Clutch Ratings 2020 : ROI Minds Leads Digital Marketing Industry

“We are excited to be announced the top B2B Leader in the industry. We are committed to helping businesses grow with our ROI-Driven digital marketing services.”

Our team isn’t risk-averse; we’re risk managers. In the last few years, we’ve tried and tested different markets in order to come up with bespoke marketing techniques that work, so our partners can meet those business goals. 

Recently, Clutch recognized ROI Minds by naming us as a leader in digital marketing!

Clutch is an independent ratings and reviews site based in Washington DC. Clutch’s research list is a particularly valuable resource for company leaders who are looking to make new hiring decisions because Clutch conducts verified client interviews in order to provide reliable information. 

Our team was assessed on market presence, previous experience, and most importantly, client satisfaction. 

With fourteen reviews on our company profile, we have earned a perfect five-star rating!

clutch ratings 2020 : roi minds leads digital marketing industry

We earned these ratings by building a long-term relationship with our clients and helping them in all aspects of digital marketing. We offer a unique approach to digital marketing that we have proven is successful. 

By focusing on user intention and the customer journey, we’re able to tap hot and cold audiences to drive sales. By conducting extensive research, we are able to craft campaigns that are well-designed and have a persuasive copy, so you can achieve the highest ROI from our engagement. 

Whether you’re looking for a PPC, SEO, SMM partner, we’ve got you covered. To get started on a project with us, contact us online. 


ROI Minds Receives 5-Star Review on Clutch!

In recent years, the digital marketing industry in India has seen immense growth. Firms are fighting to make their way to the top of company listings, making it harder for businesses to find trustworthy and reliable partners.

Here at ROI Minds, we feel that we have found a solution to this problem. Our firm is one of the top-ranked social media marketing companies in India on Clutch, a B2B platform that publishes verified ratings and reviews. This platform gives users the ability to view in-depth reviews of our services, providing much-needed information to potential clients.

Recently, we received our first review on Clutch from one of our former clients in Hong Kong.




For this project, we delivered Facebook Ad campaigns for a group of e-commerce websites. Our client gave us plenty of positive feedback about our exceptional customer service. By focusing on our three core values — innovation, commitment, and consistency — we were able to achieve results and support our partner in reaching business goals.

Another one of our partners — a US-based sporting goods retailer — left us another 5-star review!




This project involves PPC campaigns and Google Shopping ads, which we leverage to increase our client’s revenue. So far, our partner has been very appreciative of our dedication and support:

They’re very involved with our account and take a vested interest in getting us the required results. – President & CEO, Sporting Goods Retailer

We will never grow tired of hearing back from our happy former and current partners!

Anyone who reads our reviews will be able to see that we are succeeding in delivering profitable digital marketing campaigns for our clients. We take immense pride in our perfect 5-star rating average, and hope to add even more wonderful reviews to our profile!

Clutch is already proving to be an excellent resource for us and our clients. Although our Clutch profile is a fantastic starting point, potential clients can learn more about our company on The Manifest, a company list service that works in tandem with Clutch.

We recommend that interested visitors also check us out on Visual Objects, a platform that we use to showcase visual portfolio content.

Have any questions? Want to learn more about our team and our services? Please feel free to reach out! We would love to hear about your business and discuss a potential partnership with you!