.

Social Media Ads: ROI MINDS is one of the few Facebook Marketing Partner agencies in India and manages more than $1 million in ad budget for its clients. ROI MINDS has generated business for local businesses through lead generation with Facebook ads and scaled eCommerce stores to 7 figures as well. 

SEO Services – ROI MINDS has a dedicated team of SEO experts who are well-versed with Google Latest guidelines and industry best practices to bring organic traffic to a website. They do complete technical audits and build authentic high-quality backlinks. ROI MINDS SEO services start at an affordable price and provide quality results. 

They believe in assisting small and medium businesses to grow by delivering lucrative marketing solutions. Taking care of the marketing aspect while the businesses look after the customers.

The ROI Minds team has worked with hundreds of businesses in a variety of industries, including B2B, B2C, small enterprises, venture-backed startups, and large corporations.

With its unbiased continual monitoring and strategic suggestions, ROI Minds ensures full accountability for its customers, assuring excellent quality and great results. And the only thing that matters to us is that brands work with the finest specialists who can deliver the best and fastest results.

When looking for a white label marketing firm for your business, ROI MINDS is one of the finest options. It is currently ranked first and provides thorough marketing services.

ROI Minds - White-Label-Marketing-Services

2. Oxedent 

Oxedent is a leading white label marketing firm that provides a comprehensive PPC development process for current PPC campaigns as well as ongoing PPC account optimization and maintenance.

They can assist you with anything, whether it’s monthly administration or a total rebuilding of your campaigns. They understand how to provide you with qualified leads and sales.


The SEO Experts Company India was established in April 2019. They provide unique and high-quality SEO solutions that meet the demands of their clients. Their philosophy is that “a satisfied client is a high quality backlink for us,” who can promote us far more effectively than any marketing approach.

SEO Experts Company India creates campaigns that are personalised to their clients’ unique requirements. Before beginning a project, they do an in-depth analysis of the client’s demands and establish clear standards.

You can take the help of SEO EXPERTS COMPANY INDIA to take your business to the next level.

4. Attractive Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Attractive Web Solutions is a spectacular and experienced Web Development and white label marketing company in India, with a large and diversified portfolio that includes static website design, logo design, dynamic website design, web applications, and white label marketing, Web applications, reasonable search engine optimization, web hosting, and email marketing, and PHP application development, etc.

It has a pool of talented designers, skilled developers, marketers and the most effective management, who are all clear on the road forward, to deliver cost-efficient and timely solutions to satisfy the business needs of valued clients.

5. Nick Metrics Marketing Agency

NickMetrics was founded in 2017 and is a top white label digital marketing agency. They have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts who provide full-service digital marketing solutions all around the world.

NickMetrics serves as a standard for all top-ranked search engine marketing agencies to assist with digital strategies and the greatest possible leads, from low-hanging fruit to all long-term options. They assist businesses in obtaining leads that are also prospective clients by implementing creative and transparent proven digital tactics. More clients equals increased profitability and income.


Because this firm ranks fifth among top white label marketing agencies, you can discuss your marketing needs with them.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Campaigns, Paid Social Campaigns, and Website are just a few of Marketing Blueprint’s specialised digital marketing channels.

They’ve spent over six years using the disruptive power of technology and inventiveness to help their clients’ businesses digitally empower their quest to the next level.

7. Growth Wires 

Growth Wires is one of the top white label Digital Marketing and SEO companies in Noida, having entered the platform of SEO and digital marketing services in Noida intending to provide world-class web support to businesses around the country.

Growth Wires began its journey in the year 2013, and since then they have been providing the best digital marketing solutions to their clients in locations such as Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Pune, and Indore(India).

8. Webline Nexgen Services Pvt Ltd

Webline Nexgen Services Pvt Ltd is a white label digital marketing firm located in Ludhiana. They have a dedicated and expert team with over ten years of expertise in the field that provide their clients with the best quality Ecommerce Consultancy and Digital Marketing Services.

They focus on ROI-based outcomes in all of the digital marketing services they have provided to their clients.

Design Team of Webline Create a robust analytics-driven lead generation and brand awareness strategy as well.

9. Orion Digital

Orion Digital is a top white label marketing and ORM (Online Reputation Management) agency that offers a comprehensive range of services.

From community development to real-time engagement with target audiences through conversation-based communications. By combining in-house skills in technology, strategic thinking, and creative communications, Orion Digital provides a one-of-a-kind experience and knowledge.

Orion Digital’s services include a comprehensive approach to all online initiatives, allowing customers to grow their businesses, defend their reputations, and strengthen their equity.

10. IndeedSEO

IndeedSEO is a prominent white label marketing and SEO company in India that provides a complete bundle of services. Their service fees are reasonable and less expensive when compared to others, therefore they are a good fit for your budget. When it comes to technology, they employ all of the latest SEO methods to increase the visibility of your website.

They offer impressive track records in online marketing services such as SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, and online reputation management. They are the finest SEO firm, providing reliable and advanced marketing and SEO services.


The Top 10 leading agencies that we have mentioned above are offering services that can be useful to grow your business. Don’t restrict yourself if you can touch the sky. Because the sky’s the limit when it comes to marketing your business.

Now you can choose one according to your budget and business needs. We wish your business great success.