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Tested Ways to Promote your NFT Marketing Project

NFT Market

Non-fungible tokens have gained popularity and attention in recent years in digital marketing. NFTs have piqued the curiosity of a wide spectrum of collectors, traders, projects, artists, and developers, who see the prospect of creating, selling, and exchanging diverse digital products, art objects, game relics, and so on. The NFT market on Ethereum, for example, surged tenfold in January 2022, indicating widespread interest. NFT can transform industries and interactions with a wide range of virtual and real-world objects. Success, on the other hand, necessitates constant marketing and promotion.

Here are some suggestions for getting the word out and generating interest in the non-fungible tokens you sell. Some are just free, while others need money. Let’s start with free ways to make your asset better known in the NFT market.

Free NFT Marketing Methods

  1. Submit Your Art in NFT Calendar

The NFT calendar is intended to collect NFT drops from various marketplaces so that collectors and artists do not have to scour multiple marketplaces for new releases. This makes it easier and faster for people interested in NFTs to get ideas about new items and be aware of almost all possibilities released.

Simply fill out a form and additional details about your NFT to add your digital assets to the NFT Calendar. Here are some ideas:

  • Title your NFT artwork or collection
  • Offer details about the creator
  • Set a delicate description to your NFT
  • Set a key visual to it
  • Set a date and time for your drop
  • Name the marketplace you use to drop your NFT
  • And, link to it.

Now you make more connections and exposure to your NFT for free.

  1. Use Your Community

Your primary community consists of those who follow you and may wish to support you, spread the word about your artwork, or even purchase your NFT. Social networks have made it possible to connect with people worldwide. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example, could help your artwork go viral if you introduce it through explanatory posts that make people think about why they should pay attention to some digital asset and its potential benefits. When you use these social media platforms correctly, you give your followers the impression that they are expanding their world knowledge while benefiting from it.

Decide to manage and expand your social networks to have a better chance of introducing your NFTs.

  1. Advertisement

Advertisements always pique the interest of potential collectors, causing them to look for more information and calculate the potential benefits. You may use advertisements and teasers to inform others about your NFT projects, release date, and so on. Take note that creativity generates widespread interest and attention for your NFT so that NFT followers eagerly await more information about your NFT release.

Cooperate with the marketplace where you will be releasing your NFT as well. Request that they include your ads and teasers on their channels and websites. This way, many more people will be aware of your work and contribute to the excitement.

  1. NFT Marketplaces and Listings

Several marketplaces sell NFTs, such as OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible. Try to choose the ones that fit the features of your project. Also, you may list your project at trackers like NFT Hunters.

  1. Make a Thread on Reddit or Bitcointalk

Platforms such as Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk can be useful for starting a discussion about your NFT collection. Begin by asking questions like, “Who are your favorite artists to follow?” Then you can send a link to inform everyone about your NFT drop. This strategy, known as crowd-marketing, is widely used in advertising. Also, try to participate in other discussions so that your name appears in various channels and people become more familiar with you and follow you on social media. The goal is to present some ideas and knowledge that others will find interesting and informative.

  1. Express Yourself in Newsletters

Every day, almost all marketplaces and media update their pages with newsletters. Try to add your thoughts and news to the platforms regularly. If you have any new ideas, ask your readers to share them with you and provide feedback. You can even use the NFT calendar to express your thoughts on new NFT drops or collections so that your name appears in the newsletter.

Additionally, try to promote your NFT marketing project by adding value to the cryptocurrency community. Contact well-known cryptocurrency blogs and NFT-specific websites that are looking for guest writers. This way, you will first promote your NFT project in a post and gain attention. In addition, if your post resonates with your readers, some of them may be willing to support your NFT project in exchange for the value you provided.

Paid NFT Marketing Methods

  1. Paid Marketing

Paid ads can also be ordered through top pay-per-click channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. You pay for each click on your NFT project advertisement here. Platforms such as Brave, Outbrain, and Taboola may be paid to push ads to NFT-specific websites.

Furthermore, though costly, PPC channels allow you to target specific audiences while also tracking the progress of our ad campaign. So, make sure to optimize your ads and follow the principles outlined in SaaS Marketing Strategies to Grow Fast and promote your NFT drop.

Last but not least, pay NFT communities on Instagram and Twitter to get some NFT art promotion options. Pay them to post with all of the drop information and feature it on Instagram Stories. Invite NFT artists to Instagram Live and promote it. Despite spending money, you gain more followers and views on your artwork.

  1. Hire an Influencer for NFT

Look for influencers in the field of NFTs, especially those with a strong following. As opinion leaders, the majority of these influencers have already earned the trust of their followers, and their followers pay attention to and listen to their opinions and recommendations. As a result, by ordering a post on your NFT drop, you simply begin a collaboration that raises awareness of your tokens. Although it does not produce immediate results, it does help spread the word about your drop.

  1. PR Articles for NFT

The more the media writes about you, the more well-known you become. As a result, you may have to pay to get into various publications and formats; benefit from full articles about your projects, interviews, and even quotes. You can work with both crypto and general media in relation to your NFT project. Also, try to write blog posts that include all of the details about your drop. Keep in mind that there may not be immediate results, even if you continue to spread words on your NFT token.

  1. Start a Collaboration with NFT Artists and Collectors

It’s also a good idea to promote your drop by making or sharing a website with other digital artists and collectors. The website could be used to share records of recent NFT purchases and news about the most recent drops released. You will broaden your audience and, as a result, attract the attention of other collectors and artists who may be interested in your work.

On the other hand, you may be able to improve your artwork with the assistance of other professionals. Furthermore, it becomes easier to exchange audiences and fan groups, which spread the word about NFT works and create a competition among artists to create more creative and, thus, more valuable NFTs.


Although there are many more possibilities to promote your NFT drop, everything is known to depend on your NFT projection’s specifics. The best advice to offer could be that let as many people as possible know about your artwork!

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