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Top 5 Facebook Ads Spy Tools for 2023

Most advertisers always have a question: “Which are the best Facebook ads spy tools?”. 

The reason behind this question is that they actually want to monitor their competitors that what kind of ads they are making for their services/products, what is the strategy, what are the creatives they are using, what is the landing page and other stuff. 

By this, they can do a deep analysis of their ads to make it better from the ones of competitors.

There are many Facebook ad spy tools but some are famous tools which usually many facebook advertisers use.

So let’s discuss some Facebook ads spy tools for 2023

1. PowerAdSpy

power spy

PowerAdSpy is the best and powerful ad spy tool for Facebook. This tool has a huge amount of data collection of creatives, copies and headlines.


  1. This tool helps you to find hidden niches. This will be a big plus point for you to work in that particular niche to earn more probably because of fewer competitors.
  2. You can filter the ads by its positions. Like you may filter the ads that only display either in News Feed, Right Side or in Stories etc.
  3. Filter the ads by country. This spy tool has data stored worldwide. So you can filter the ads in any country.
  4. You can filter the ads by its CTA(Call To Action) button. Suppose you are running the e-comm ads and also to research the ads with the ‘Shop Now’ button. Then you have the option to research the ads by its CTA ‘Shop Now’. 

2.  MagicAdz


Magic Adz is one of the best Facebook ad spy tools. 

This tool is specially made to spy the e-comm and affiliate marketing ads. 

It helps the advertisers to find the hidden Facebook ads with their landing page. This helps the advertiser to do a deep analysis of the landing page, strategy and sales funnel.


  1. Marketers can explore numbers of Facebook ads daily from 50+ countries.
  2. You can research by any keyword that is lying in either ad copies, comments, on their landing page. 
  3. Marketers can filter e-commerce ads by just single click from e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, etc.
  4. Advertisers can find best selling products in markets.
  5. Affiliates can filter the affiliate ads by just single click from 22+ verticals.

3. AdSector


AdSector is another Facebook ad spy tool that you will really love to use. 

By using this tool you can find the best performing ads in the niche you are working in and find the competitor’s ads to make your ads better and winning from them.


  1. AdSector allows you to filter the ads by interest. This gives you more clarity about the audience’s insight for targeting your ad.
  2. By this tool, you can download the landing page by just a single click.
  3. Adsector gives the best analytics in the industry. You can find the details of the ad on one page, by this, it makes it easy to analyze.
  4. You can find the ads by images as per your niche.

4. Social Ad Scout

If you are looking to use an exclusive Facebook ad spy tool then you choose this tool. Social Ad Scout is a great tool. The database of Social Ad Scout has stored millions of ads from 21 countries. 

Also, there are a number of filters available to filter-out the ads according to your choice.

social ad scout


  1. You can research the ads for both mobile and desktop ads. 
  2. You can research the ads through detailed targeting. For example: which kind of ad(s), competitors are showing to guys of age 25 and people of 50+ in the same niche.
  3. You can download the landing page. The landing page will be downloaded in a zip file.
  4. By this tool, you can research the ads breaking down the targeting.
  5. This spy tool gives you extreme features like you can research the ads by redirects so that you can target software such as Voluum.



ADSPY is a powerful ad intelligence spy tool that has 75+ million ads in 80+ languages across 195+ countries. This makes it a powerhouse of ads. 


  1. You can filter the demographics like age, and gender.
  2. You are able to see when the ad was originally created what is last seen of the ad.
  3. You can filter the ads by the technology used like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.
  4. You can also sort the ads by daily likes and total likes.
  5.  ADSPY allows filtering the ads running on specific platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


There are a number of ad spy tools with their pros and cons. You have to just remember one thing that there is no such perfect tool that fulfills your all research needs. Even in the above tools, you can find that one special feature in a single ad spy tool is may not present in another tool.

Note: Please don’t copy or replicate the ad copies, creatives and other things which your competitors are using. 

These tools are just to take a hint about what your competitors are doing. Just take the idea from there and use your own creativity to become different from them.

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